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Holy Smoked: ROTFL no it is not ...

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how to get high without drugs.the healthy way!
dont tell me god....

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Joe B
I can hear water sloshing inside my belly, can anybody else do this? ?
when i drink a lot of water, i can hear it sloshing inside my full belly like the ocean.

ana donya
that's pretty normal if you just had something to drink...

when i drink a lot of water and then do sit ups i can

hahahah. funny question. but yes others can do that. (:

Josh C
ya ithat happens haha its cause ur tummy is empty and its just filled with water... or u had more water than food

that just means the majority of the stuff in your stomach is liquid.
no food to fill in the spaces.

haha yea its weird! ☺☻

My boyfriend does that when he screws me too hard.

baby puffin
lol yeah its weird

mary G
yea this happens to me when i drink water and then lay down its funny

what do u mean... did u like drink alot of water and then jump?

Southern Girl :)
yeah, I can pretty much do that with anything. its awesome! My cousin hates it because it grosses her out.

Um this just happens when you drink a lot of water like you said you did. Your stomach is empty so there is nothing to absorb the water in. I'm sure it happens to everyone.

Hahah yeah It's nice to know other people hear that, too!

It's called water belly and it's very common

I hear that all of the time especially in soccer when everyone is running and drinking A LOT of water its normal don't worry!!

yh if yu drink a lot of water...
DONT DO IT BEFORE SPORT...ow the stitches!

Mr. Q
Uhhh yeah, it happends to everyone some people just don't notice.

I do that! It makes me giggle.

I can too! It's really weird it you jump up and down then it makes a wierd flopping sound!

i got that
dunno why

"inside my full belly like the ocean."

Perhaps not. But if i've just had a large drink and I do my sit-ups I sometimes here it, made me laugh, I guess it's just the drink "going down" so not much up there, quite funny though!

yes, thats normal... its just fluids moving around!!

heehee hee THATS SOO MUCH FUNN!!! lol my bro is like I LUV THATTT

It's wierd, but I get that too. It makes me laugh. I call the kids in to hear it.

yea lol i can do it easy just drink alot of water lay down and do it

Linh P
i hear it too!

Josie P
yeh its feels really gross!

Moll.e Strify Kiro Kaulitz
haha ummm nice to know¿ that happens to me too¿

im almost sure its happened to everyone

Yes it happens to me sometimes, it entertains me for hours on end.

D.C. B
Don't worry unless you hear it inside your head.

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