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How do i keep myself awake all night?
Me and my friend are having a sleepover and have decided to do an allnighter... Its already 2:00am and were getting tired already and need to think of ways to keep us awake! Can you help us?


pillow fight to the death!

drink energy drinks or have a dance party :)

Eva M
caffeine, sugar and maybe a light bit if exercise if you start nodding off.

Mike G
Go for a jog. Drink a Red Bull. :)

Nodoz and Redbull.

Ehsaan H
drink lots of coke or coffee. watch a late-night movie while you're at it.

do cocaine ;D~~~

smoke some meth?? lol just kidding thats the devil. plus it will be more of an all weeker

Goofy girls, go to sleep!

Morris K
one time at a sleep over i was licking one of those giant jaw breakers the whole night. we all stayed up late by i didn't sleep all night.
after not touching the jaw breaker for about an hour and a half i completely crashed, but it did keep me up all night.
i got it like half way done.

Aidan G
yes well always be drinking soda or whatever and ever 30 mins go outside or run around for like 1 min if u feel ur slipin then turn on a movie you have never seen and lax if u keep an empty stomach also that helps but realy just move ever like 30 mins

what funny shows and scary one it'll make you want to stay up to see what happens next!

Mr. Tim

keep busy, and stay active.
when you rest of relax, laydown, sitdown, your body goes into sleeptime mode if you usually are asleep at this time of night.
Get active, move aound, this is the best way other then taking NoDoz or Coffee.

red bulll

or go outside on a mission :p lool

Go outside and run around the block or something (: Get exercise & Stay awake !

If you like coffee, it's your answer! Keep on drinking it until you feel like your going to explode! Oh and remember, no decaf! That will just make you sleepy. If you don't like coffee, then eat a lot of candy or drink a lot of soda...

go outside. the cold will wake you up. and the pillow fight to the death works well... FOR NARNIA!!!!

Erin H
Drink about 5 dr peppers a piece

This Is You.
Black Tea. It works for me. Coffee doesn't work for me.

Drink Monster. Or Amp. Or Rockstar. Drink every energy drink on the planet.

Then say goodbye to your kidney's.

i wubb you(:
ahh i love all nighters. You're so lucky you can have sleepovers on weekdays (i have to get up for cheer practice at 5) I'm jealous.(:

•actually any kind of food(:
•pillow fights
•dance of course(:
•when one starts to get sleepy, slap the other one. HARD.

Hmm that's all i got, but i usually don't have a problem staying up. Just a warning, you will be extremeeely grumpy tommorrow!

Have fun(:


Don't go to sleep.

we go outside and play football throughout the neighborhood or play that tag game in the neighborhood going though lawns of people we dont know . its fun.

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