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I've sneezed 19 times today (and no im not kidding). Is this normal...or what?
I wanted to see how many times i sneezed today (yea i kno,WEIRD lol) bcuz yesterday and a couple days b4 that, ive been sneezin a whole bunch. Wat the heck is my problem?

You counted each sneeze? I would say that's not normal.

Allergies. or allergic rhinitis. No big deal. just take an antihistamine. Better than hiccups

Try reducing the amount of coke you snort before breakfast

Ashley G
oh my god u got a cold!!! oh my gosh ..... what will we do ???????????????????????

allergies and boy howdy have I been sneezing too:)


Sounds like you had a case of allergies today. Think what you were around that may have provoked it to this level.

you could be allergic to something, or something could just have gotten caught in your nasal hairs or passage way. sometimes i have days when i just can't seem to stop snezzing. my mom, when she sneezes, they come out like 9 at a time.... so don't worry about it, but if you are... check with your doctor or dermatologist about a possible allergy.

u counted????now thats unsual in itself..

mybe its somthing you ate

You are probably getting a cold or have allergies....

Go to the doctor and get a scratch test because you have ALERGIES. Its most likey something abundant and airbourne because you are sneezing so much.

hey it's probobly just dust around you, too much perfume? yea, and i've counted my sneezes before too, hah it was kinda fun
but yea no worries.
or maybe your alergic to PERFUME.
but no worries

Could be a lot of things. Allergies to the environment, food or sensitivity to something like polution or cigarette smoke or snorting cocaine. See a doctor and they'll probably start you off with some antihistimines and maybe some nasal spray.

You need to get an allergy test done. Its a very simple procedure and that way if you are allergic to something get medication for it. Do you sneeze more outdoors or indoors? Sneezing all the time can be annoying trust me i know! hehe Take care sweetie!

I sneeze all day long.. I haven't counted (but i will tomorrow). I think it's stuff in the air... I never had allergies before, but people said it's hayfever season so that could be it! Hope that helps & bless you.

u are maybe getting a cold or have an allergies go soon 2 see the doctor.

If you have no other symptoms, sometimes, sneezing is just...well, sneezing. No big deal.


ArchAngel Raziel
First let me say belated God Bless you, your soul must really be trying to escape.

Your probably allergic to something in your area its happen to me. I could wake up in the morning. and just start sneezing and keep going, but after awhile it stopped. By some over the counter Clartin, or allergy medicine, Flonase, Dust or vacuum where you live. Or buy a allergy sheet for your pillow and bed, helps a ton.

Or you can invest in an air purifier, I heard that they do work.

peak allergy season .to much mold and pollen from all the rain.

victoria k
everybody is different so you never know what normal is!

i know some people seeze frequently. i do myself and i take alot of ridicule and senseles kidding because of it. i do know it,s a real problem. i caught hell in school, in the navy, and various placer where i worked, but i still sneeze. sorry i can, help you unless an eyes, ears, nose and throat doctor can do something but they are all so greedy i can,t aford their services

I need a couple of points, listen to what most of the people are telling you.

Get an allergy test done.

Get an allergy test done. They can test for numerous things at one time. Everybody goes through changes every 7 years, so if you at one time did not have allergies, you might have them now. I did the test, after not having allergies for 26 years, and I found out that I am allergic, now, to dust mites, grass, weeds, trees. If your doctor says that it is not allergies then he might be able to recommend what it was. Good luck.

Allergies - probably hay fever. 19 is alot! some people suffer with hay fever in the spring and/or the fall... maybe ask a pharmacist for something just for sneezing.

Sneezing Rules!

That being said, you might wanna go to a less dusty area, or away from your pets for a while..

Unless, of course, you are having a flu, in which case 19 is quite little..


maybe ur getting a cold or you have a sinus?

You might be alergic to something around you or you might just be sick otherwise you just sneeze a lot but i think its the other 2 because i don't sneeze a lot unless i'm sick or i'm alergic to something around me anyways i hope you stop sneezing soon lolz!!!! Well it really isn't that funny i just wanted to put that!!!:D

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