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 Is it possible to puke out of your nose?
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Basically the coursework deadline has been brought forward and its TOMORROW! i have to complete near enough a whole folder of work! I need to stay awake tonigth and get on with it all or i fail.

Any ideas? how can i stay awake

might sound silly but i need this paticular CGSE in child development

thankyou so much for good answer :)

caffeine and short cold showers, or cold water face wash.

Dr. PFayce
well the important thing to remember that caffeine is not the way to go, with the exception of maybe a chocolate bar. caffeine will give you restlessness and cause you to loose focus. Some good ways to get this accomplished would be eating something like an apple every so often, these are known to provide a lot of natural energey. If you get desperate try a light jog, jumping jacks, or some push ups to get your heart pumping.

Martin C
Loads of coffee or tea
Don't have the room warm keep it cool you will be less comfortable

good luck :-)

Abbiiii (:
Drink lots of coffee, and then erm.
every time you feel your eyes closing, hit your self, or splash your face with water,
and if u feel like your going to fall asleep, go for a walk around your house and then have a drink and food.

go to a nightclub and drink a lot of energy drinks or get a prostotute jk

Hug me
play a rock songs and coffee.i don't listen to a rock songs but i think it will help.i woke up 9am every day and i sleep 4 to 5am because i draw.i know it's very late..don't eat if you want to stay awake it will make you sleepy if you do..good luck!

All Aces
Drink Red Bull!

Michael S
Coffie or orange juice.. but im sure if you ask your theacher for a extension they would help you with a few more extra days!

mrs nick jonas
coffee, tea(anything with caffeine in it), energy drinks, etc

What you do is watch a whole bunch of super scary thriller/horrors. Then you're too scared sleep. Just don't do candy, cuz that makes you super hyper.

<3 woohoo smiley<3
There are many ways to do this.
I get prepared, and make sure that all of my lights work BRIGHTLY.
and also NEVER EVER EVER close ur eyes for ANYREASON!
keep urself busy with things and drink tons of pop and sugar!
eat tons of chocolate BEFORE so it gets some time to start working
watch Tv or movies time will pass very easily.
HIH (hope it helps)

Tania C

Drink a lot of coffee, or energy drinks, i'm talking four cans in an hour. And i have difficulty falling asleep if music is on so try that.

Wow ice
idk im trying to figure out

Yeah, try caffein, also try (as gross as it sounds, i've never done it before but my bro has and loves it) chewing on coffee beans...apparently it gives you a HUGE burst of energy and pretty quickly, I'm not sure how long it will last, though. If it's too bitter try mixing it with chocolate chips. Chocolate also has caffien in it, but not nearly as much as coffee beans, but it's sweet so maybe the two together would help you stay up longer.

Why don't you go to bed early and wake up early and do it then when you're nice and refreshed? or drink lots of coffee or sweets (give you energy) but if you are tired then it won't be very good as you won't be concentrating properly. good luck

you shouldnt stay up all night as it is not good for you

if you are determined to then you can try coffee or pro plus tablets - just be careful (they are caffeine tablets)

Buy a whole lot of Moster and Rockstar, get your friends and get hella freaky.

Lot's of coffee, sugary sweets and keep flicking cold water in your face! That worked with me :]


Drink loads of coffee and take short brakes

Twilight Fan Foreva
Take a cold shower and drink coffee right before you do it (: Also, if you have someone to talk to and work that'd be good.
Just make sure you can multi-task! haha (: good luck

lots of coffee and sugar

red bull
keep drinking
if you find youself falling asleep splash face with water
hope i helped
gd lk with GCSE

Coffee!!! lots of it!

and cold water on your face

Risha C
Movie, t.v, cofee....lots of cofee.......sleep a little bit during the day.

two words
red bull

drink lots of caffinated soda, eat sugar

Caffiene so coffee, tea, soda(not reccomended)... but then you crash the next day lol.

Ejay J
Coffee is going to be your best friend.
Also anything like coke,pepsi etc.

Bright lights,it can't be dark - and make sure it's not to warm or you'll start to feel really sleepy.

Food as well because when you're eating,you're not going to go to sleep.

Danny L
caffeine or speed. also, if you have time to take a little nap (not more than a half an hour) when you feel tired, that can jazz you up pretty good.

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