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How can I slim down my cheeks and get rid of really bad bags under my eyes?
I'm not fat but I have really fat cheeks. How can I get rid of them? Are there any exercises I can do? I not willing to do any kind of surgery or medical procedure. I just want a simple way to get rid of my fat cheeks. I also have horrible bags under my eyes. I'm only in high school and they are so bad. I've had them my whole life and I hate them. They are so bad that I can't even put any kind of concealer on them. I look like a tired old woman. I've tried home remedies like puting potato skins and cucumbers on them but it does nothing. Does anyone have a simple solution that actually works?

Ya know, my daughter had that same problem...
I got her some stuff from Avon, cant remember the name of it, but it is cream for "Darkness Under the Eyes and Bags" this stuff did work, for her, Ive been buying it for over a year for her..
Also..the allergie doctor told us that alot of people who have allergies and dont know it, have dark circles under there eyes or bags and sometimes just by taking an allergy pill at night can help. Also, it is a sign of Low Iron, Calcium and Vitamin A & C in the body...So start taking a Mulit Vitamin that has all of these in it..
My daughter has and within 2 weeks we could see a big difference with all these things combined..As far as the big cheeks, I have big cheeks also...Mine get worse when my allergies act up like they swell up...
Richard Simmons used to say to rub Vitamin E oil on the cheeks, and then do like cheek movements for exercise, like pull one toward your nose, then try the other side...and a nice face lift, is to stretch your bottom lip (not with your hands) just pull your bottom lip up real far and tight..I know it sounds crazy, but doing this daily is supposed to help...
Sometimes we are just born to have chubby cheeks...
Wishin you the Best, Hope this helps

Well models have had a little trade secret called PREPARATION H...yes the hemorrhoid cream...and they put a "dab" of that on the bags under their eyes. They swear it works. I have never tried it, but I suppose if it shrinks hemorrhoids it will shrink anything. Don't get it in your eyes or you'll likely go blind however!

Not much you can do about either however as they are obviously genetic. Of course you can do cosmetic but since you've said no to that, find a cosmetologist (they give free makeovers) and see what they can do with makeup to minimize those areas of concern.

There are no solutions other than some sort of plastic surgery. My grandmother had the bags under her eyes and her folded-over-eyelids taken care of as an outpatient. 'Twas no big deal compared with, say, a facelift. Makes a person look lots younger and lots less tired. Movie stars do the same thing with their eyes.

If your fat cheeks bug ya, sorry, lipo with a micro cannula is the only thing you're gonna get to help you. Remember, cheeks slim down with age. Leave your cheeks alone and you won't have that "gaunt" look many older folks get.

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