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 Is 5'6'' for a grown woman tall?

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 Which is better, washing your hands in warm, cold, or hot water?
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What's better?
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These answers ...

 So people do you smoke?
Hi i want to see how many people smoke or are non smokers to see which 1 has the most of. i do not smoke i hate the smell (no offence but it stinks!)...

Albert B
I break out a little when i smoke weed. Do you think using a vaporizer will fix this problem. ?
Im pretty sure i am breaking out because of the toxins that are in the marijuana. Using a vaporizer will get the toxins out so i will pretty much only be inhaling thc. What do you guys think.

Please dont tell me not to smoke. I want real answers.
Additional Details
First of all thank you to the people who actually answered my questioned. HAHA and to everyone that says quit you will die, well you are all morons. Also to the people who said its illegal! well i have my medical card so its not illegal for me. you guys really need to stop liestening to the anti marijuana adds ahahhaha this is so funny!!!!!!

so don't smoke weed... DUH!

Pot of gold
a real answer is to stop smoking weed...duh

you want an answer you now have one stop smoking weed and go to detox

I've never heard of anyone breaking out because of smoking before, but a vaporizer would probably help, plus it's supposed to be way smoother and get you way higher. I'm saving up for one with my roommates right now.

Lot of judgmental answers to this question, haha.

Paige :]
i know you said not to say this
but don't smoke
its like the stupidest thing ever.
you deserve to break out.
My friend died because he was high and killed himself.
its stupid to smoke

Sasha, Dude
Lol....Do you intend on using one after every time you smoke?

se c
the weed will not really effect your acne ... but being a teenager will

just wash your face after you smoke... the smoke particles can get in your pores and cause infection

Nicole T
I don't think your breaking out because you smoke weed.
The only unnatural toxins in weed is the extra THC.

Which is awesome, and not very harmful to skin.

Weed does give you the pasties, dehydration, and munchies though.

Dehyrdation sometimes leads to break outs.

I'd suggest drinking lots of water, and not piggin out on those tempting chips and dip when you smoke a blunt.

I got some pk and a beautiful bong if you wanna smoke some weed with me btw : )

I'm sorry but the easyest way is to stop smoking that junnkk.
If ya keep on it lots worse things will happen then breaking out.
Just telling ya'.

yes it helps because it the smoke that makes u break out.but it might be all that good food to lol



No a vaporizer won't help, stop smoking WEED and that'll help! duh!

then perhaps you should not smoke it..

I suppose it's worth a shot. I don't really know if it would help or not. There are many different things that could be making break out that are completely unrelated to weed.

Your body is trying to tell you something. I strongly suggest you listen to it before you have a reaction that puts you in the hospital. No high is worth it and they just don't grow it like they use to!

u know we are all gonna write it..

dont smoke!! come on be smarter than that

q answers
First of all, don't play with your life, people have died even from eating peanuts. If you're allergic to something be VERY careful.

Sorry, just understood what you meant. Read this:
from that page:
"There are several ways to test and see if this hypothesis is correct. If you have access to a Marinol pill, you could puncture it and rub its contents on your skin to see if you develop a reaction. If you don't, you probably are not allergic to THC, the chemical in weed that gets you high."
another way is crushing the weed and rubbing it on your skin to see if it gives you a rash, if it does you are allergic to the plant (not necessarily to thc)
"You may also be able to vaporize weed, since this turns the cannabinoids into a vapor for inhalation without combusting the plant material"
Otherwise no more weed for you. Because it acts like a poison in your body (poisons cause severe allergic reactions, poison ivy causes break outs, weed could give you a respiratory attack)

l'espoir fait vivre
well........ as they said...... but if you dont want to listen to them then dont tell everyone else that no one told you it was dangerous.

you can go to your dermatologist and maybe they can give you acutane

Future Citizen of Forvik
No that is just going to make it worse because it is for breathing problems and not break outs.

The only thing I can think of is to switch strain quality. If its a sativa that makes you break out, dont use sativa. If its indica, dont use indica. If its the entire range of cannabis strains that makes you break out, vaporizing will not make a difference. Either stop smoking for a few months and see if you have outgrown the allergy, or see if you can try a few different strains to see what your body reacts to. Dont listen to these other people telling you not to smoke. Thats your decision but if your body contradicts it I dont think you want to risk anything.

HAHA, you figured it out for yourself.
dont smoke.

Papagenu II
No, you are allergic to smoke

All the chemicals in marijuana are naturally produced in your brain, minus the plant enzymes and ****. Those garbage cells turn into carcinogens and smoke matter which bother certain people's respitory systems for obvious reasons, so they call it an allergic reaction to smoke

vaporizing won't help that, its extremely overrated unless you are a medical patient. You still get smoke, just its very cold and concentrated with more THC than it is burnt plant matter.

THC like most compounds is invisible when converted to a gas, meaning if you can see -anything- in the chamber or surrounding air, it definately has some kind of "toxins" in it.

If you can tolerate a low, slow burning vaporizer every time you get high to avoid getting smoke, then go for it. But imo, it will take longer to get high than its worth.

Or we could go the obvious step, which I feel stupid for even asking: Your weed isnt moldy is it? Moldy weed smells funky and sometimes you can't even see the mold spores - definately something to look into, it will give you reactions just from smelling or touching it.

Marie H
Smoking is not the only way to imbibe. Brownies, tea, cookies, toast with herb butter, etc etc etc.

i think not smoking will solve that problem. seriously.

Mittmoudh R
a real answer is stop smoking weed?

'sorta like, it only hurts when I do this.

Well, then, why do you keep doing that?

alrighty then.
dont smoke weed...
thats stupid.

Choo Choo
Quit smoking the weed. That will fix the problem.

not smoking is the easiest and most effective answer regardless of your opinion.

Don't smoke.

Lucas B
The toxins could cause you to breakout, that is a very logical assumption. A vaporizer would at a minimum reduce the harmful effects of smoking on your lungs. And to everyone who has answer this question by saying marijuana is bad, you are all ignorant people, marijuana is one of the best things that exist on this earth, it exists for a reason and is a gift to mankind.

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