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How do I get rid of stomach aches without medicine?
I get stomach aches a lot. I don't know why, or how to get rid of them. I don't need to take medicine, because they are not always that bad. What do I do? Please help.
Additional Details
I drink water with every meal. I lay down, I am really active, I eat healthy, I don't see what's wrong, I find myself getting a cold sometimes, I do have very bad summer allergies though. I really need help. Thanks!

Sheki Shebazz
rub chinese ointment on your stomach. it really helps.

eating toast,
with butter.

you can sleep on your stomach then wait for gas

c e ! i ne
either eat or go to bathroom or eat more

If it's nausea, try ginger. It's natural and it should help.

poop more.

take fiber pills.

in the car

google it

Smoke em if you got em
Eat better food. no junk food. no preservitives no sugar.

so far so bad...
i rub my stomache with cold hands

it feels good

hope i helped

Start by making a list of things you have eaten, before you get the stomach ache. It might be something you eat, that your not digesting properly.Like nuts, too many salads, spicy foods etc. Too much caffeine . If they continue see a doctor, because you don;t want it to go into anything serious. Feel better.

Gingerale or sprite... and my grandma swears by beer!

try herbal tea..
,,they work welll..

What have you been eating? Maybe the food you are consuming is doing a number on your stomach. Avoid greasy foods, they always make me feel like crap.

Pay attention on what you are eating or what you ate when you get the tummy aches = TRY NOT TO EAT THIS AGAIN TO prevent the pain.
If is related to something else try drinking peppermint or eucalyptus tea.

chamomile tea. tea is always good and relaxing for the body.

it could be alot of things ..maybe gas or if you get them constantly you might want to check with the doctor to see whats wrong....but my mom used to do this home remedy for me its pretty bad but it used to work lol she would squeeze some lemon and mix it in with salt ..(just a lil bit not too much) mix that and then drink it....i hope it works...

hope you feel better!

Gracie C
Try putting more fiber in your diet inorder to get your digestive system in better function.

Destined for misery...
A hot water bottle might help or a heating pad. I usually use that for when i get cramps, it might help for a stomach hope this helped.

drink more water

Tracy V
i used to get a lot of stomach aches;

club soda

I have it explained here:


u kno wats funny i have one now -.- im eating weat bread and when u stand up and down u feel better try not yeelling an luaghing it will go away :D

7up,perrier,pelegrino, ginger ale help.

start with a simple diary to log accurate [date/time/duration/ which food , how prepared] your eating / drinking and toilet habits and the times and duration of the stomach aches for 2 weeks. research yourself or better with your Doctor what can be the source of the aches [this is a general guide to use for most illnesses]
for direct relief take a large towel,
roll it up and put a rope around it so it stays in the rolled up position and make it so it fits in your micro wave, then make the kernel wet. put in the micro wave for about a minute until it feels as hot as you can allow to put on your stomach over your clothes. [takes some trial and error to find out what is comfortable]

L. Lawiet
sit with your knee's close to you chest, it ease's the pain. and lying down.

Ginger Ale at room temperature! Don't refrigerate it!!! Since it's warm at room temperature the bubbles in the drink are more active and soothe ur stomach!

Emma M
just lay down in bed or something have the tv on,or read a book watever u like.it sometimes helps to take a nap also.it usually works.it always does for me.

drink tea
put a heated pad on your stomach

both work well.

terie w
it depends on what the stomach aches are from or when they happen what the other symtoms you have with the stomach ache.
if your stomach aches happen after eating, try mint tea after your meal.
if your stomach aches happen on a regular basis with bloated feeling, try eating more fiber to clean out your system.
If your stomach aches due to stress and tention, try getting meditation with a massage.
You can check with web md also on your personal health issues if you have other issues.

It depends on what type of pain you are feeling - are you nauseated? Does it hurt in one area? If you're having them enough to interfere with your life, you should at least mention them to your physician. Do you eat fatty foods?

If you're nauseated, you can try ginger ale and soda crackers.

Maalox or other antacids are over-the-counter medications - antacids help a lot of stomach woes and are very gentle on your system - they can help with nausea, sour stomach, general stomach pain, and some have anti-gas relief.

If you have stomach cramping, you can drink peppermint tea - it relieves the cramps and/or use a heating pad on the area of your tummy that is hurting.

If you're eating badly, I would change your diet - so you have a good balance of fruits, fiber, vegetables, and proteins.

I hope you feel better soon!

On a side note, some people are embarrassed to go the doctor for stomach problems - but it's not embarrassing at all when you are in pain and it could reveal an underlying health problem if it's not a choice of food problem.

Mediocre Deity
It depends on what kind of hurt it is. If it is crampy, you need to eat more fruits, veges and fiber.

If it is acidic/burning, then you might have heartburn, you should see a doctor.

If it is just a dull ache, try some mint or some warm soup or tea.

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