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Eeek! I Need Help!?
I cut my arm really badly outside on a nail on our shed (it wasn't rusty or anything, it was only hammered into our shed today, so it won't be infected) but I've got sports day tomorrow, and I don't want everyone at school thinking I self harm or something, because it looks just like that. It's really long, thin, and not very deep, but it has become really red around it. It's kinda turned into a scab right now, but is there anything I can do to get rid of the redness, or make it less noticeable? Please help, I'm running tomorrow in a short sleeved top, so I don't want everyone looking at me. I hate being made the center of attention.
Additional Details
Well I can't really wear a sweatband because it's not across my arm or near my wrist, it's vertical and in the middle of my forearm.

I should have also mentioned that my cousin is a med student and I just spoke to her over the phone because everyone is saying I might need a shot, and she said that because it's not very deep, just a slight grazing of the skin, it should be fine, but it may get a little sore and quite gross. And to all the people telling me to stop being shallow, trust me, the people in my year will gossip about anything, and will jump to conclusions, so whether I tell them the truth or not, they will still spread rumours and talk about me, and I don't want that.

i would use NEOSPOREN but if you dont have any put a bag of frozen peas or a bag of ice on it that always helps

Try either E45 cream or some antiseptic cream. good luck hiding it, and and good luck with sports day! If you run# fast enough, no one will be able to see it! ;-)

redlee spork
bandaid like the atheletic wraps

If you don't have any other cuts or scrapes why would you think ill of others.
They will only comment on it. if they judge you let it go.
The issue is not infection with an iron nail, it is tetanus.
Tetanus is found on rust which can form within minutes of iron being esposed to air.
if your tetanus shot is up to date tou will be fine if you keep it clean.
If your shot is not up to date; get one today and forget about it.

I had some cat scratches that looked like that.

I just told them them what happened. No one didn't believe me...

to the person 2 spots ahead of me that was rude!

just tell them it was an accident if they dont belive you then there not really nice people

put some antiseptic cream on the cut, then put some makeup powder over it. if u wanna, put a plaster over it so it can heal quicker

Addy S
Neosporin - you can buy it at your local drugstore. You should also try taking a couple of hot showers.

Good luck

You might still need a tetnus shot and get it looked at just in case. bandage it and run-what's the big deal-just tell people you got a shot-or tell them it's none of there business-but seriously get a shot

Rosie L
put a band-aid on it....

put band aids on them....

have a look at this pic it will make u fell better :D


just put a plaser over it. put some sudocrem on it.

put a arm bandage around it! also dont put it in the straight line with you cut, put in at an angle so it does not look like you got the cut directly across

maybe some cover-up?
or a bandaid will do, im sure everyone will believe u if u tell them what really happened... trust me, its no big deal.
hope this helped!

Kirsten C
sorry about that. ummm. you could put neosporon on it and a band-aid. nobody would see it if it were covered with a band-aid and neosporon helps it heal faster.

If you use eye drops to get the redness out that should work for the redness and then just a small band aid would be sufficient enough and not be too noticeable........or even a clear band aid would work.
Good luck

You need to get that scratch cleaned up and get antibiotic ointment on it. Seriously. If it is infected, you will have much bigger problems than people looking at you funny. You could get very sick. If it is "really red around it" like you said, it probably is infected. If you're so worried about what people will think, then wear long sleeves under the t-shirt. Might be hot, but oh well.

you could where an arm band to cover it.
if its on your write you could do the arm band with a watch on top.

You need to keep it from getting infected. You should use peroxide or at least first aid cream. Ice will help with the swelling. I would cover it with a bandage anyway for tomorrow. If you wrap it neatly it should be less obvious.

Most important is preventing infection.

use cordazone its a product u can get at a local drugstore. It reduces redness and itchiness.

where long sleeves will be gone by tomorrow any way

tell the truth!

Just a suggestion but wear a sweatband? To cover up the scab. If not just let them know that you did it on the shed before they ask you, if you were self hamring you wouldn't tell them. Therefore speaking about it gives them a reason to believe you aren't.

Good luck in your sports day :) x

Put neosporin and a bandage on it. Don't try to hide it. If you try to conceal it, that is when it looks suspicious.

stylo designer
well if its a nail or metal u need to go to the doctor u might need a tetnus shot! but other than that use neosporin it heals and takes away the scar!

The White Guinea Pig

Neosporin will help but you should probably get a tetanus shot it doesn't matter if the nail is rusty or not you can still get sick


Large Rat
What a lot of fuss about a scratch. You are the only person that will notice it, other peoples scratches are just boring. You think that people will want to look at your arm on sports day, get real.

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