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How did you stop smoking?
What kind of stuff would you guys do when you got the urge to smoke(instead of smoke of course). I'm trying to stop and doing fairly well I just thought you guys might have some suggestions. Thanks.
Additional Details
Well pin a rose on your nose web princess.

I never started

no y would I? weed is awesome

first ive never smoked so i cant help you there but my mom stoped and she told me that it was very hard but you might want to take up a sport or knitting or something to get your mind off it

I've never smoked, but i suggest you carry around some of those graphic smoking pictures to look at when you are craving, and also just keep playing in your mind how proud you will be and how much better you will feel.

i never started but to stop think of the bad things that WILL happen to u and if that dosent work 4 u the give a picture that sez dont sell smokes to the person or something to all the shops that sell smokes in ur area

Just stop buying them.

First fix a date for stop smoking. Try reducing your daily intake by numbering the cigrattes. try some alternative to smoke like bubble gum, cinamon, or anything that can divert your mind. Lastly practice meditation and yoga. Last but not the least if you fail try again.

Chuck P
I just started exercising, I found I felt a lot better and never looked back. I smoked for 15yrs prior and it's been over 20yrs since I quit.

Cold turkey and sheer determination. Stick to this - you can do it.

cold turkey had my teeth pulled out and never smoked again cause i did not want to get dry socket

John S
try gum, anything you can chew that will keep your mind off smoking. Throw away all packs in the house, and just stop for about 30 days. At this point, you won't want to do it anymore, you'll be over it.

I stopped one year ago and I went cold turkey. When the urge occurred I would work out, pump out some push-ups, sit-ups, or pull-ups.

Not only will it take your mind off smoking, it will help get you in shape.

Good luck and hang in there, it gets better!

senior arirman ryan k
i stoped
its easy
really u just make it seem like a Mountain to get over . i want to be the best most mentally trained person i have already blocked out some amount of pain and most of the feeling of cold. and i hunt so i have alot of time to think wen im out its easy trust me

Taylor J
try that gum, and maybe get a jar and put the money you would use for cigarettes in it, and save up to go on a trip or to buy something special with all that money.

John M
I just stopped and that was that. No nicotine no patches no nothing, just a desire to be healthy and live longer helped me quit

a friend died of throat cancer :(...THAT WAS ENOUGH FOR ME

I quite cold turkey. What I had to do however, was keep myself constantly busy, and keep my mind off of smoking. It was extremely hard for the first couple of weeks, but I pulled through eventually.

I got hypnotized, but, I think the key is that you have to have your mind set to do it. You have to of had enough. It stinks. It will be 2 years for me in April. I don't even think about it.

I was mentally ready to stop. And I went through the ion-detoxification process. Quit cold turkey no problem after that!

I went cold turkey, but it was a nightmare. Just about the toughest thing I ever had to do.

i quit for new years with nicorette... very goiod so far... no major cravings

I listened to this self-hypnosis mp3 that I downloaded...

yknow what I found really helpful, this is going to sound weird... when my friends who are still smokers went outside for a break, I went with them.. sometimes I still do it.. just going outside and chatting kinda helped.. and at first the smoke would smell appealing, but within a minute or two it just started to stink

First two time I quit for a few years just by quitting cold turkey, I did have cravings everyday though.

The last time I quit which was 3 or 4 years ago I used the patch, I haven't had a craving since.

Storm Chaser
I was just ready because of the expense, health concerns, etc. I started to walk every other day for at least 30 minutes to relieve stress, and tried to eat well and take care of myself. I quit last year and each day I am so happy that I did something to end that horrible habit. Take each day as a victory.


Bob B ©
I used St. John's Wort tea. St. John's Wort is a natural antidepressant, but also effects addictions. Whenever I began to feel that craving, or my head began to ache, I'd drink a cup of this disgusting tea, and my symptoms would be greatly reduced. I was in a pretty good mood throughout the experience, too.

You can get St. John's Wort tea in the healthfood isle of most grocery stores.

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