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How to appear taller?
I'm about 5'1 and although I can put on heels and gain a few inches height wise, my limbs (especially arms) still look really small, almost like a kids. Any tips?
Additional Details
I'm 20. not much growth left here.

that girl, you know.
I dont have that problem.
trust me.


Leighann P
a certain kind of jeans can make u look taller.
-high heels
some shirts can make ur arms look longer, like the ones that go half way daown ur arm, just above ur elbow.

Go work out and build a little muscle in your arms and legs. If they appear a little bigger you might look more proportionate for your height.

Im 28 and I barely make 5" i used to worry about my height all the time! Now i wear heels on occasions but just learn to live with your height. (If it helps i feel very short because my husband is 6"7!)

ok i dont know how to make your arms look longer but to make your self look taller wear some lifts (high shoes) or what works for me is to wear some stretchy clothing like for example a shirt that fits you that you can kind of pull over your pants

Adam L
lift weights?

Yoga elongates muscles and over time can actually add 1-3 inches to height. (Not sure if by time they mean 30 years or what ;)

It depends on ur parents..n ur inside body..

sk8er boi

Paul Grass groupie
date midgets ?

jeffrey g
hang from monkey bars for hours on end and it should stretch you out

Thomas Harrington
We're vertical stripes, those help.
Also, appear, act, or show your confidence, confident people seem tall.

Or go to a medieval renaissance festival and have them put you on the stretcher.

Other than that, don't feel so down, small girls are incredibly cute.

wear skinny jeans....dont wear really long shirts....high heels too......wear clothes that fit you so you dont look like a potato and thts all I have?

Wear high heels, skinny jeans, and tops that are long, but not that long, other wise it makes you look like you have short legs.

Good luck

Eat...exercise, stand with your back straight and chin up, and if you want, wear a couple layers of clothing to make your body look slightly larger.

Trilinie Sarah S
Stretch your neck, tilt your head up, and jut your chin out. :)

Lindsay misses you!* _ xO
platform shoes :D

ashley woods
Well i get when you say you can put heels on well don't, wear boots or thick shoes. When you do that wear longer jeans like bellbottoms. Thats what i do all the time no one knows.

hair updo's

platform shoes or heals

skinny jeans or fitting pin stripped pants

As far as the arm thing, try wearing long sleeve cuffed wrist shirts or shirts with no sleeves.

Sprinkles F
wear flare jeans and as for your limbs if you re concerned about the size of them you could try to bulid muscle

*wear a really long and skinny top
*wear heels*
*stand up straight

wear high heels and skinny jeans

Lauren F

I think short people are really cute. Whenever I go to dances I wish I was shorter, I'd get asked more. The only real solution is to go get your legs broken and streched for 9 months. Which would stink, and I wouldn't recommend it.

Wear clothes that make u appear taller...i wouldnt know what kinds seeing as im not Stacy nor clinton from "What Not 2 Wear" but im sure if u watch the show u will find out

Skechers! They give you a good 2 inches! No kidding. And if you're concerned about your limbs looking small, wear a pair of jeans. Jeans always make you look taller....more lean.....add the SKechers and you def got height!

Perfecting your posture and elongating your body with ballet lessons may help, though Im not sure of anything. ~ Sandy A.

no. but give your body time to grow

Make sure you stand up straight; no slouching. Also have confidence in your appearance.

I always wanted to be taller too...just accept yourself the way you are..there is nothing wrong with being short.

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