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I'm almost thirteen and never gone into puberty? what should i do?

Caleb's Mom
Sweetie, don't worry, you will reach puberty. Don't let what other people say bother you. My husband was almost 14 when he went through puberty. He is now a 6'2" father of two. Don't rush it!!

It comes later in males. Wait another year.

sex kitten
you will hit puberty whenever your body is ready to. I was like 15 when I hit puberty. I was in the same situation. dont stress about it.

be delighted cos wen it hapeens you wont like it!!its a bit scary!

Saiyan Kairi
uhh...dude...my cousin is 14 and she hasnt even started yet...calm down....just let nature take it's course and everything will be fine *peace sign* i promise!!
hope i helped!


"just keep touching...just keep touching..."

its okay some kids go into puberty later than other kids just wait a little longer

Hey, don't rush. I'm 14 and believe me and would rather go out of puberty and live happy without complexes. I also stepped into puberty before my younger brother, and I don't complain. So, just wait.

[email protected]
First never put your age on this site you might get targeted by weido's, then ask your mum she will tell you or a female teacher.

I want my ¡OLD! mtv
Hey, join the freak club here! I was on stage 4 when I was 13. But yeah you should see a doctor or something. But then you'll be growing into like college or of course you could just be abnormally short but ever so slightly.

wait , it happens to everybody at different stages.

Consider yourself Lucky!!


13 is a teen that when puberty begins to occur so just wait you shouldn't be embarrassed since your coming up to teens at 13 - 16 is when puberty occurs well that's the average some are earlier then some and some are later then others, everyone body is different I hope this has helped you.

Granny Annie
Have a little patience. I didn't hit that stage until the age of 15. Never bothered me. It'll come, dear. It probably means that you'll have more life at the other end, ie, you're gonna live longer, since it's taking you longer to get up and running.

nothing...what can you do about it? let mother nature do her job.

Wait a little longer.It will happen.

Expecting #1 Due 28/11/10
You're a boy so I don't know the ages boys can go through it, but I know they usually develop later than girls and girls can be between 8 and 18, I reckon when you get to 16/17 goto a doctor, but before then don't worry about it :)

no i'm kidding!
be patient, everyone has their time.

Meg McG

be patient, youngster, your time will come!!!

i knew someone in high school that didn't go into puberty till almost 16...

his voice was squeaky and the dude never had hair on his legs...

Everyone does it on their own time. It'll happen, just be patient.

You may be right
All you can do is wait.

princess angel 2207
that weird my kids started at 10. just wait

Hang in there - it won't be long.

Relax dude. Puberty for me started at 15. I'm now hairier and taller than most people I grew up with. Bigger p*nis too. Lol.

You're still well within the window of "normalcy!"

Not everyone matures at the exact same age. Now, if you're 15 or 16 and have absolutely no signs of puberty, then there might be a medical problem.

Malcolm uses Xbox 360 Avatar
Wait for a year or two. You're hairless. I don't know why.

Let nature take it's course. You are not even 12 yet puberty normally sets in around 13 for boys, so just wait. just because some kids start puberty at 11 or 12 doesn't mean that everyone will follow that pattern. now if you are 16 and haven't hit it yet, then go see a doctor

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