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it was 2x ultra tide detergent.
my friend just chugged it.. for about 10 seconds and before that he had half a bottle of strong vodka that had 40% alcohol in it. and after he chugged the tide he ...

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sore throat
tightness of the chest
runny nose
eyes hurt
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ohhh just laugh!!
nobody tells me HOW to avoid it!!
it's so embarassing!...

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Has Satan taken over my body?
I think I need to chug a gallon of holy water or kiss the Pope's feet:

Just last week my head got really itchy and I went up to scratch and then I felt a bump. I was like "oh this is a big pimple" but then the other side of my head had the same thing and I looked in the mirror and they were bright red protrusions. The next day they got bigger. They're about a half inch long, but I'm afraid of going to the doctor because he might think I'm the devil and poison me.
In addition to this dogs and cats have been barking at me ever since I started growing "horns". This is actually happening and I am very afraid. Is this a medical condition?

Josh V
You cant be the devil. The Devil is in Washington D.C.

asif s
hahaha. Lol that is a very funny question it's probably just medical condition and even IF(which he isnt) it was a satan how would kissing popes feet would help in any way??

Letysha D
it probably is a medical conditon your body has not been taking over by satan and if it was believe me you would be doing crazy things becasue i read the bible and everything so i know a lot about god..and dogs and cats are just normal...i can see if it was a jackel that you were seeing then there would be a problem because the jackel is the sign of the devil its the devils mother...just like 666 is the devils number..just pray to god and stay next to a bible if you think the devil taking over your body.but just go to the doctor i think it might just be a medical conditon that needs to get checked out

Whisper words of wisdom
It's Satan.

pixie's live for ever
well i think you better get them seen too

are you kidding or not?

Like a half inch and sticking out of your head, thats pretty freaky.
I doubt the doctor will poisoin you, but this could be serious, they could be tumors. I think the dogs barking is a coincedence, your just a little more aware now. On second thought, something could be up.
That's kind of scary so go to your doctor or dermetoligist and get it checked out. You could wear a hat if your self concieus lol jk
You should put up pictures and ask a question and put a link, but first, DEFINITLEY see a doctor. This could be a serious medical condition

Yaman The Knight Of Darkness
How old are you son ???

Awesome story but i just think ur heads infected and making u hallucinate. Doctors will just send u to the mental ward that's y ur scared to go.

Kelly Rae
that's weird as hell.

I'm sure Satan hasn't taken over your body. I'm sure it's just a medical condition which needs to be treated by a doctor.

Michael J. n Tokio H.
I really dont know if this is a joke or not but i think that the horns on the devil are just a conspiracy. get it checked out

go see a doctor!!!!!!!!!!

j frye
Are your feet starting to look like hooves? Are you growing a tail? If not, you just have a couple of strange monster zits.

Who needs Satan when we have mental illness? You have a combination medical condition and mental condition....I would get the medical condition checked out first then the mental condition....

David H
Dang it you stole my horns you S.O.B.

Ben Dover
No pic No proof

*.*.~rαє rαє~.*.*
theres no such thing as satan.its called reality, just a medical disease. get your doctor immeidiatly though!

No Satan hasn't taken over your body. Though spirits possessing your body can happen, it can only happen if you invite them in and make a pact... there is such a thing as the Church of Satan and they do crap like that... its pretty freaky.

Anyway all I would do is read some scriptures, say some prayers and ask for a blessing from some mormon missionaries, they'll come to your house and give you a blessing no catch, you don't even have to listen to them preach to you... they'll be happy to come and give you a blessing with conescrated oil.

i would suggest standing on your head so maybe the horns will go back in. or call a priest.

Jose R
YES YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU NEED TO PRAY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


o-o take a picture and send it to [email protected] i wanna see =O

simply curious
Doctors know better than to judge... trust they would have seen weirder things during their lifetimes...

Go to the doctor asap...
it's probably due to a medical reason (not a religious one)

Live in the real world... i highly doubt you are the devil :P

Shane O
you probably gotta die now, sorry :(

Zach B
That's hilarious....I love u.....satan....

No, it is definitely Satan.

Yup that's Satan alright^^ nice knowin ya buddy =(

Horrible Answers
u are satans son. im calling the police.

It is called Plasmoidal Infernius Epidermosis. It is caused by an accumulation of evil within the subdural layers of the skin. It is a good sign though, because it means your body is trying to fight the inherent evil of your nature. The P.I.E. is also known as a cyst, which is an encapsulation of the evil within a growing mass. Eventually, your body will either break down the cysts, thus destroying the evil within, or the cysts will rupture the skin, forming hard bony masses which can nonetheless be removed by a skilled (and athiest leaning) physician. Good Luck.

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