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 what's the average time for taking bath?
what's the average time for taking bath or another way to put it...what is the best lenght of time to take a bath ?...

 Can marijuana make you sick?
If it's one of the first times you smoke, and then 2 days later you get a fever, vomiting, diarreah...could it be related?...

Basically the coursework deadline has been brought forward and its TOMORROW! i have to complete near enough a whole folder of work! I need to stay awake tonigth and get on with it all or i fail.

 What are the dangers of smoking pot?

 How come when a woman farts, it doesn't smell as bad as when a man does?

 I started taking diet pills and I can't stop having headached?
why is that and what should I do?...

 How do you sleep?
is there a special way you have to be in order to sleep.

for example: i have to have one arm under my pillow under my head and i can't be hot.

what about you? do you ...

 10 points best answer...Under arm sweat?!?
P.s i use antipesperant already.....
I sweat. Alot. ALOT! Like i'll have sweat stains under my arms and inch-2 inches long!! And im 12, a girl. I've had my period. I'm in grade 7. ...

 I lost my voice, how do I get it back?
I was playing around with my boyfriend and screamed and now it's gone. ): what do I do to get it backkkk?...

 How safe is it to eat 'Expired' food and drinks, like Chips, Popcorns and Mountain Dew, Coke?
Some are like January 2006, some are May 2006, and some just expired for a couple of weeks.

And, yeah some are from Last year.

How Sick can a person get eat expired food/drinks?...

how can i tell someone i have bulimia?
i've never told anyone ever... but i've recently stopped denying it because I really want to stop... It's been a little over a year and i ...

 Should I smoke weed????
I have a lot of very good reasons which I don't feel like getting into, of why I want to, but I'm kind of scared.. I don't wanna get addicted, or anything, or get caught, advice??

 if i smoke what happends to me?

 How do I make myself stay up late?
Tonight I have a costume party from 7:00 - 12:00 at night and I have trouble staying up late. The usual time I go to bed is 9:30 - 10:00 and it's almost impossible for me to stay up any later ...

 I really wanna gain weight!?
Are there any bars (like in mean girls)m That can help me gain weight fast!
Additional Details
I am 5'0" and i am lyk 85 pounds i wanna gain 15 pounds.
Does n e 1 know ...

 What's a good remedy for a really bad back ache? I've gotten a back rub, and tried Tylenol. Any ideas?
I'm open to inexpensive suggestions. I can't exactly afford a chiropractor or someone trained in massage. Also, I don't like to take really strong drugs either beyond over the ...

 Why do people cut their wrists?
My friend does it. =S
Additional Details
Well her Mum had been ill for a few years and dies this January. Is that why?...

 Is there some type of glue to heal a heart that's breaking?

 I like to fart. Is this ok?

 Does anyone else hate the sound of people swallowing/eating. ? I HATE IT?
i really hate the sound of people eating and swallowing!! it really winds me up!! it actually puts me in a foul mood!! i cant help it! i try not to let it! but i end up tutting at the person or ...

How many ppl have you been with?

Hundreds and hundreds.

Last football game I went to, there were 46,791.

close to 100. but that goes all the way back to the 70's.

lots! i'm with many people every day!

[email protected]
Where to !

about 500

too many

Between 1979 and 1985 over 200
but I have been with the same girl for over 20 years now.
Not married , no kids , never cheated on any of them.

Life is good

Only one boyfriend. We knew eachother for 6 months before marrying. Was the BIG V until our wedding night!! Pretty dern proud of that little fact! We married when I was 28. So, I guess you could say that I've only "been with" one person.......my HUSBAND!!!! Yay for me!!!!

Its Me

thats pretty rude to ask, don't ya think?

1/2. He was only half a man

Your share and mine.

Hot Stuff
clarify the question. 2 pts.


Becky F
only one and we have been together 14 years

John J

Becky Jo
Depends on who you talk to.
12 in actuality
6 according to my mom
11 is what I tell my best friend

0 and i'm 16...its cause i choose not to right now...music has to much control over me...infact the only way i could describe myself is music..i swear i'm turning into it myself..

Diamond Freak :)
Only 5.

not enough

Boss Hogg
a t least 20

I'm with my family right now. Why is that important to anybody but me? I love being with my family.

none never had a boyfriend (cry cry)


I am with people all the time. I was with my children earlier today while they took Tae Kwan Do.
I am with people all the time.
I would have to take a month to even do a close estimate to go back in memory and count all of the people I have been with.

Comfortably Numbâ„¢

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