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Dumbledore is Tha Man!
HELP!!! Bulimia.?
I am bulimic. I have been this way for about a year now. About an hour ago, I was purging and I vomited up blood. Is this serious. What do I do??? My parents don't know I am bulimic and I can't tell them. I have year-end exams, so I can't go to the hospital! Do you think I willl make it for another week or do I have to go right now???!!!???

plz go to the hospital! i'm really scared for you right now.. plz plz go...

Simply put, go to the emergency very SOON!

You're currently in an emergency situation. The rest doesn't matter for the moment. At this point you don't need to worry about telling your parents about your bulimia or not, you should see a doctor.

Of course, once the emergency situation has been checked, you should tell your parents because bulimia is a very dangerous condition. Around 10% of bulimic people die from it! This is huge!

Please take care of yourself.

yes you do you might not making through the week bulimia is very serious medical condiitions

I really don't know much about it...only in books. I don't think that it is good if you puke up blood, but I don't think its like a dire situation. Uhm...I really don't know. The book Perfect by Natasha Friend was where I heard about Bulimia. Try talking to a friend about.

lets put it this way, if you go to the hospital now, you will probably get help. if you wait, you could die. DIE. your body will stop working. you are killing yourself. tell your parents imediatly. i used to be anorexic. it got to the point where my stomach hurt so bad i couldnt walk (i later found out that my stomach was digesting itself from lack of food) and i would pass out.
bulimia causes your throaght, or esophogus to rot away, from the acid, along with your stomach literaly eating itself. you can probably never recover from that. i am scaring you for your own good. i am sory, but these are facts. i am perfectly healthy now because i tod my parents, and got help, but you are putting yourself in a lot of danger not telling.
please stop. please. i want you to be OK. i have been through it.

be strong and get over what's bothering you and if you can't talk to your folks talk to a stranger that helps... just let go what's inside and vent, scream, kick, and you will see it would make you feel better than throwing up.

Good god.
This isn't anorexia, it's bulemia.
You could live a life full of purging and binging. But C'MON. Why would you want to?

STOP!!! tell someone tell a close friend!Tell your parents! you have to protect your body your health! dont be scared just do it. okay.

redd headd
The minimum is no binge and purge from now on, i have gerd which gives some of the same damage to your esophagus. i was hacking some blood until I was diagnosed with pre cancerous erosion and a change of the normal cells that start growing with the same tissue as your stomach, this makes it difficult to swallow as the new tissue does not let your esophagus contract and expand to move food to your stomach, as the new tissue does not allow the esophagus move like it should. I had blood when I spit the acid out . It is serious as you may permanently destroy your esophagus. and you don't grow a new one. You need a endoscope to check you for this condition, you could rupture your esophagus and you would have a very poor chance of recovering from the damage this would cause.

That is very serious, tell your parents!!! You should go to a doctor, vomiting blood means something is going on in your stomach. It is VERY serious!!!! GET HELP!!!!

Please!!! Forget about the exams!!! Do them some other time~~ If you are couging up blood that is REALLY bad!! It could mean your throat is bleeding or even worse, your stomach!!! Seriously, you don't have tot tell your parents that you are bulimic but at least goto the doctor!!!

Nathan G
Oh my Goodness, bulimia is such a horrible condition to have. Trust me, i will pray for you.! :P. Look up at life, you don't have to vommit :P, this is an artical about vommiting blood :


it said that it can be mild or severe. it can be a little tear in a capillary ( a very small blood vessel), or severe.

When to Contact a Medical Professional Return to top

"Call your doctor or go to the emergency room if vomiting of blood occurs -- this requires immediate medical evaluation."

something that i quoted. you can call the doctor confidentially, you don't have to tell anyone. go in the closet, and talk privately, but you need to talk to them. And, in my opinion, you should explain to them your situation, and see if they need to see you. I would give you the number to call but, you didn't say which state/province you live in.

oh, nevermind i found a number: Bulimia and Self-Help Hotline 24 hours crisis line 314-588-1683

God Bless , And i hope you change your bulimic behaviour :P

Nathan Grammatico

Skool Girl 7
Bulimia is a serious disease and if I was you I would tell my parents immediantly even if I had end-year exams

Hannah S
You can take those year-end exams some other time, honey you need help, it is definitely best to tell your parents.

See my pointe? Ballet is life!!!
okay, hun, tell them now
i know how hard it is
but trust me if you put it off
it becomes a bigger deal and then its harder to
tell them now
if the hospitalize you its because you really need it
in most cases they just have you with a theripist
but if your really bad
in which case they might have an idea
they will do this for your own good
you will have a chance to do your exams later if you hospitalized
tell them you dont want to speak to someone till the end of the year if therapy, likly, is the case
please tell them now hun, its best for you!
smiles, ttyls, and email me how it goes!
ps. i can add you to hotmail messenger or gmail if you want to talk, im here to help!

The Wonderer
You will wind up dead if you don't. I hate to scare you but.

Teh Kita
I'm not going to bog you down with all the talk about how unhealthy what you're doing is. (even though it's incredibly dangerous)

It's probably only your stomach acid corroding lining (esophegal and stomach), not like that's anything to make light of. Just like a serious ulcer or something. If it were me? Yes, go to the hospital NOW, because you don't know what else is going on that you just haven't seen yet. You can have digestive issues, elimination issues, you may even have developed stomach cancer.

Seriously, get checked out, and TELL THE DOCTOR what you've been doing. Otherwise they won't be able to accurately diagnose you.

charmene s
i would go as soon as possible your health is always first. tell your parent NOWW your life may be in state

You can tell them; if your parents love you at all, they would be horrified to know that you are throwing up blood, and would want to help you. It will be hard, but for the sake of your life, please tell them or go to a hospital. Your exams are not as important as your health. I think that if you tell your parents, they will be proud of how brave you were to tell them, and try to get you the help you need. They might not react too well at first, but it's really serious. You could die, or have permanent heart damange, Please tell someone and get help.

(By the way, it's Karen Carpenter, not Carrie....and she was not bulimic, but anorexic....and she actually died due to heart complications because she was taking thyroid medication and had gained weight back too quickly for her heart.)

But anyway, yea...bulimia is never a good idea. Get some help please, or you won't make it. Blood is probably a sign of some sort of rupture, or ulceration due to your stomach acid.

jasey rae
This happened to my friend and she almost died.
PLEASE Get help now!
Your life could depend on it!

i am ok, your ok
I'm not a doctor. but vomitting up blood is quite serious. maybe you should go to a doctor if you feel even worse. the doctor can tell you reasons why you might be vomitting up blood. or you can search up on the internet "vomitting blood" but i think to be accurate and sure see a doctor. good luck with everything

Kali M
Tell ur parents calmly it's for the best and go to the doctors the doctors will help and htey wont make fun of u hun just try not the vomit untill u get to the doctors.

you need to see a doctor and get some help. The blood is probably your throat bleeding or your esophogal lining. Beside the point of that though, you need to get some help to stop the purging altogether. If you can't tell your parents, you can go the clinic or make your own doctor appt, but you should do ASAP. Good luck.

TELL SOMEONE IMMEDIATLY! this is fatal! Honey! TELL YOUR PARENTS! dont end your life like this! You NEED to tell them! the WILL understand! trust me! this will end really bad and you need to tell someone, (aka mom or dad) ASAP!!!!

Confused x3
DUHHHH its serious!!!! go to the hospital now! You never know, that could be life-threatening. final exams are not more important that your life. Trust me, this is for your benefit. You cannot make it another week, and let's not risk it anyhow!

anytime blood comes out of somewhere it's not supposed to you should be concerned.
you need to tell someone.
call the hospital and tell them yourself.
you're parents will have to know eventually.
but it's very risky to just keep quiet.
get help.

If i were you I would go to the hospital! you don't want to risk it. x

RELAX life is a BEACH
Yes that is EXTREMLY BAD!!!! You NEED TO TELL SOMEONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
Uh, no offense, but unless you're bleeding or on your period, you should NEVER see blood.

You need to go the doctor, the ER, whatever.
If you've been this way for a year, it's totally possible that your throat is finally ERODING because of the ACID in your vomit.

So what if you have exams?
Your life's more important than those exams.

that just means you purged too much
once you purge blood..that means it is time to stop!
don't worry i am not here to judge..i have mia too
purging up blood isn't that serious..but just keep it easy for a while
try to resist binging and purging and just sick to fasting if you can to give your stomach a chance to rest.. you don't need to tell your parents.

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