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Ever been electrocuted?
what happened?

Kamaliez T
not by lightning but i was fixing my light thing and i dno wat hapened but the next thing i knew i was on the floor lol and it hurt.. the falling hurt more actually but yeah thats only cuz it lasted like .3 seconds

as a toodler I put an ice pick in an electrical outlet. Knocked me across the room.

yes i have been hit by 480vac...and believe me its no fun....come to think of it ....it ruined my whole day.....as for what happened, well i was playing around a large transformer and grabbed the wrong thing....as for what happened next i went to the hospital and they just monitored me for a few hours.....i did lose motor control of my left arm and both legs for about 1 hour...but luckily everything went back to normal.

YES. i was around 12 years old, I was lying in a bed and for some reason the lamp on the ceiling had an external cable which terminated with the light switch right above the bed. It wasnt working, it did not want to turn on, so me, in my infinite wisdom and high intelligence, decided to unscrew the light switch( it was a really old one, so you could unscrew it with hands). Following this, I touched with my index finger some metal plate inside the switch, and I felt the electricity like a wave inside my body, I felt it rising from my stomach upwards, and thankfuly, I disconnected my finger form the metal and sat up in my bed, my hand was in an involuntary fist. It was pretty scary, but it was not painful, just really startling and strange. At the time, I was living in a european country, so the voltage was 220, it could have killed me easily. I guess it was not my time.

If someone was electrocuted they wouldn't be able to answer your question, because if you are electrocuted you are dead.

However, if people can get shocked by electricity, and from what I heard it stuns you, hurts, and kind of burns. It leaves you kind of frazzled.

Hope this helped.

Vince M
Wildbill was right. Electrocution is death by elecric shock.

Hit with 220, and 440 twice over the years, was sore for a week..I remember the 220 not the 440 blacked out .they said I was lucky I was standing off balance it broke the connection.. dont remember much except every joint in my body hurt for quite a wile... ROB

I was the last person to sit in "old Sparky" at the Walls in Huntsville. Texas.

few times, just knocked me back a couple of steps, felt like i had been shot, and then normal again, no ill effects, 220 only once 110 a lot! had wet feet one time man that one was really bad, never wet feet again while fixing elecrtricals!

not electrocuted, but shocked......onetime i was at a party in the corner making out with a guy and grinding......we were near the speakers and there was loose wire....anyway i get shocked and the currant passes through my tongue to his tounge.....weird........i can' believe i just told you that....ugh..

Yes. I was 5 years old. I got brain damage from it.

Yes I was.
Got hit putting out a fire on a office roof in a factory.
440 volts was the circuit that got me.
I was hit 5 or six times, the guy I was working with said he saw it enter me and exit my shoulder to some steel five feet away.
As for what happened I finished my job and went home for the day. Felt like I had been slamming expresso shots for a few hours as well as having been beaten down in a nasty bar fight.

I have been electrocuted many times with 110 ac and even once with 220, knocked me clear across the floor, but I'm still here

Besmirched Tea
I once took about 150V-200V across the chest (each hand on an electrode). I woke up about five minutes later, about four feet back from where it happened, and on my back on the ground... I got right up and the numbness when away after another five minutes and I was fine.

Ive been jolted quite a few times lol

If I´ve been electrocuted, surely I wouldn´t be here!
probably I would be in...Heaven???!!

Those that have been electrocuted are dead.

welll.. there was this one time i was working on the car left the engine running and pulled the spark plug and got a jolt there. there was another time when i was changing a electrical outlet and dint turn off the power 1st and got a big shock there. not much to say there, im sure i zapped a brain cell or 2. lol take care

as a kid, i was in a vilige. i was standing next to the medow where some cows were, watching them, when all of the suden one of them started walking towards me, this scared me, but when i tried to step back i fell, cause there was an empty water canal right behind me. to stop me from faling i grabed the wire in front of me, that was the wire wich prevented cows of wondering around. there was electicity in it. not deadly, but uncomfortable:) and yes, i fell cause i let go of the wire. was rather bad day

Winged shoes
My little brother stuck a fork into an outlet and when I grabbed him to get him away, the shock passed through him into me. My brain activity rose by 1% that day.

teprena j


Spike Spiegel
Yup, I was working on a mechanical clock, trying to fix a gear. I had to have the motor turning to get the gears to mesh. Then I touched the wrong thing and zzzzzzzap! Not fun.

Yes, while taking down a wall with a crowbar,I made contact with a plug that was hidden. Threw me across a room, and for a while I felt strange, my heart was pounding, sweaty, and sort of jittery. Like a big adreneline rush, not fun...p.s. 220 volt.

hello, these are real live people answering your questions. if you want to talk to dead people, try www.deadidiots.com

I'm sure that some of "Yes' answers were hit by 110 volts. I was born in russia and was hit by 220 - standard electricity voltage in russia. felt strong. never tried after :)

P.S I was around 6 yo and I put nail in the electrical plug.

Yes... aggg!

I had just gotten out of the shower (still damp), and I went into the garage to get my clothes from the dryer. I stepped on a power cord that had exposed wires. It sent a numbing jolt through my body, and paralyzed me for a moment. Since I couldn't move it just kept shocking me. Finally I was able to remove my foot... maybe it threw me off... I'm not sure. I stumbled back into the house shaking with my hair sticking straight up... like you see in movies. It took a bit, but I was relatively fine afterwords.

Thanks for bringing back bad memories... J/K! ;)

I was hit by a distant lightning boat as I was going up a metal ladder in biscayne bay(miami) My hair on my arms and ches were singed off and i was knocked out and fell back into the water! It was quite shocking!

Once plugging a plug into an outlet, my finger slipped and hit the tongs. Not to bad on that one, shocked went blank and fell back.

Another time we were painting my room and I got out of the shower, and as I was flipping the light on, the faceplate to the switch was gone, my thumb slipped inside and shocked from the switch. This one was bad I blacked out and fell down and back when my knees buckled.

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