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I have a friend who needs to pass a drug test, but they had their first few hits of weed 3 weeks before...?
Ya so, my friend Brianna wants to try out for soccer that's about 3 weeks from now. She had 4-5 puffs of weed and wants to pass her physical you have to get in order to try out.

Honestly, I'm not too sure on what is done in the physical, I've only had a few a few years ago...but that's what a physical is for, right?

Anyway - my friend is 14, and had it her very first time...she told me after the 3rd puff (hit?) her throat started to hurt.

% of passing her physical?

I don't believe peeing is part of the physical .. but if she does have to, be sure that the doctor will alert her parents about the THC level in her urine. She is underage and should not even be trying weed. She will not pass the physical if they do a urinalysis

100% failed test. weed stays in your body for months. o and she also 100% stupid for doing it

Well, seems like she found out the hard way why you shouldn't smoke dope; a lot of places require drug tests.

All she can do is drink a LOT of water and hope for the best; it's still very possible for her to get it out of her body in time. If she doesn't pass the test, well, it WAS her conscious choice to smoke dope.

your friend is dust, if they do ANY cannabis specific drug testing, at her age, she may not have that type of testing-go for it, hope for the best, expect the worst...

Miss Gracie May
Drink lots and lots of green tea

Tommy M

still in the bod for 6 weeks

50%....dont do drugs....they mess up living....


I was under the impression that it stays in the body for around 6 weeks. It's longer than 1 month anyway. Is it a urine sample she has to give? Possibility is that a urine sample will be OK because it's pretty weak! A blood test on the other hand would show that she had been smoking weed.

R. M
You mean she admitted to inhaling?!?!?!?

people at the age of 14 shouldn't be doing drugs.. Heck no one should do drugs! Tell her to clean up her act or it will ruin her life.. I don't know anything about drugs and stuff, but I bet it will still be in her system for a couple of days max?

U can has some halp
100% fail... modern tech can find weed in ur system up to 2.5 to 3 months later

I am told that marijuana is a fat-soluble drug, so it stays in the system for awhile.

♥.•*´Critikul Thinkin♥.•*´
0% Passing...100% Failing...

I don't recall them ever taking a drug test for a physical. But just to be on the safe side. Drink alot of water. I mean a gallon a day. 3 weeks is a good time. There shouldnt be any in her system and with alot of water diluting her pee, nothing will show.

YOU WILL NOT BE DRUG TESTED IN YOUR PHYSICAL! i just had mine 3 weeks ago. a physical is to check for injuries and to make sure all your joints are alright. they also check your eye sight, weight, and height. but if you friend is really worried, she can drink a lot of water, green tea, or some people sware by pickle juice. if she drinks A LOT of water, her body will be cleansed of weed. i think she has about a 95% chance of passing. but there is a 99% chance she will be drug tested. tell her to not worry!

Physicals are different than drug testing. They just test to make sure you're healthy enough to play the sport

if it was 3 weeks ago it shouldn't show up. Why is your 14 year old friend smoking weed? - If she wants to play sports she shouldn't be smoking at all. Sure it isn't you?

Christopher P
If thats' the truth and she is physically active; as a one-time limited user, she should pass no problem...99.9%.

Have her drink a full jar of pickle juice 1 hr before the test she will pass 100%

There are medications that make it clean your system faster.

oh my god do not listen to any of these people they dont know what they are talking about. i passed a drug test within 3 days of smoking a dimebag. she will pass 100%. the reason people say that marijuana stays in ur system for 30 days+ is because all of the studies were done on 40 year old men. teenagers have a much higher metabolism than 40 year olds. so for teens thc passes thru the system in about 3-5 days.

Toxic Waste
drink lots and lots of water and in like a week and a half buy one of those home drug test or go to one of those places that does drug testing and see if you can buy one and see what it comes out as. if it comes out positive then you need to drink more water . GOOD LUCK AND HOPE EVERYTHING DOES GOOD.

haha tell her welcome to the fun world. dang. ok. well. ive had to do this MANY times.

tell her that before she gets the physical... like just RIGHT before she goes to have it... to take 2 or 3 of those instant Jell-o paks. mix them together in a glass of water and drink it ALL!!

she might have to pee a litlle after that... thats fine. what it does is it hides the weed from being caught by anything. its awesome. thats all you have to do. tell her good luck.

If she's active and very rarely smokes weed, 90%. If she's not active in between soccer seasons or she smokes quite a bit 20%. I'm not a doctor though. Wheatgrass, niacin, lots of water and put down the pipe!

Dean and Heather
if she only smoked a couple hits, and it was like 3 weeks before, and that is the only time she smokes, then yes, i guarentee she will pass it. now if she was a chronic user, than she would fail. but if you only smoke once or twice and no more, then your system should be clean in like no mroe than 2 weeks.

3 weeks, should be clear.

If it has been three weeks,then she should have no problem passing the test. Drink plenty of fluids to clean your system out. Cranberry juice works just fine. Good Luck....

It varies depending on your metabolism, how used your body is to processing THC (the active ingredient in weed), strength of what you smoked and a few other factors. The window for a urine drugs test is 3-30 days, so if you want to be safe you have to be clean of weed for 30 days. That's not to say that your friend might not pass after three weeks, but there's no way of telling until you get the results back.

There are some simple ways of improving your chances, such as giving the sample from the middle of the urination (i.e. not the beginning) and drinking a reasonably significant amount of water a couple of hours before the test, although if the sample is too diluted it may be labelled inconclusive and require restesting.

As a point of reference, my friend passed his test 34 days after stopping smoking. Good luck!

Edit: blood tests are a different story, they can detect weed for around 6 months after smoking. Hair tests are even worse and can detect any drug use years later, but these are pretty much never used because let's face it, drugs tests are judges of character and the fact that someone smoked 5 years ago is hardly a good judgement of their present character!

Dutch P
Soak a toothpick in cloranated bleach overnight, then hide in hat or ?? After urinating into cup, stir w/toothpick and discard. It works everytime.

Your Mother Trebec!
physicals don't include drug testing always. But if she had a total of three hits, and thats ALL she's ever done then she should be fine. THC shows positive in urine tests when its stored in fat, such a small amount won't show up on most tests.

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