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HELP ME !!! no sleep wat so ever :(?
i have this bad habit of stayin up really late n then i find it really difficult to focus during the day.. i don get sleep earlier than say 3 or 4 AM.. can anybody help me?

Tee Kae
I have that same problem.

im the same way...u might wanna go to the doctor u might have insomnia or anxiety attacks and that could b y...

Dont sleep during the day stay awake a whole day and at night...poof!!!! cold out. Hope this helpz. O by the way keep this "sleeping at night" up and you'll be better off.

take some sleep med

southside queensland
do everything early. eat breakfast at 7 to 9. go play till 1. eat lunch at 12 or 1. shower after dinner, and try to sleep at 10 o clock on a school day. of course its summer, and this is where you make up all the useless hours getting up for school, so try sleeping at 10, but limit to 9 hours of sleep. you'll get in the habit of sleeping early.

Don't stay up so late.
Not so complicated

Nadine (L) RIP MJ <3
It may mean that there is a discomfort with your life. What you can do is take sleep pills and try to relax and forget about the problems in your life.

Then you probably sleep half the day right?

Instead of sleeping in, force yourself to stay awake all morning, then all afternoon. Then around 10PM go to bed....no caffiene after 6pm. Then force yourself to get up at 8AM. Stay awake all day and don't fall asleep until atleast 9PM. Then keep doing that. Pretty soon you'll get into the rythm and it will feel normal.


Cha Hitogoroshi
now answer my question

American Muscle
take sleeping medicine

Liz O
Go to bed earlier. If you need some help going to sleep, try some over the counter sleep aids. Good luck. I hope this helps you.

you have to set a routine for bed. shower or wash your face at a reasonable time, make sure the room is very dark. get comfy pillows, and lye down and don't think about anything. you have to clear your mind and just fall asleep. if you set a time like 10:30 or eleven every night you will start falling asleep at that time. Or if that still doesn't work go to the doctor and they will prescribe a sleeping pill. Only use it for a week get on a routine and get off of it they are very addicting. Then you will have a normal good life again.

seeing your doctor is always the best way to help, but if you do not want to sleeping pills, or even a warm cup of milk sometimes helps people fall asleep <---- i know this seems simplistic, but it does help some people

My best suggestion is to see your doctor you most likely have insomnia, which is really common and your doctor should be able to help you best

Good luck and hope this helped :)

Figure out if you tend to drink anything sugary or with caffiene late at night. That can keep you up. Also, if you do something that is very exciting like play video games all night, then thats an answer right there, quit playing so late at night. If you arent doing any of those things, try and take some benadryl and see if that makes you sleepy at all. Usually it knocks me out! If Benadryl cant make you sleepy, then you really need to go see a doctor and get a prescription.

well it is obvious that that's not normal. maybe you're stressing about something or somethings on you're mind. or you just should go see a doctor if nothings wrong and you're just not tired

i used to be like that. i heard it's been clinically proven that drinking milk relaxes you. so what you could do is get a cup of milk and warm it up in the microwave like 20 minutes before you want to go to sleep. then set the timer on the tv and don't turn it back on after it turns off. if you still have difficulty sleepinh, take deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth SLOWLY. do that like 15 times... sometimes that makes me sleepier.

Sleeping pills!

try clearing your mind or take sleeping pills

Habits are hard to break. I myself stay up too late. what you need to do is find some sleep inducing pills=) Or just try & break free from your habit. Good luck.

knock yourself out i did

Smart guy
LISTEN RELAX CHILL, Your brain its use to staying up really late, and u said u find it difficult to focus during the day that's because, of lack of sleep, in order for you to go back to ur normal sleeping cycle all you need to do its set your internal clock to its normal time, we all have an internal clock in other words when stay awake so late, you are setting your internal clock or Brain to an anormal time and you make ask yourself how do I do this? Well it may not be that easy at first but i assure you that after you do what i tell u, u will find urself sleeping and waking up in the morning's fine, all you need to do its go to sleep earlier practice this everyday for example let's say u will now go to sleep at 11pm and you will wake up at 8pm do this constantly in other words everyday, u can also try drinking alot of milk and eating peanut butter they have an ingredient that relaxes ur brain helping u get sleepy. hope it helps

Exercise earlier that day to wear yourself down

tire urself out

Don't stare at any tv's or computers at least 3hrs prior to sleeping.
STOP thinking, shut your eyes.
If you MUST think, ONLY think of boring things.
Avoid caffeine, and make sure you are well fed.

42 Simple Tips to Help You Get to Sleep, including some we're quite sure you've never seen before

take sleeping pills

Orange Juice
an easy way is to take a warm/ hot shower before bed. Warm water makes you sleepy, that way, you'll be able to go to sleep right away. if that doesn't work, than try sleeping pills or tylenol/ advil PM.


finally someone with the same problem as me.

i saty up until 6 or 7 though and sleep during the day.

cant figure out why i cant sleep at night.

i try and just lay there with eyes open and think

Kelly Clarkson
try this site

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