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I get in trouble a lot because...?
I tend to laugh at inappropriate times at inappropriate things. I've had several times when it's really gotten me into a lot of trouble. I had a HORRIBLE incident at a funeral once...I honestly don't know why. It's not funny, I know it's not funny, and while I'm laughing, I'm grieving. I'm not laughing because I think it's funny, I don't know why. I always laugh instead of cry.
Does any one else do this? Have any idea how I can trick my brain into crying instead?
Additional Details
Thanks for all the answers, guys =D


the who
Yes I know what you mean. Honestly, nothing short of medication can help that, and I STRONGLY DO NOT suggest you take that route; but I do suggest perhaps mellowing yourself out a bit, drinking some calm tea or something.

A mellow person who's chill isn't exactly going to go on a hysterical laughing fit like a caught up in the moment, sensitive to stimuli type, if you get my jist.

Maybe she needed to be wanted. ŠÉ¶
That isn't a medical condition, or not that I know of.
I would try to avoid tragic things, and if you feel a laugh coming on, excuse your self to the bathroom and giggle quietly in there.
I'm sure you can talk to a doctor about this, too, if it gets out of hand.

Think about things that are really sad?


my teacher has it.

Delaney J
think of something sad, like a puppy being shot or something devastating. and anytime you feel like laughing, pinch yourself; your brain will learn to stop laughing from the slight pain of the pinch.

Try to think of something that would make you cry. If that doesn't work, then think of something that would make you laugh.

Roxanne G
sometimes people have nervous laughter or laugh when they are uncomfortable. i think you need to try and be more in control of your emotions then you can stop laughing at inappropriate times.

The worst feeling is when you think of the most HILARIOUS thing that happened to you like the day before while you're in a silent classroom.

People literally think you're crazy.

Answer it's about a girl:


I beg of you. You know you want to answer it so go on. Thanks in advance.

It's quite common what you describe. Some people laugh when they are nervous or feeling highly emotional about something. Maybe try some relaxation exercises before going to a funeral or something.

Catherine Someone
My friend does that too. She actually started laughing in Marley and Me when Marley died. Just explain why you do it and try really hard to cry. Or just fake crying especially if you start laughing it is not too late to turn it into a cry. Good luck!

i think it's normal for people to react differently to things but if this is causing trouble for you try seeing a therapist..maybe there's an underlying reason??

You can call me God.
yes i do this. this sounds awful but sometimes hwne i see retarded people, i do that and people look at me like they want to kill me. it's something i can't control though and its a really big pain in the ***. i think youlaugh because your thinking about how innapropriate it is to do that, and that causes you to do it. idk but thats kind of what it is for me. or if somebody gets hurt sometimes i cant help but laugh even though im not supposed to, i think its mostly out of nervousness. not sure though.

what you're doing is a nervous reaction. you need to feel feelings rather than taking the easy way, which in your case is laughter, instead of embracing the facts of life. i would consider talking to a therapist about it.

haha i do this, if hitler was outside a closet looking for me id probably start laughing. I have gotten better, i bite my tounge it helps. Sometimes i bite real hard. I actually havent done it for awhile but the other day these missionaries were talking about god and i almost lost it. I think its the seriousness of the moment. They say laughter is a violation of expectation and serious moments definately tend to violate expectations particularly if you dont face them often. My advice is imagine that your in a serious situation before you face it, that way you will know what to expect and your expectations wont be violated. This plus bitting your tounge should help. Good luck, im glad we are not friends, cause when i am near someone who laughs i really go off.

haha im like that i laugh when im scared, in pain, or see anything remotely funny someony could be like 'my granny fell into an open sewer and died' & that would cause me to fall to the ground laughing no matter how good granny's brownies were (HAHA see that pun brownies & sewer... *sigh* yeah not that funny)

jack d
I think that is terrific! Don't change it.. I'd rather people laugh than cry at my funeral.

There's no way that you can cry as you like….but there's why
Try to avoid to go such places where you know you will found a problem..

ana malak
I think is coz you get nerves, that's why you do that

Daaamn, I've been there. Well, this is how my brain works.
It keeps rewinding what happened before, and it's usually incidents that made me laugh.
They could have seriously happened a year ago, and as soon as they pop in my head, I begin laughing as hard as I was when it DID happen...and it's at any time any place.

I hate it, 'cause it could seriously be AT ANY TIME, therefore having the same results as you do...

tree hugger
i smile and yeah its just somthing we do when were in an uncomterble sitioation

Sean C
I have the exact same problem. 7 year old girl murdered by a racist? I crack up. Most answers I've seen have stated to "channel" the energy of the laugh into something else, a la this answer http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080324202809AAUzK7b

i do that lol, i once got beaten up (for an unspeakable act) and all the while i kept laughing and laughing, that of course made the ppl who were beating me mad, really mad and left me with 2 broken ribs. but i accept this fact and dont let it get in the way

sweetie your laughing from nerves. your brain is keeping you sane, so you can go cry in private.

that same thing happened to me at a funeral.
i felt so bad but it was extremely embarrassing.
i told the story for some english writing thing i had to share with the class and the teacher told me that laughing is a way to deal with grief for some.
kinda strange.

Coping mechanism.

Yes, I do the same thing. I think it's nerves. I was at my cousin's funeral and was crying until a guy started singing. He sound so bad, I started laughing uncontrollably. That's so embarrassing!

Try to focus on the person you're grieving and not things going on around you. Good Luck!

That happens to people alot, try to actually laugh, maybe you'll burst out crying instead. ask a doctor or something

Tyler S
i wish i had that crying is so last year

It may be something you do when you are nervous. Although, if you did it at a funeral I'd say it's high time to get it under control!

The King
My Human friend you are perfectly fine. Laughing is a powerful tool that you carry though out life! I just wish more Earthlings do what you do!! ;)

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