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Brandon C. Trent
I'm Having trouble sleeping. Please help?

At night i have difficulty falling asleep... I just stare around my room and do nothing

I usually sleep at 2-3am and wake up at 1-3pm.... and im sick of it

And when i wake up, I fell like sleeping...

PLease help me in this..

Any ideas how to make myself sleep??

If you wanna fall asleep at around 12pm, take a benadril at around 10 - 10:30 and the pill should knock you out by then. Basically, take some sleeping pills. Or a relaxing drink that would make you tired.

buy a sleeping pill.that will help alot.i take sleeping pills when it hard for me to fall a sleep

elaine c
Try the normal home remedies turkey and warm milk contain a morphine like substance called tryptophan which makes most people sleepy. You can also try taking a benadryl tablet they make you sleepy. If it's disrupting your life a lot see a doctor. It could be sleep apnea or other sleep disorder that the doctor can prescribe treatment for.

There are some herbal remedies on the market. You could go to your doctors (or which ever one it is for that type of thing) I use an eye mask too so i'm not staring at the walls all the time.

u gotta wind down and relax at night, forget about all the stress you might have, and maybe take a few Tylenol to help relax you, and dont think too much, just relax

If you have a computer go on that for a while usually your eye lids will get a sort of heavy feeling making you fall asleep. Thats what happens to me. you could try it

excercise before bed and uh try lavendar on top or underneath your pillow

Blue Haired Old Lady
Get at least an hour of exercise every day. This is the most important part.

Run a fan in your bedroom for white noise - to drown out other sounds.

Make sure your room is dark, cool and quiet.

If you have pets -- keep them out of the bedroom while you are sleeping.

Exercise is the most important part.

count sheep,
play a song in your head,
empty your mind,
do some workouts until your body is extremely tired,
avoid coffee and high sugar drinks during the day,
try to get an hour of exercise during the day,
get sleeping medicine,
try turning on the AC, sometimes summer days make it too hot to sleep in,
me, i just knock myself out by bashing my head against the wall :D

go to sleep at 11:00 then wake up at 11:00 and the next day go to sleep at 10:00 and wake up at 10:00

i have the same problem my mom said i have to wake up early so that would give me enough time to get sleepy so im gonna try that you should too it just might help =D

not d baby Daddy
take 1 mg of melatonin and an advil PM together right before going to bed. if that doesn't work, see your Dr.

read some books or watch tv for long time and fall asleep

It's because your body has become used to staying up late and sleeping late!
I have the same problem every summer. (:
You're not going to want to do this,
But I suggest getting up at a regular time everday such as 10:00.
That way you'll be tired earlier, and you'll be able to get to sleep earlier.

read a book, or watch tv. what i do is dream about the best thing you could have. or you can put a pillow over your face, which is what i do and it works lol

smoke some weed or get some sleeping pills

sunny day

Go to sleep earlier.. have a shower before you go to sleep.
if you have a routine you do before you sleep, do the same.

make sure you are confident you have done everything you need to do for the day and everything is out your mind.

Well I have the same problem.. But i would go to the doctor and talk to them about it, they will want to take some blood work but they can figure it out. If you once had mono, at times that could make you want to sleep all day so then by night you are wide awake, also Low Iron makes you really tired all the time.. then there is also ADD which can stop you from falling asleep.. Do you have a lot of thoughts when you are trying to fall asleep?

I would just go to the doctors or talk to your doctor about it the next time you are in there and see what they say.. Good luck! =]

Trilinie Sarah S
Well. Choose what time you want to go to sleep, and I'll come over with a big wooden mallet.
'Beforehand' tell me when you want to wake up, and I'll come over again in the morning with my big wooden mallet, and slam only one of your hands with it.

An alternative to this 'sleeping' and 'wake-up' service, you could set the alarm ...and make yourself get up. Then keep yourself up until you can't stand it any more.

If you move alot stop breathing sometimes in your sleep you might have sleep apnea.

Ambien CR - it has a layer that dissolves quickly to help you fall asleep quickly and another layer that dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep :]

Carlos R
take some pills for headache relief so u can sleep faster

clearly it shows... if you go to bed at 2-3 am and wake up at 1-3 pm to much sleep. The longer you sleep in the harder it will be to fall asleep. because ur body does not need the sleep right away. what im saying is tomorow, or whenever wake up earlier say 10 or 11 am then that night you will garuntee fall asleep much faster.

also a remedy you can buy is basic lavender. lavender is suppoisvly a natural herb that helps you sleep

tak my advice.. gaurntee its why you cant fall asleep ( first assumption)

Spc. Sh0kerZ
is there anything in your room that you associate with entertainment... are you on the laptop or computer right before you go to bed. The xbox360 or PS3... your bed has to be a place of straight "chill", for lack of better words. an area where all you do is relax, think for a few, and pass out for hours...

your on an irregular sleeping pattern.

what you have to do is train yourself to go to sleep earlier.
so instead of laying down and going to sleep at 2am, try going to sleep at 11pm. this may be difficult at first because your so used to staying up late.

turn off the lights AND tv, you cant have any distractions.. and lay there and close your eyes.

you can do breathing exercises. this is very relaxing and helps me get to sleep when im not even tired.
all u have to do is get into a comfortable position and take a deep breath in and let it out really slow.. focus on your breathing, after a while you will start to drift to sleep.

if all else fails.. smoke some pot. that works too =]

There is this pill called melatonin. It is all natural and is from cherries. I have been taking it for about a yr and love it. Also don't sleep more than 8-9 hrs. I found out awhile back that that can actually tire out your body. Just make sure you have 8hrs to sleep and give it about a week to really take affect. You will notice a difference in about 2 days, and it's safe enough to take everyday. Enjoy and happy dreams!!!!!

Alexa C
i know. i've been having the same problem lately.
well, first dont drink coke or coffee after 9 p.m.
when you get in bed be sure you have air so open your window ..
try thinking of something specific for a really long time and find a good sleeping position.
idk what else.

Cole J
drink some warm tea. no caffeine.. and relax

Dont smoke weed or take sleeping pills. Drain your damn energy badly by running and sweating **** out. Take a nice long shower and block out all light when your going to sleep. Stop looking around your damn room because your probably thinking about to much crap making it hard for you to sleep. Next start your thinking just like a story and just deep into sleep. Seriously stop looking around your room. Experts say the leading cause of lack of sleep is a lack of activity. Dont smoke the damn drug just to sleep its only going to make it worst and you dont wnat to depend on sleeping pills. Your body is going to keep feeling like crap.

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