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I'm ready to quit smoking cigarettes, what advice can you give me?
I tried using the Patch once, but it caused a severe skin rash on every part of my body that I placed it:(

Ty W
Substitute it with another healthy habit. It worked for me I started drinking dasani when i had urges and now im addicted to that!

Giving up smoking is easy i have done it dozens of times
seriously though try the nicotine gum {but talk to a doctor first]
if the patch gives you a rash i would hate to think what the gum might do if you have an allergic reaction

Just do it. Don't cut down, just stop. And if you ever feel like smoking again go and nurse someone dying of cancer.

Never give up!!! It can be done by ANYBODY.

DJ Fizzy xx
Dont give in no matter what. Take up a new hobby too to take your mind off it. To avoid putting on weight, snack on fruit if you get 'hungry' (from boredem). It will get easier with time.
It is also easier if you have a friend who wants to quit too, that way you can bounce off each other and give each other support. Or if you want to make it fun, have a $500 forfeit if you give in.... that will stop you from giving up!

Good luck!

You can try cold turkey. Just quit, drink water in place of wanting a cig, and don't subsitute smoking with eating.

i just bought the Nicorette inhaler for my husband last month. well, but not sure he can do it this time.

he has been trying to quit for many times, each time he almost made it, he smoke again.

each time he quit, the so-called 'withdrawal symtoms' is terrible. usually the family members suffer. he becomes bad tempered, impatient, and worse is, he has symtoms like flu, running nose. which is quite uncomfortable.

try do somethng to distract u, rememer ur will power is the key point. try the inhaler, it seems the best among all so far.
once u quit for even a few days, u will find ur lip color lighten and is more pinkish...:-)

its easy to start but hard to stop, wish u good luck.

btw, i heard the gum tastes terrible.

well, first of all, are you really really wanting to? only great will can cure such things. otherwise, you'll just wind up doing it again. you can try not going near a liqour store(wait that's hard). you could try having someone there to stop you if you suddenly get a cigarette out [mabye too hard (for the other person that is)]
well, i don't smoke and my parents don't smoke, so sorry, ican't help as much.

Here are 2 techniques I have seen to work (not personally, sorry, don't smoke, but colleagues)

1. - the Nicorette inhalator. Its the same idea as a patch, but it seems to work better because the hand-to-mouth action is used. Often people find that it is the habit of smoking and NOT the nicotine which they are the most addicted to.

2. - Keep one cigarette in your packet. It is your last one. You may only smoke it at a time when you will never need it more.
This seems to work because there isn't the panic feeling with the "oh crap I've run out" - more a "do I really want to smoke my last cigarette now? I'll wait a bit....."

Good luck :) You can do it!

Why can't you say "fag" on Yahoo?
So what's US slang for cigarette?

This might sound stupid to you but when I quit I always had a pack of cigarettes with me because I lived about 20 miles from town and would get really stressed just knowing I did not have them, but knowing I had them and did not have to smoke helped a lot. Good Luck don't give up.

the way I did it, once I was ready to stop, I followed this motto "never take another puff again".

Let's you quit for a month and then somebody says oh one won't kill ya. By taking even one drag you will relapse to your old habit because its an addiction like alcoholism.

remeber 'NTAPA"

Iron Rider
Real, tried and true!!!! Zyban is your answer.

Don't worry. When you're ready and you mean it you'll do it. Patches don't get it. YOU have to do it. You will if you mean it. Here's the thing. When you do? You'll absolutely HATE the smell of tobacco. Weird, huh?

i did it with the nicotine gum and i also went to online nicotine anonymous meetings.... lot of friendly people and support


The WORST cravings are right after meals. Get a lot of gum and tick-tacks. Brush your teeth after meals. In fact, my reason for quitting was for my teeth... so I got a cleaning right after quitting and brushed three times a day (or more). This is important... you have to have a REASON to quit and you have to remind yourself what that reason is. If it's to get healthy, then be a health nut... go to the gym or go swimming or biking. Good luck.

go cold turkey.....worked for me...been cigarette free since dec '05

Try involving yourself in a support group like "Quit Smoking Programs..." .Good Luck!

Big Jay 7
slowly give it up try smoking one less a day and so on till you stop altogether

nicotine gum and nicotine patch. try again with new patch

tlkcv l
Smoking is haraam in Islam
Powerful arguments based on the Quran and Sunnah from Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed

Cigarette smoking is the most widespread example of drug dependence in the United States and in all the Islamic countries as well. The U.S. Surgeon General's Office considers cigarette smoking to America's worst drug addiction problem. Medical investigations show that cigarette smoking is a major factor in the development of many cases of cancer, heart trouble, chronic lung and respiratory disease and other ailments. Smoking causes more illness and death than all other drugs. Cigarette smoking in pregnant women results in deleterious health effects on their newborn children. These findings and the revelations in the Holy Qur'an clearly prohibit smoking of tobacco by Muslims. Hence smoking is unlawful in Islam.

Smoking and Health Effects

It is very well known that cigarette smoking is the most widespread example of drug dependence in the United States. A pamphlet released by the U.S. Surgeon General's Office entitled "Why People Smoke Cigarettes" calls cigarette smoking America's worst drug addiction problem. It involves addiction to the drug nicotine in tobacco and possible other tobacco substances.

An authoritative British report (1) stated that tobacco smoking is a form of drug dependence different from but no less strong than that of other addictive drugs—the most stable and well-adjusted person will, if he smokes at all, almost inevitably become dependent on the habit.

An Australian government report of 1977 called Drug Problems in Australia - An Intoxicated Society (2), says, "It is important to recognize that smoking is a form of drug dependence, but one with especially insidious characteristics."

Like many other drugs, the chemicals in cigarette affect the chemistry of the brain and nervous system and create dependence and lead to compulsive use.

More than 56 million Americans and multiple scores of millions more in other nations, including Islamic nations (3) are hooked on cigarettes in the same way as caffeine addicts are hooked on caffeine. A major reason why sales continue at high levels despite widespread public knowledge about the health hazards is the addictive nature of cigarettes.

Most people start smoking just to conform to peer or social pressures. They get a feeling of "grown up." They find smoking (nicotine) at first acts as a stimulant. Later they find they need to smoke as a tranquilizer. These smokers develop a level of tolerance and bodily adjustment to nicotine. If this level of nicotine is not maintained in their blood, they will experience uncomfortable physical-psychological dependence problems. These uncomfortable feelings are classic drug withdrawal symptoms. Addictive drugs are psychoactive which create brain and nervous system dependence and lead to compulsive use. Abrupt discontinuation leads to physiological and psychological distress. The withdrawal symptoms are headache, stomach discomfort, nervousness, irritability, sweating, change in heart and blood pressure and lower excretion of some hormones affecting the nervous system (4).

The former U.S. Surgeon General, C. Everett Coop, says, "Cigarette smoking is clearly identified as the chief preventable cause of death (340,000 deaths per year in U.S.A.). In our society it is a major factor in the development of many cases of cancer, heart trouble, chronic lung and respiratory diseases and other ailments. Smoking causes more illnesses and death than all the other drugs."(5)

Smoking and Islam

In Islam cleanliness and hygiene are emphasized to the extent that it has been considered a part of Iman (faith). It is very well known that a smoker's mouth is unclean and foul smelling "like a cigarette ash-tray." In the Quran, God says:

"And forbid them what is bad." - Surah Al-'Araf, 7:157

"0 ye who believe! Intoxicants and gambling are an abomination of Satan's handiwork. Eschew such abominations that ye may prosper." - Surah Al Ma'idah, 5:93

The word intoxicant has three meanings (6):

(1) To induce, especially the effect of ingested alcohol.

(2) To stimulate or excite.

(3) To poison.

The latter two meanings are very valid and applicable to nicotine.

Smoking is nothing but a form of slow suicide. The Qur'an says:

"And slay not the life which God hath forbidden..." - Surah, Al-Isra, 17:33

"And make not your own hands contribute to your destruction." - Surah, Al-Baqara, 2:195

"Nor kill or destroy yourselves for verily God hath been to you most Merciful." Surah, An-Nisa, 4:29

Prophet Mohammed has said:

"Nor be hurt or injure others." It is scientifically proven that the exhaled smoke of the smoker is hazardous to non-smokers around him.

The amount of money a smoker spends on cigarette smoking in a period of 30 years is calculated to be Two Hundred Thousand Dollars or more. All this money is simply wasted (not including the money spent on smoker's health care).

God says:

"But squander not your wealth in the manner of a spend thrift, verily spendthrifts are brothers of evils." - Surah, Al-Isra, 17:26, 27

The body is polluted by smoking. Hence smokers cannot pray until they have cleansed themselves. According to the Qur'an:

"0 ye who believe! Draw not near unto prayer when you are drunken, till ye know that which ye utter, nor when you are polluted save when journeying upon the road, till you have bathed." - Surah, An-Nisa, 4:43

The Christians consider the human body to be a sacred trust given to man by God because it contains the spirit breathed into it by God. Even the Qur'an says

"So, when I have made him and have breathed unto him of My spirit, do ye fall down, prostrating yourselves unto him." - Surah, Al-Hijr, 15:29.

Hence the physical body should not be polluted or injured or destroyed in any way by smoking or taking of alcohol or any type of habit-forming drugs.


For the foregoing reasons and for reasons considered elsewhere, smoking is Haram or unlawful in Islam, hence smoking should be discouraged and finally banned in all Islamic countries.

All smoking Muslims should give up this unhealthy and un-Islamic activity. The best way to give it up is to stop all smoking completely. Tapering off on the amount one smokes does not work for most people. It is not easy to quit suddenly, but it is presently the most successful way. There are many ways and techniques available for a serious minded person to give up smoking. For the Muslims who sincerely practice Islam and who submit themselves to the Will of God, this should not be a difficult task.



1. The Royal College of Physicians, Smoking, or Health, Third Report 1977, p.98.

2. Drug Problems in Australia: An Intoxicated Society? A Report from the Senate Standing Committee on Social Welfare. Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, Australia, 1977.

3. Taha A.: Smoking and Muslim Countries: The immediate and serious Threat. J I M A. 14: 50-52, 1982.

4. Jaffee JH, Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse (Ch.16), Clinical Characteristics: Nicotine. In: The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics. Goodman LS and Gilman A (Editors), Macmillan Pub. Co. Inc., New York, 1975. P. 305.

5. The Health Consequences of Smoking. The Changing Cigarette - a Report of the Surgeon General. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, P.H.S., Rockville, Maryland, 1981, DHSS (PBS) 81 - 50156.

6. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, 1978, P. 686.

7. Yusuf Al Qaradawi, Al Halal Wal Haram. Cairo, 1960.

8. Smoking and health: Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service. P.H.S. Publication NO.1103 U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Washington, D.C. 1965.


When you crave a smoke - drink ice water. Also, exercise helps combat cravings (and keeps you from gaining weight during the quitting phase).

Good Luck!

This depends on how much you REALLY want to quit. If you REALLY want to quit.....then go cold turkey, take it one day at a time....and DON'T start again. Don't buy cigarettes, don't take one from someone else, don't even have a lighter. How good is your will power? If you really want to quit, you'll be surprised how actually strong you are. Best of luck to you..........

There are new prescribed treatments out there that you can talk to a doctor about, or even research online. Other than that option, its pretty much will power and cold turkey.

I was in your shoes a couple of months ago. In my eyes the best thing was gum, lots and lots of gum!!

they have cigarettes that you can buy that have less nicotine or none at all. try a brand called quest they are hard to find but they are sold at rite aid and some gas stations and are less expensive than regular cigarettes. It works the same as the gum, first you buy the 4mg smokes and stay on them for a couple of weeks, then you buy the 2mg smokes and then you buy the smokes without any nicotine. i know someone who tried them and said they were not bad at all and he smoked 3-4 packs a day and quit completely in a month. they also have a lemon water you can drink with nicotine called nic lite there number is

boaner champ
Go you! You are really smart to quit smoking. If you need something that will remind you to not smoking and eat lots of berries, I don't know how it helps but I've heard it does if that doesn't work try nuts, and candy canes so that you can pretend you are smoking the candy cane. Also try gum.

michael m
it's mind over matter. resolve and reward. quit smoking and treat yourself out to an ice cream cone with a friend. this will confirm your quiting with a witness, giving you necessary strength to continue through their praise. the ice cream will make you feel good about making the proper decision. simply invite or go over a friends house, throw away your cigs and lighter, and say lets go get an ice cream cone to celebrate. then do it and forget about the past you have become anew at the first lick.

Jasmine Lily
There's a site that lists all the positive effects after quitting smoking. it really can encourage you to keep on track. Gives you something to work towards. It's like a time line.
Check it out. There's also a lot of other useful information there.

Good luck!!! It's HARD, and you'll probably be UNBEARABLE to live with until you go through the withdrawal.....but hang in there! It's worth it!

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