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 What are some long term effects of smoking weed, ive smoked everyday for about 9 months?

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yes you could die from a ...

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 Can marijuana make you sick?
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Basically the coursework deadline has been brought forward and its TOMORROW! i have to complete near enough a whole folder of work! I need to stay awake tonigth and get on with it all or i fail.

 What are the dangers of smoking pot?

How can I get to sleep?
Lately, I have been having trouble getting to sleep, any ideas?
Additional Details
Hi, thanks for everyones answers. Hopefully will work!
Thank you (:

My mum has been preparing for the Marathon and stopped drinking - she hasn't drunk for 9 weeks and has slept incredibly well, alot better than she did before - she says she will find it difficult to go back after.
Don't eat before going to sleep - at least within a few hours.
Warm milk is proven to help or herbal teas. You need to be relatively relaxed, I know people who imagine they've won the lottery and when they are having difficulty sleeping imagine what they'd do - before they know it they are asleep.

drink alcohol, works for me

try to tire your body.
read ,listen to music ,exercise in large amounts to make yourself tire

Overdose on sleep aid

passing out dosnt count tiger...lol pm dont work alot try nightquil if ur sick or just say to ur self i dont have to sleep ill just wait till mornning and ur body will fall asleep when u need to

sleeping pills

Its me
I turn my TV on with my favorite tv show on dvd playing and close your eyes and listen. LOL

hey..dont think of anything....when u go 2 sleep...i mean keep ur mind free off anything...sadness(mainly)
or u can have some sleeping pills but only with the advice of a doctor
drink water and then go 2 sleep!


take 1 sleeping pill
or spray some nice spray on your cushion

pills, or jst cout to 100 nd wiggle ur toes....it workss

Maybe, before you go to bed, try eating a good dinner. Also try going to bed about 30 minutes early than you normally would. Hope it helps!

Try Metformin, Clonidine, Celexa, Invega

Yoga J
because your not in bed? iduno,

That happens to me all the time! Here are some things I do.

- Lay down... place your hands on your stomach, and breathe deeply up and down.
- Read a book for a little bit and then you will get sleepy.
- Choose a spot in your bedroom and stare at it for a while. You will get tired.
- Count to 1,000.

Araceli F
Drink benedril or nyquil. It will knock you out! It works for me.

This is going to sound totally weird but it works for me often.
Try switching which end of the bed you sleep on. In other words, lay your head where your feet usually go. I know it sounds dumb, but try it.

Try Reading boring book for ten minutes ,it does work with me .

[email protected]
Switch off and wind down.
Last thing at night, imagine you have a switch and can switch off all your troubles and worries. If only for that one night.
Then make sure you are totally exhausted: do your favorite relaxing thing - read a book, watch a good film, lie in a hot bath, unwind.
I personally listen to my bedside radio. It always works for me.

waldy b
start to count ships

don't take sleeping pills. meditate before u sleep. it helps me..

A natural way is to stretch every muscle in your body, starting at your toes and ending up at your neck. Do these stretches while laying in bed. Dont be all overexagerative of them, just small stretches, it helps release melatonin. A chemical that induces natural sleep.

Nice warm shower before bed works for me.
No TV or internet for at least an hour before sleep time.

the jokeress
stretch a lot when your in bed. then think of nothing

There's a bunch of great suggestions here: http://www.squidoo.com/sleeplikeababy

Read a good old book and make some tea before you tuck off into bed. Always helps me sleep, not coffee though - i've found it has the reverse effect :)

your probably thinking about something too much, which is stopping you from sleeping

have you tried an ALL NATURAL sleep aid called Melatonin? It Works! Both my wife & I are insomniacs. We both take prescribed meds from our Dr. Its Called Trazadone. If you want to try an OTC try Melatonin. You can get it at Walgreens or Walmart.

reading usually gets me really tired.

I know you are supposed to avoid the computer and t.v. right before sleep, but to tell you the truth, I take the computer in bed w/ me and google/research different things that are on my mind and within minutes I'm tired enough to sleep.

Kassandra P
Try drinking warm milk with honey before you go to sleep, combined with a hot bath with bubbles and voila. If that doesn't work, read up on visualisation and meditation techniques. I also read somewhere that having a set sleep routine, going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day, is really important.

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