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 I'm almost 16 and am only 5'2" - 5'3". Could there be a problem with my growth hormones?
I'm much shorter than my friends and i'm afraid ill be short forever. I want to be able to do something about it now so that I dont act too late. Is there something wrong?
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 please someone help me ?
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 I'm afraid to fly..?
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 will i die tonight in my sleep.?

 how do you make your ears stop ringing after a concert?
I went and saw 3OH!3 last night and my ears still haven't stopped ringing....

 I can never get up in the morning...?
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 How old were you 10 years ago?!?
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what about you?...

 How can I get to sleep easier?
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 why do some people have such bad breath?
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Also can a person w/such bad breath be aware they have it?...

 Should I go to school tomorrow?
This is my last week of school and I'm a sophomore.
I do not feel well at all, I have a headache, sore throat, I'm very sleepy and very sore, I can't stop coughing and sneezing ...

 my toilet is blocked! what should i do? dont laugh?
my mum has poured a whole bucket of water to see if it would unblock but it didnt work. well i think my poop atually blocked it. lol please dont laugh i was constipated then finally i pooped and then ...

I HAVE....

 Is a girl's thing in the inside really feel like warm apple pie like in the movie "American Pie"?

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Why is everybody being mean. I was just wondering cause of the movie????...

 Are u a Smoker?
Let us count how many smokers are masters here.

NOTE: If you are a smoker Then only Answer, with your comments....

 how can you make yourself throw up?
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 i am suicidal and need some advice?
i have been cutting and i have an eating ...

 What are some good ways to relieve stress?

 Why do people keep dying?
Seriously, I've had a terrible spell of people dying this year. 9 in 10 weeks. And now a very close friend of the family has just been given 6 months. I'm really tired of this....

Have you ever considered or have already signed to be an Organ Donor?

If you drink your liver away, you're not getting mine.

yes Great thing to do.

Yes I am an organ donor and I have signed not only a card but also my drivers license back (it has a place to check for organ donors to check).


♥ mimi ♥
I haven't got my license or permit yet but i am planning on being one :)

no, im going out the same way i came in

Yep it all goes if I do ;)

Czar Walters, Child Saver!
Yes, I am now, and I was in the Army. If my organs can help someone live a better life, or even save a life, that's cool with me. It's not like I'll need them when I'm dead!

Moon :)
Yes, I am on organ donor.

Joel D
I've briefly considered it (after hearing about former North Carolina mascot Jason Ray's death and how he was an organ donor), but I haven't signed on it.

Red Sox lover
I signed up to be an organ donor the day I got my drivers license. I think it is a great idea and if it can help anyone, I am all for it.

Im with above post on this one. Used to think it would be a nice thing to do, but now, no definitely not. When your numbers up, its up. Why are we so obsessed with living forever?

Bailey 2
Yes i am signed now!

I keep meaning to. I heard recently about Ann Pressley, the tv anchor who was killed. She gave her organs which went to help 6 separate people. I heard a doctor say that if people could see the state of organs a few days after death, they would not be so hung up about whether or not to give!

just visiting
Im not sure that many of mine are all that great, but Yes, Its on My licence. Im not giving up my bones, tho, Im saving those to make a windchime out of.

T R [Metallica week]
Yea I'm an organ donor. I think anyone who has what they think is a valid reason not to be one is a bit selfish. (Valid pertaining to persons without disease or disorders) I asked my friend, for instance, why she wasn't an organ donor and her response was "I don't like the thought of someone else using parts of me"

Which is kind of stupid, because after you're dead, you won't be using them. Why waste?

No, I have not signed to be an organ donor. My closest friend did. After she died, I got to meet the girl who had received her heart. It was sad, but I knew that, that was what she wanted to do.

I use to be one but now....Im no longer signed up as one.
I think its a wonderful thing for those who are and whos organs they can use to possibly be able to save a life.

Tina Marie
Yes and they can have anything they want. They can even throw my body in a cadaver yard to find out how fast it decomposes under different weather conditions. I don't care because I won't need it anymore.

I think I'm Dumb ~Amy~
Yeah, I'm already registered as one

I think im the only one saying no. I refuse to be an organ donor, i just dont want to be cut up and treated like a piece of meat when im dead. Call me self-centered, but i think my choice is more on a spiritual level.

Yes. I have already signed up to do so. :)

No not yet.

Mr. Crowley
I'm only 15, but that sounds like a nice thing to do. Nobody wants one of my kidneys, though, because they are pretty much rotten. :/

Sab♥'sJared Leto(on a break)
Yes I have.

Heidi ♥'s The Twins
Yes, I signed to be one when I got my permit. :)

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