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 What is about Cigarettes that people enjoy smoking them so much?
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 What's your blood group?

 ok i need this answer in the next 10 minutes!?
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OK FIRST of all i dont ...

 Can you get addicted to smoking after just one cig & is it illegal to smoke when you're 13? or just to buy 'em?
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 How can I get to sleep?
Lately, I have been having trouble getting to sleep, any ideas?
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Hi, thanks for everyones answers. Hopefully will work!
Thank you (:...

 Shaving your Armpits?
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sore throat
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That's so me
I am tired but i can't sleep any suggestions?

A nice warm bubble bath.

Try a natural sedative like chamomile, Valerian even warm milk..I know it tastes disgusting but it does work. passion flower is also good for sleep. Anything natural is better than OTC because you never wake up feeling drugged. Homoeopathics work quicker as they dissolve under the tongue for quicker absorption. All these items can be found at a natural health food store

read a book

play some music, read the dictionary, drink some night quill

pick one

make some hot cocoa. it always puts me to sleep. OR........... take sleeping pills!!!

sleeping pill, watch a long boring movie. listen classical music.

Jamar (the redcuber)
do nothing until you get so tired that you fall asleep.

have a coffee and watch a scary movie


Play with yourself.

I love my Fiance'
read the bible it really works

count sheep

creative g
10 Tips to Sleep Well

Insomnia – Beat it with Sleep

Insomnia - Treatment

yeah takes some sleeping pills and dont overdose on them or you can die..

sexy love
warm milk!!!

Liberals aren't that bad
Get a pillow and punch the crap out of it for 30 min. You are anxious about something. Scream while you do it. I am serious.

welcome to the club of the online addiction which doesn't make any sense at all yet we keep doing it...

Take some melatonin, its a natural sleeping drug and u can get it off the shelf at walmart or some place like that, i think it would really help u.




warm bath or shower in the dark. then crawl back into bed!! very relaxing.

i ♥ applesauce™
Watch Seinfeld. That always works for me.

The most common reason for this to happen is stress, either the background sort that is so frequent in today's busy lifestyle, or the type that accompanies a stressful event such as a bereavement or lifestyle change. It would be worth chatting to your GP about your current problems, as early morning waking can be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition such as depression. He or she might feel it necessary to prescribe medication such as amitriptyline (an anti-depressant that can be used short term in a low dosage to correct sleep problems) although there are several other medicines that could help you. He or she might also wish to carry out blood tests to rule out an overactive thyroid as a cause for your symptoms. If you wish to try some self-help measures, don't underestimate the relaxing bath before bed-time with a drop or two of essential oil of lavender or geranium in it. A milky drink such as hot chocolate is an old favourite and tea or coffee are certainly to be avoided if you want a restful night (caffeine is a stimulant).

Setting aside some time to read a good book and not the latest work project is another useful hint. If there is someone who can give you a gentle back massage (oils can be bought from most chemists or natural therapy shops), this can be very soothing and should set you up for a good night's sleep. If you do wake up, don't lie there worrying but read a book, listen to the radio or make a warm drink. There are several herbal or low-dose decongestant sleep-inducing medicines on the market, again available from health food shops or chemists but do read the label first to make sure that there are no reasons why you should not take them. One homeopathic remedy that might help is Coffea, taken nightly -you could try a 30C dosage, but stop if there is no improvement after ten to fourteen days. Homeopathic remedies can be bought over-the-counter from most pharmacies or health food shops or can be ordered in from one of several specialist homeopathic pharmacies.
Try getting more exercise; it's one of the most effective ways to combat insomnia. It's also a good idea to cut back on caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, especially before bedtime. (Although alcohol is a sedative, it tends to keep you in light sleep rather than more restful deep sleep, so you wake up feeling tired.) You might also try putting a few drops of essential oil of lavender on your pillow, which one study found can make you sleepy. Finally, don't lie awake in bed. If you can't sleep, get up and do something relaxing--read a book or watch TV--until you feel drowsy.

don't try to go to sleep until you can't keep your eyes open. take a bath, read a book, watch movies.

Read a text book,or just force yourself to stay awake, you'll fall asleep. Watch something educational, AHH

i had the same prob. but now i alwayz read or watch tv until im tired. sumtimes it takes a while but then the next night it seems to take less time then the last. if that duznt work try doing things during the day that make take up some of your energy like sports or sumthin.

look at something boring

Call the local 24-hr drugstore & ask to speak w/a pharmacist - There's a natural sleeping pill called Melatonin. It works real well... ONLY take ONE! Just last week, I went through some serious sleep deprivation and that worked real well...! Also, have a fan running... The white noise helps to lull you to sleep... Hope this helps...!

eat something naturally sweet, preferably some kind of fruit, that'll do the trick...

♪ ♥ ♪ ♥
Eat a small meal
Get into bed
Turn off the lights
Turn the TV down so the volume is so low, you can't understand what the people are saying
Make sure one of those real estate infomercials is on...
and watch....

Good luck!

Miss Vicki
Get off the computer and go to bed.

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