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feel free to star if you think this is interesting or just funny....

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..is it dangerous to sleep with a knee brace. i dislocated my kneecap yesterday. and wanted to know if anything can happen like bruising or any more swelling etc..

thanks to all in advance....

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 How much sleep does the average person need ?

 How many hours of sleep do you get a day?
I get around 5 hours on a weekday and about 9 - 10 on a weekend....

 Its 3 AM and Wake up time is 6 AM. HELP!!?
Its 3 am. i cant sleep. ive tried everything. i have to wake up at 6 am.
what do i do?
how can i get to sleep?
suggestions/ tips pleaseeee =)
Thank youu!:)...

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 Smoking Weed (Details I Forgot To Mention)?
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I Am/Have

~ 8 Stone
~ Long QT (Heart)
~ Palpatations (About Every 3-4 Months)
~ Tourettes

 Is it possible to puke out of your nose?
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 Eeek! I Need Help!?
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 i have chapped lips how do i fix it?
they hurt when i smile..and they burn...im a guy, how do i fix this?
Additional Details
I wrote im a guy so you guys dont say lip gloss or something.....

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 How long is the longest have you been awake?
I have stayed awake for 31 hours straight. How bout you?...

How do you sleep?
is there a special way you have to be in order to sleep.

for example: i have to have one arm under my pillow under my head and i can't be hot.

what about you? do you have a special routine you do before you sleep?

i'm bored and i would like to know =]
Additional Details
omg cassidy i'm just like that! when the bed is on the wall i HAVE to put my face between the wall and the bed it's horrible lol =]

I have to be under the covers no matter how hot it is and I have to lay on my side, my back, then my side several different times back and forth until I finally fall asleep in one of them.

I can only sleep on my side, and I toss and turn a /lot/ lol. I can't have my pillow be hot either :P

lol....that is so funny, I honestly sleep the exact same way. and If I wake up in the middle of the night I flip my pillow over to the cooler side.

Sarina D
Well there is really no special way that I sleep but people have their own ways.
I would say just lie down and count till 100 till you fall asleep or something!
Plus close your eyes!

well i put mi legs up ore one hand under the pillow and and the oder hand in top of the oder pillow.

yes there is, I sleep better by myself and on my right side, getting older now I can't handle it as much. Also I can sleep alot better w/out a yoch on my back.... lol

Stacey D
I have to be covered even in the summer - with a sheet when it's hot - but winter or summer, I always have to have at least one foot uncovered or I feel claustrophobic

I am an RN and worked several years in an ortho/neuro unit where I learned that it is best for spinal alignment to lay on your side supported with pillows (one between the legs, one at the back if needed). Since then I sleep like that and encourage my husband to do the same.

OH.. and I *must* have at least a sheet covering me, no matter how hot it is.

right leg bent
arms under pillow face turned to the right

i do the same thing

have one arm under the pillow and i usually have one leg bent up

lol, it's weird, but i do it every night

Hmm.... Well I have to bend both my legs as if I'm crouching (if you look at me sideways) and I have to sleep to my side with one arm around my neck and the other under my head. I takes a long time for me to fall asleep though so i spend my time thinking and eventually fall asleep in that position after tossing and turning.

brush my teeth

if u bored can u answer ?


Well first I have to go pee cause if I don't I'm extremely irritable and cant sleep And definitely cant be hot. Like you one arm under the pillow but with one leg always bent.

i sleep on my belly with one arm under the pillow. I also stick my feet out from under the covers.

i need to have both arms under my pillow and my hands need to be under my head. i pretty much hug my pillow with my head turned on its side.

ReneeMarie ;]
since i have a jaw
disorder, each night before
i sleep i have to clean my mouthpiece
then i put it in. THEN i kinda have to
sleep on my left side because
i just gawt my cartilage pierced and it
hurts to sleep on the right...
and i have to be on my side
b/c... idk laying upwards toward the
ceiling is weird. lol.


Just like you, on my right side

Salmon Boy
Belly down, arms at side,, head turned 90 degrees to the right... I think I'm screwing up my neck when I sleep like this but it's the only way for me. :( I also usually wait til midnight or so so that when i get in bed, I immediately go to sleep, instead of lying around bored. :)

i do the same thing, i always lay on my side and have one arm underneath my pillow..

lavender on my pillow to help calm me down, since I'll be awake for at least 20 minutes thinking about my day and what I have to do tomorrow...
and then on my side, sometimes one pillow sometimes none, but definitely on my side, and sometimes a pillow over my head and I can't be cold or hot- just right although I prefer hot.
Speaking of which, goodnight!

lemon head
i lay with the top half of my body face down and my legs twisted around so my hips are vertical. i have to have my feet covered and i need to be able to breathe fresh air, if i have the covers over my head i cant sleep

hahah i sleep with my baby blanket under my chin.
and my feet stick out of the covers, because i cannot sleep with them under!

LMFAO well i sleep like diagnoly on my bed spred out like from corner to corner and i sleep with one arm under the pillow and th other on top like im huging the pillow and then i ether curl my legs up if im cold or spred them out if its hot

Right now it is on my side with a pillow under my belly. ( I am pregnant.
Before flat on my tummy.

Cynthia ‚ô•
your just like me!! i have two flat long pillows, the top one has to be folded and i have one arm under my pillow and one army under my face...and i also CANNOT be hot or i cant sleep

Theo Z
I switch position overtime

I need to have one arm under my pillow and I need to sleep on my side/ Sometimes almost on my tummy but not fully on my tummy.

But before I get to sleep I need to ejaculate thinking about hot girls I know.

I fold my pillow in half (like a burger not a hot dog) so my arm is under the pilliow and not touching my head but its not touching the bed.

But I always have to listen to some heavy metal b4 I sleep.
I just can't sleep without the soothing mellodies of Corey Taylor screaming "GET YO ****IN' HANDS IN THE AIR!!!!"

I follow this age old , tried and true, way of falling into a blissful peaceful sleep. I calmly consume massive amounts of alcohol then pass out on the bed, face first.

Yeah, you can sleep straingh with your arms spread or just sleep in wht ever position u r comfortable with.....

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