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I'm 14 and craving cigarettes but never smoked?
I have a reallly bad craving atm what should I do?

Lil Mamma
Well everyone has gone through that stage where they want to do things that will harm there insides...here's the thing..do you want black lungs? no? don't do it, i suggest you find something better to do such as sports or chew gum all day it will take away the crave for a cigarette! but i suggest you don't do it also because it's a very bad habbit people have a hard time dealing with, also it wastes your money. so chew gum!(:

I think its normal for everyone to crave it at least once but its all a matter of LIVING ABOVE THE INFLUENCE and NOT giving into it.
A way for you to not crave it would be to read most or all the things that smoking does to you. Trust me, if you read that, you WON'T crave it anymore.

Don't try them.
I wanted to try them, so i did, i thought i could stop but you get addicted easily. Don't try them. I ruined my life.

Please answer:

Phillip Jesse
I've heard chewing gum helps

or you might want to read all the information about how bad it is for you and look at the graphic warning pictures (I know you probably know its bad for you but maybe looking at that will change your mind)

Or you could go and get some cigarettes somehow but I imagine that with you being 14 that would be a problem.

Try smoking weed? its less harmful and more socially acceptable and im sure that would take your mind off it, you must have some stoner friends.

but whatever you do don't smoke cigarette butts, thats just nasty

Riisss ♥
Go eat some fake cigarettes? Jk, but um don't think about cigarettes & don't smoke them, like the first person said, Live above the Influence. Good luck, hope you don't start smoking, please don't! Good luck again. [:

[email protected]
Dont do it! Just dont think about them! Just think you may live to regret it if you try them! Or in the case of ciggarettes you may NOT live as long!

i'm around your age too. i wanted to try them SUPER bad,
and i did. but, honestly, dont try them. its so not worth it.
they are disgusting. i know people always say that, but the
taste made me gag. keep above the influence. :)

ewww dont smoke

you'll have problems later on

Queen Bee
If you have never smoked, then you do not crave them

Do you want black lung
do you want to throw money away
do you want bad breath
do you want people to ask you to take your filthy habit outside

don't smoke

You probably have been exposed to alot of second hand smoke. That actually has been known to cause cravings in teenagers.

Regardless, chew some gum, that may help the oral fixation. Also, it may help to just preoccupy yourself. I just quit smoking not too long ago, and it is very hard. I feel great though. Trust me, its not something you want to start! especially not so young...

Live above the influence. never ever smoke its bad and will get you nowhere. haven't you seen the commercials

Chelsey R
ugh forget about cigarettes!!!
they ruin ur life and dont ever try one because once u do u will get hooked for life and it drains the money out of ur pocket like water out of a fountain and ur teeth turn yellow and ur lungs turn black and filled with tar!!!!

Cigarettes really aren't that interesting, believe me. They lose their novelty fast.

how do you know that you are craving cigarettes if you have never smoked?

if you have never smoked then how do you know that you are craving a cigarette and smoking is bad. Do you want to die from cancer its horrible i watch my grandpa go through it.

theres a new kind of gum i dont know what it is called but try that gum but dont smoke it makes your lungs black so plz dont smoke

It's impossible to crave nicotine without even trying it. Even so, it takes a while to actually get addicted to cigarettes not by just smoking one darling. Your curious and probably lying to yourself.

Hm.. thats odd.
Whatever you do, don't do it. Maybe you aren't craving cigarettes themselves, maybe you want something in your mouth. Get gum, a lollypop, anything that could fix your craving. Smoking is very very bad for you. Don't give into the cravings.

Believe me, and "craving" you're having now for cigarettes is NOTHING compared to what it will be later on, when you're trying desperately to quit.
You might want to try smoking, but it's a lot easier to resist something you've never done than something that's got you hooked.
There's plenty of information out there to show you plainly why you should never smoke. Don't even try the first one. There honestly aren't any positives to smoking. They are intrusive in your life, causing you to do things around your ability to smoke. Where.. what time.. how long.. can you smoke there... how long will you have to be without a cigarette. You will find yourself not wanting to do things that will keep you away from the cigarettes.
And they smell horrible to everyone who doesn't smoke. Imagine hugging someone, or standing talking with someone, and knowing that the whole time, they're replused by the smell. And that smell is from your body, clothes or breath. Not good!
There's no reason to start. So, be smart and don't!

cigars are a kool alternative to cigarrettes, or weed. I like black and milds

eat sunflower seeds, thats how i quit smoking


John Fresh
try it trust me i smoke weed and marijuanna cigrettes is nothing ...........
your welcome

you talked yourself into the craving, talk yourself out of it.

live above the influence

Taylor R
Get some candy ones

think of all the bad things they do for you.

Wait until you get your hands on a cigarette, and smoke it. You'll realize that the nice smell doesn't quite work out the way you might think. It's just an ugly taste in the mouth, followed by dirty lungs and smelly clothes.

you're curious


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