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I just swallowed my gum, what do I do?
I was gonna try and make myself puke to see if it comes out, but what do you guys think?
Additional Details
I think I got it thanks....I need a chill pill.

uhhh. Dont do that. Its just gona come out of your...well...you know where im going with this, right? Gum is like anyother food, it goes into your mouth, and comes out sometime later

Amber F
Its not a big problem i swallow gum all the time

ok just relax, your fine.
only gum
i assure your fine

Gum doesn't stay in your system for 7 years, it just passes naturally like any other food.

Nothing. You'll be fine. It will break down in the stomach like all other food.

tafe k
Wait for next time you go to the toilet :P
It really is NOT that big of a deal unless you swallow them everyday. Rest assure ;)

just wait it will come out.

are you kidding me its edible....

don't it will just make you sick. i've swallowed my gum before and nothing bad has happened.

it is fine, don't worry
actually it doesn't take 7 years to digest it takes about 48 hours do all you have to do is wait. (ewww, lol)

wait for it to come out the other end. you will be ok.

the only thing you can do is make a doo doo. seriously this isnt a joke, im actually being serious lmao

Oh Noes!
There is nothing wrong with swallowing gum, the fact that is harms your digestive system is just a myth. You do nothing.

lil rox
nothing comes out the other end

It's not dangerous. Forceful vomiting, however, is. Just let it pass through your system.

It isn't that serious..

Maria C
Do nothing,it wont do you any harm.All those horror stories are old wives tales,relax.

Kilroy Roboto
It will pass. Don't worry. I know people who always swallow their gum. I don't think that is wise, but once isn't going to hurt a bit.

It actually doesn't take seven years. It dissolves like any other food. Don't make yourself puke, That's no good, it could hurt your esophagus.

You'll crap it out of you at some point, don't worry.

Captain Jack
Don't worry. I will come out the exit tomorrow.


I swallow gum all the time.

you overreact like, seriously.

Ruines Humaines
Try not to fart, you'll be blowing bubbles from your ****...

absolutely nothing.

it'll come out in about 7 years anyway ;) lol

just leave it, should be gone in seven years

get a hanger, bend it into a strait line so it resembles a fishhook, and retrieve the gum

Video Game Answerer. :]
Nothing will happen

run for the hills!

Get a new piece.

do nothing, it wont hurt to swallow gum.

The myth that gum stays in your system for years is false. Your stomach acid breaks the gum down, and it passes through your system just like everything else that you eat. You should be fine, no worries :D (and DEFINITELY do not try to throw it up, as forcing yourself to vomit can have damaging effects on your body!)

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