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 HELP ME !!! no sleep wat so ever :(?
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How can I stay awake / Not be tired, is there some kind of medicine?
I know this sounds really bad but it isn't... I'm not trying to abuse drugs to stay awake 24/7.

I am getting really tired at 6 in the evening and I need something to stop me from being so lethargic.

I'm 15 and I don't mind if you suggest a special food or herbal tea or over the counter drug or something I should ask my doctor for... but nothing like glucose tablets or lucozade because high glucose drinks and stuff like that make me energetic for an hour and a half then sleepy for about 4 hours.

My eyelids are literally dropping and I'm really tired. Thank you for all your help.
Additional Details
Not trying to be fussy here, but the taste of coffee makes me retch, I've been like that since I was tiny, even the smell makes me feel queazy :S

Da Ghost
monster energy drink.

Jake B

Easy to find, easy to get.


coffee. u should discover its wonders...

Coffee - a legalized drug.

"How can I stay awake / Not be tired"

You haven't said what your sleeping pattern is like ...

If you aren't getting an average of around 8 hours sleep (in a single block of sleep) then you aren't getting enough, especially when teenage.

On the other hand, if you are sleeping for 7-9 hours per night, waking up refreshed but getting sleep at 6PM then you might want to see a doctor sooner rather than later about it.

drink a 12 pack of mountain dew... and then run a mile and then sit in a tub of ice cold water.... it really works

joanne v
take some 5 a day

you can start by eating more greens. Greens are your enegergy foods.
but a can of red bull will keep you up a bit longer

Work out during the middle of the day.

Caffeine? Green tea has caffeine and its also full of antioxidants which will make you healthier and make your skin glow.

Coffee! That always wakes me up n keeps me up till late. Ugh n i go to sleep like at 5am I wish I go tired at the time u do =[ But yea or naturally start going to sleep later and later thats what happened to me now i stay u like 5, 6 am. But im 18 n wake up like 2, 3 in the afternoon so that helps. If your going to school and always gettin up 6 7 am then dnt even bother your body will naturally always get tired early

The Cake is a Lie!
Take some vitamin B.

When me and my friends try to stay awake for long periods of time, we would get in the cabinet and get the Coffee down.
Get you some coke or some kind of caffeinated drink.
Get a spoonful of coffee grounds and put it in your moth and take a drink of what ever you have. Swish it around and swallow.

Amrish s
PRO PLUS CAFFINE PILLS very effective but do not get too dependent on them as they are not very good for you in the long run...

Haley the Hater
green tea

How much sleep do you get a night? Do you know if your parents insurance will cover a sleep study? As a "victim" of sleep apnea I know what it is like to be tired when you shoud not be. Do not listen to what anyone on here tells you. See a doctor, they are the only ones with the expertise you seek

well u can drink tea that keeps me up but if u want to truley stay up phamacy cafine

Maybe you shoudl take one day off of school and just sleep. sleep all day, and then you wont be gettting so tired. i know i used to get tired quickly too, so i just whent to bed earlier. it really works.

holden guy
try No Doze, available at supermarkets and petrol stations, its like 6 cups of coffee in 1 pill.

you could drink a pepsi, coke, or anything that has caffien in it. But DON'T use medicine whatever you do!!

Barry Nabelsi
This stuff will get you active for an hour, but then tired.
The best solution is to sleep more, try to sleep at least 8 hours. In your case, try ten.
I would suggest a health diet, with lots of fruits and veggies (vitamins), and a good amount of milk each day (I start my day with a cereal bowl), and finally, exercise! Exercise releases endorphins and adrenaline, endorphins impact your mood to happy, and adrenaline causes an increased rate of heart beat, which means more blood to your organs, which means more active!

Hope that helped!

you have done well to realise sugary drinks (glucose) will just make you tierd 20 minutes later- most adults are not able to realise this! well done!

I would advise getting enough excercise- it may sound weird but actually, it will give you more energy- it will start off feeling like too much effort and make you feel tierd, but once you get past the first month (or less) your energy levels will be much higher. Aim for at least 30 minutes per day of something, even if its just walking. But it has to be all in one go, not "I walked 10 minutes this morning, 5 minutes at lunch..1.5 minutes up the stairs..." all 30 minutes, all in one go, not including anything less then that.

Also, make sure you sleep atleast 8 hours a night. At your age, it may even need to be 9 or 10. Your still growing at quite a fast rate so your body needs time to recover, it does this when you sleep, so if you need to sleep, its your bodies way of telling you your need to rest so it can help you grow properly.

If your after something to help you stay awake, I would suggest something more herbal (less highs then sudden drops) speak to a pharmasist or even your doctor as there may be something suitable for you. Do not take anything before 3pm or you will find it near impossible to sleep properly and your body will not be able to replenish itself and you will end up with a wide variety of problems, starting off with dark shadows around your eyes after your body cannot restore its natural fluids properly, onto muscle problems, vitamin/nutrient imbalances and even diseases and illnesses. Cancers have also been linked to not sleeping at night to, so go easy!

i have the same problem,
well sort of
i always had trouble with controlling my energy,
sometimes id be hyper, but mostly just in a " can't be asked mood "
you should try checking the food you eat and are your bowls ok? like you don't have trouble when going for a number 2 do you?
what i do is take multi vitamins,
its not a drug and does not have to be subscribed
but they give you everything the body needs through a tablet,
so you don't have to take caffeine or any hardcore drug to stay awake.
Also the best way to feel awake is to excerise but even that will make you tired eventually.
And coffee is bad for your heart ( also gives you a come down of tiredness) and is actually proven to be more addtive than cannabis.

have a strict bedtime like 10 to 6. It is the perfect amount of hours that you NEED! Also try Vitamin water that says ENERGY. It is not an energy drink but simply gives you better energy. There is no added sugar or anything. Also arouse your senses when you start to feel tired like listen to music softly, lit a candle, make some tea. It is extremely important that you do not sleep with music on or any lights, dim or bright. These things distract your brain when you sleep and does not let your body fully shut down. Have a snack of some sort of meat(eggs, bacon, chicken) around 5 or 6 or when you start feeling sleeply. The protein really helps you stay awake. Good luck!! Sleep well!

Exercise. Seriously, get up and walk around the block a few times, or do some aerobics.

Slow FE works great. It sounds like you don't have enough iron in you blood stream. this should help you. Or take a multivitamin with iron. I become very anemic and I use the flintstones vitamins and they work great.

I suggest being active. Drinking coffee and energy drinks will help you for a moment but will drain you after a couple of hours.

I suggest being active during the day. Go jogging or something.

It may sound weird, but the more active you are, the less tired.

Sumayra S
drink lots of coffee or sleep for 3 hours straight...at day time...or at night watch movies or television....that's what i do....and i know you don't like coffee...so i guess you should try hot chocolate.....i hope it helped!

If you are eating dinner & it is a heavy meal stop that & instead eat a little then a healhy snack a few hours later. You might be dehydrated so make sure you drink plenty of water early in the day & exercise & take deep breaths.

i take four or five spoons of honey through the day as well as a blended smoothie i take first thing in the morning and eary evening.

i too like to stay awake, i always could and did, but am poorly so for my health i take these elixirs and found they have a bonus.

i soak pitted prunes in organic whole milk(must be organic milk) pitted prunes are not dried i get them from the health shop slighty sticky. £4.
After 12 hours in the fridge soaking i liquidise them in the blender till very smooth and not too light but thick enough to spin in the blender, too thick and it wont swirl enough to blitz the bits.

i fill half a pint glass with the prune and milk smoothie mix and add a touch of cream and continue to fill with pressed pineapple juice. Pineapple juice must read 'not from concentrate', and made without asorbic acid which is bad.

it is quite delish and dark fruits are very good for you, prunes. dates. raisins .grapes .figs .... i am yet to try and add a couple of these to increase the quality fruit intake and experiment with flavour.

Rosemary tea is gorgeous, Very Good for You...... i promise you will like it. i drink a litre a day, good in the morning but also in the afternoon.
3/4 litre of water to a apot add 1/4 litre of whole orgaic milk
add a couple serving spoons of cream (cream stops it boiling over) and rosemary tea. simmer gently on a medium heat, stir as it begins to simmer (may develop skin, skin may make it boil over),
when its a lihgt tinge of green it is done..... 11 mins approx.
sweeten with dark brown unrefined sugar add tasmanian or italian chestnut honey... it is lovely and will wake you up and all sorts..... a proper kick, it'll sort you out for the marathon, seriously.

organic stuff aint exspensive, at waitrose it is very close in price to normal food. its only prunes and honey that i buy not classd organic out of the things on this list.... worth it i promise.

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