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How do you cope with the summer heat if you don't have air conditioning?
Victoria & South Australia are facing record temperatures and the rest of the Australian states are sweltering in the summer heat. What are some tips for keeping cool at work and at home this summer?

If you are closer to the city areas around the daytime, as strange and as much it is a good idea, GO SHOPPING!! more in those major shopping centres where it is air conditioned, if you don't have any money to buy things just window shop, a few cafes also scatter these shopping complex so why not buy some iced chocolates, teas and coffee.

If a nice cold shower is what you are after as well invest in a decent price shower head which makes the water come out in a mist, the air and fine water will cool you all over if only cold water is used, and when in winter it doubles as a steam sauna like shower to take away those aces and pains.

Kevin P
to get to sleep , wet a small bathtowel and lay it over your body. Its amazing how it can cool down the whole body. You can try a small one on you head too. Cools dow the blood circulating....
also the chinese believe watermelon juice cools down the heat from the body. Its chilled anyway so its certainly is cooling

alan w
to sleep..lay on top of the sheets (obviously) and just point a pedestal fan at your feet..This will regulate your body temperature and is actually better than an air con...

Open all your windows and doors an hour before dawn to let in the cool air.

Close everything up at about 8 or 9 am when the day starts to heat up.

Open everything up again after the heat of the day has passed.

Alternatively, go to New Zealand for the summer...

Hi, I use solar curtains to block out the heat. This is the link I bought mine from:


Also I only wear sleeveless clothing, especially thin cotton singlets and baggy shorts. We always have a constant supply of cold drinks in the fridge.

Regularly splashing my face with water and placing wet towels over my body at night or when having a rest.

Keeping still and eating cool foods such as yoghurt's, fruit, and juice all help.

Also spraying the outside of your house/flat and yard with water make a difference.

Always ensure your pets have ice water. My pets have a ceramic bowl inside and outside. It keeps the water cooler for longer. Give your pets a spray with water on their body sometimes as this rehydrates their bones.

A portable evaporative air cooler for around $200 is great if you can afford it. You can add ice to them if you want and they last a long time.

Finally if you can buy an air conditioner DON'T get one from online discount stores. Chances are if you need a replacement part or service you'll NEVER get it.
"Good Guys" are the cheapest and best to buy from. We learnt this after paying maximum $$$.
The cost of fitting an air conditioner is the most expensive part. Ask your retailer beforehand if they can reccomend someone / best to get some quotes.
At least try to get a small fan. Even pedestal fans are quite cheap at around $30.

Hope this hot weather moves along soon and you keep cool :)

Put your head in a bucket of ice !!

N.P.G Starlett
Drink plenty of water.

If you do not have a airconditioner in your room, buy a electrical fan.

Vidur B
cold drinks and a fan

Kim M
Drink lots of really cold water and freeze some bottles for back up, get an ice pack for the back of your neck or if you dont have an ice pack wrap some ice in a cloth, wet a some cloths for your legs and open all windows and doors but keep curtains closed, you can always go for a swim (remember sunscreen though!!!!) or if you dont have anywhere to swim you can run yourself a cold bath or shower (if you choose a shower remember not to use to much water because Australia's in a drought!!!) hope you can beat the heat.

At home I fill the bathtub with a little bit of cold water and every 15 minutes I dunk my head in, then dry...ah refreshing.

have a cold shower, drink 3 litres of water every hour, have 2 personal fans (Pedestal or Desk), dont go near anyone else other wise you get very humid. also wear short sleeves and apply sunscreen. also wear sunnies, a hat and stay in the shade as much as possible.

Hank Moody
Don't wear any clothes lol

Duck D
hang wet sheets over your screen doors, this makes an evaporative air cond which works surprisingly well

When I lived in a house without air conditioning I used to keep the curtains closed all day. In the evening when the breeze came up we would open everything to cool the place down a bit and sit outside till it was cool enough to go back in.
Baths, showers and lots of water all help. So does spending time at an air conditioned shopping centre (without the wallet) as long as there is not a power cut there too.
In the end I decided the best way to deal with the hot Adelaide summer was to move to Tasmania.
Now that worked.

We bought an evaporative cooler/fan. You can put ice cold water in it and it runs past the air coming out of the fan. Some you can also put ice in. Its a lot cheaper than a portable air conditioner and you don't have to worry about putting it up to the window. Also backed curtains keep out the sun. Hope this helps!!

I live in the Perth Hills so it gets very hot during the summer. I don't have any air conditioning. I find that if you open up all the windows and doors early this can make a difference and then when the sun gets up close everything and shut blinds and curtains etc. When the sun goes down open up everything again. I've got a pool so I can cool off by nipping in and out but if you don't have a pool, have a cool shower and keep a couple of buckets in the shower to collect water (for plants), you could even buy a small kiddies pool to sit in and tip water over yourself (again recycle the water for plants). Make sure pet's water is checked regularly as it can heat up during the day and give them a rub down with a wet towel occasionally. Good luck!

Our a/c broke 3 yrs ago,but my family of 7 have addapted very well to the heat.We have coldwater on hand,an above ground pool & fans going in the main rooms.I didn't realise until the a/c broke that on the high 30's to low 40's deg.my kids would wilt like flowers if they left a/c to doing sport that afternoon.Since there's been no a/c they take a bottle of ice to tennis and the 3 have half hr.each.No-one complains in that 1 hour and a half,we don't turn the a/c on in the car before or after lessons & as for me,we grew up without a/c and it was HOT in the 60's & 70's.I'm not ruling out an a/c in the future but i'm glad it broke to learn this.It gave them endurance and a high tollerance to our country's heat....STAY COOL.......Melinda.

Betty D
I love the way the "Y" generation say get an air conditioner, many older sick people and aged and invalid pensioners especially those like my father in law on a silgle pension $275.00 a week can't afford to turn on their airconditioners.

With food electic, gas,phone, car registration, car insurance and petrol, water rates, emengecy water levies, house and content insurance (try working it out in your home ) I did and it can't be done.
I assessed my living expenses with my husband and I I couldn't do it.

They barely managed when my motherlaw was alive with double the double pension but unfortunately she died, and the pension was halved, but except for the food all the other expenses stayed the same

I wonder what would happen in Palmiment house or Mr Rudds home if the air conditioner filed

Try going to a shopping centre with no wallet :-)

another great way keeping cool is putting up a beach tent along the foreshore of a beach with a bottle of water cold , and a book.

cold shower

When you are at home -
1. Use a piece of light cotton cloth or a clean Chux and wet it. Use it as a sweat rag around the back of your neck. When it dries out, wet it again.
2. Dunk hands and wrists in cold water (and feet) - all those veins at the inside wrist in the cold water help with heat transference and you will cool down. I would suggest letting cold water run over your wrists and feet but with the water shortages its not a great idea.
3. Keep cold (not icy) water in the fridge and sip at it constantly.
4. Freeze your hot/cold packs and use them on your face or any other 'veiny' area.
5. Get a normal light bedsheet and soak it in water. Hang it at the back doorway so that it covers the entire doorway, especially if a light breeze is coming from that direction and its out direct sunlight. Use it across open windows, anywhere there may be a breeze coming from. For small babies, hang the wet sheet across the rails of the cot and direct a fan onto the cot.
6. Keep the house as closed up as possible and use heavy curtains over the windows if the sun is on them.
7. Dress as lightly as possible. Try to wear only light cottons without waistbands - if your only light cotton is your nightie, stay in it all day. You are actually cooler in a light cotton than if you are naked. Try to avoid synthetics totally.
8. Turn off any electrical equipment (computer, TV) and only use the lights if its absolutely essential.
9. No cooking today - live on salads and sandwiches
10. Fill the bathtub with cool water and wallow for a while with a book
11. Drink water - if you can't stand just plain water, squirt a little lemon juice into it. I keep a 2 litre container in the fridge at all times and drop about half a lemon sliced up into it whenever I need to fill it up. If you have lemon squeeze (concentrated lemon juice) just squirt enough in to make it just a hint of lemon. You aren't looking at a lemon drink, you are looking at making plain water more palatable.

Fill a hot water bottle with ice water and take it to bed at night

Wet a wash cloth and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes or so - if you need something icy to put on your skin. I have heard (yet not done so) that you can do this with clean socks instead of a wash cloth.

Drink lots and lots of water, light airy clothes, open shoes, sandles or thongs etc. GOOD LUCK!

roger l
First, if you can afford it, buy a small portable air-con (which I think you can get for less than $200.
If not, drink plenty of water, this will not only keep you hydrated, but will also cool down your body temperature which is just as crucial.
Cut out all hot foods, stick to salads etc.
Have a cool shower regularly, even a one-two minute cold shower will do wonders.
Keep all lights off where possible, and if you cant get a cheap air-con, hang wet towels in front of your fan (s) to at least circulate some cool air.
During the day, if your work doesn't have air-con, it will be tough, but same rules apply. If there is no shower at work, at least wet your hair for some relief.
Finally, if you live in an area where it regularly gets hot, I would advise saving up to buy an air-con, it will be the best investment you've ever made (if you're in rented accommodation, put the pressure on the landlord to do this, offer say an extra $5-10 per week in rent if they do)

FLoating On A Cloud <3 ♥
cool shower, personal fans (electric), damp washcloth to pat oneself cool with, keep in shade.

These are some ideas my friends had about keeping cool when you have no air-conditioning. I've tried some of them and they work for me so I hope they work for you too.

1. buy some cheap foil and stick some sheets on the windows that let the most sun in but keep in mind to stick the sliver side facing outwards.

2. sit in a bath of cold water. For work grab a spray bottle and fill it with ice cubes and water. Constantly use it during the day as a spritz bottle.

3. Try to take a warm shower as it takes longer for you to dry therefore you will remain cooler for longer.

4. Drink some water without any additives such as cordial.

5. Sit as low as possible and away from windows.

Hope this all helps. Keep cool.

I wet a Cotton T-Shirt with cold water and put it on. It cools me down instantly. I also have the fans running in rooms that I don't have air conditioning!

Wear loose cotton clothing. no t-shirts. Wet a tea towel and put it over your feet and lower legs and keep a damp face cloth for cooling the back of your neck and inside of the wrists. These are the cooling points on the body. To keep your dog cool, wipe their ears with a damp cloth.

Always have lots of cold water nearby, keep a bottle in the fridge and drink from it constantly. It's vital to keep up your fluids, particularly if you have to be active in the heat.

1. Limit the amount of soft drinks or alcoholic drinks you use. They are all sugar based, and sugar heats the blood, which in turn heats the body. Cold water and lots of it is a good substitute.
2.Wear loose cotton clothing, preferably light in colour, and if possible wear thongs or sandals.
3. Place a wet towel on the nape of your neck - it works like a warm winter scarf in reverse. Similar for your feet - like a pair of warm socks in reverse.
4.Avoid eating fast foods like hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries etc - they raise the body heat and can do you harm.
5. Do not attempt to do any strenuos exercise, stay inside, close the curtains and keep use of electrical items to a minimum - they all contribute to the heat in a room.
6. Large supermarkets are good places to use free air conditioning - take a folding chair, esky with cold water and sandwiches and a good book, hand held game etc

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