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Jhonny Boy
How do you stop biting your fingernails?
I have an addiction to biting my nails when I am nervous and I don't now how to break the habit. The best method is the one I will choose best answer.

Put clear nail polish on them so they taste bad and you dont bite them anymore. Plus no one can tell that you have nail polish on. It also helps to think that there are thousands of germs under you finger nails and when they get wet they multiply. Hope this helps.

No Comment...
I think there is this nail polish (Don't worry, its clear and no one will notice it) and it tastes really bad if you put it in your mouth. I'm not sure where to get it though....

There is some clear nail polish that you can put on your nails that tastes really bad. You can find in the makeup section of Wal Mart, Target, Rite Aid, Vons, whatever store you go to, really. It tastes horrible and will make you stop biting. Also try putting on gloves, or putting band-aids over your nails.

wear latex gloves trust me put that glove in your mouth sjeesj youll regret it latex isnt hypoallergenic and tastes like crap! and you could also try to use a nail clipper and have someone cut your nails for you! i konw its a hard habit to kick but youll get over it!

cut them short

wear nail polish

sit on them

chew gum

tap your foot instead

You reach an age where you realize your getting judged by your cleanliness, and those jagged edged fingernails are grossssss!

☮selina☮ [vegan] [OBAMA<3]
put nail polish remover on them
tastes bad

Kassi Kilgore

Scott H
I'm sorry the only way I have found to stop is will power! Your mind can and will overcome any addiction if you use it!!

The Incredible Sulk
You stop biting them.

dont bite them is all you can do just like how to quit smoking is DONT smoke!

rub hand soap on your nails...then when you bite them you will get a soapy, bitter, nasty taste which will make you stop biting your nails...P.S. good luck = ]

put an elastic band around your wrist, whenever you bite your fingernails snap the band on your wrist. eventually you should get the message

Either cut your finger nails so small so you can't bite them or cover them in glue or something yucky

Chase D
well what i found out was that when i bit my finger nails i got little red bumps on my butt. So i just taught myself not to do it because i didn't want my buttox to get red. And i worked the redness went away

get a friend or significant other or both that you are with a lot to smack you in the head every time you do it. the pain associated with biting your nails will ring in your head every time you think about it after about 3 months

I still bite my nails, but not when I'm nervous. I do it when I'm reading something like a magazine or something on the computer; it's like some kind of absentminded habit--like tapping/shaking your foot (which I do too).

My suggestion would be to keep your nails trimmed as short as possible...but not so short that they're raw. I believe there is some kind of (clear) coating or spray that you can use that makes your nails taste really bad for those who have a very hard time stopping. You could also have some accountability with some friends or family members.

If you need to, try to find an alternative. Find something small that you can keep with you that will keep your hands busy.

But don't feel too bad. Most people have some nervous habit. People chew their nails, tap their feet, play with their necklace, play with their hair, play with the pen or pencil they're holding, etc.

Aphex Franco
i had the same problem what helped me was trying to see how long i can let them grow. now i dont bite them anymore

I paint mine, or put fake nails on so when i go to bite them it either tastes bad or it's really chewy or stiff...

you could also have something for a snack to have near by incase you want to bite your nails, just eat like a carrot or something...

they have clear nail polish u can get that tastes really bad so u stop biting ure nails

omg i had the same prob

get the finger biting nail polish its clear so if ur a guy.......
bring gum
everytime u r about to bite stick gum in ur mouth
everytime u bite think of how gross ur nails will look

hope i helped


put nail polish remover on them

put something gross on your fingernails, like vaseline or sumthing..so when you bite them, you get digusted and wont do it anymore

bLoNdIe bAbY
OMG if u find an answer.......PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME!

Scratch your but. I mean like get in there and dig around.. Your unconscious brain will not let your hands anywhere near your mouth.

This is a hard habit to break. I've been fighting with this habit myself. I have gone months without biting my nails, the way I stopped was by making a conscious effort not to bite them. I hate the way my nails look chewed off but its very hard to kick this habit. I tend to bite them when I am under a lot of stress. Sometimes I don't even realize I am doing it.

Take the baseball playoffs for instance. Watching the Dodger games were literally nerve-racking, I didn't plan on biting my nails but sure enough, before I knew it my fingers were being chewed. All I can suggest is mind over matter. Hopefully someone else has a sure fire way of quitting. You can also try rubbing something that tastes really bitter on your nails so if they do make their way to your mouth you will realize it and stop. Good luck

get a manicure (nail color only). i was a big nail bitter. one thing that helped me was always having nail polish on.

put your hands in soapy water and don't rinse. let the soap dry on your hands so when you put your finger in your mouth, it'll taste really nasty
hope i helped :)

When I got braces a while ago I stopped biting them because it hurt too much to bite anything.

i do this all the time!! i paint them that way i dont get the paint chipped off into my mouth, or i sit on my hands (:

cut them short so you can't bite on them

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