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Anthony F
Do you think more of us would go to the doctor?
If we didn't have to wait so long? We have an appointment for 10:00 a.m. We sit in the waiting room until 11:00 a.m. and then go to the examination room for another hour. I find it very dehumanizing. I saw somebody trying to explain away the wait the other day, but I don't think I buy it. I think these professional people are just that way, and do it just to impress us that they are important .

we may have the same doctor..i hate sitting too, especially when no one tells u what the hold up is or how long it will take..its like we dont matter...lately my docs office has been so bad, ive had to leave..i understand emergencies come up, but not everytime i go to the doc..to me its unacceptable..im not sure if the appts are double booked or just too many are booked but glad to hear it doesnt only happen in my docs office..

Elle J Morgan
I needed to see my doctor the other day,
I called for an appointment at 8.25 am and they fitted me in at 9.40 am the same day, I was straight in to see the Doctor
I suppose it depends on where you live

mim1978 can just call me doctor feel good

Love antell... answer, cause it's the truth. Also, sometimes docs have to squeeze in emergencies, they have to squeeze in emergent phone calls from: pharmacy, other docs, emergency rooms, on and on. They would love to have a more leisurely day, the fact that you're waiting, means they're BUSY, you know, as in working. You think they do it on purpose?

Explain it away? Did you ever stop to think what happens when the average person goes to a doctors appointment. It's time to complain about everything that's been bothering them since their last visit. Someone sprains a knee, then spends 20 minutes telling their doctor about their ingrown toenail, that funny feeling in their neck, and how they should get rid of their dogs fleas. Somewhere during that visit, their doctor is supposed to decipher what their ailment is, find a remedy, and instruct the patient on how to take care of themselves and use medications properly. When it's your turn to be seen, what would you say if the doctor told you, "Stick with what you came here for. I have people waiting outside." You, just like everyone else, wants their doctor to listen to, address, and pay attention to their health issues. Try to extend the courtesy to others, and give your doctor credit for taking the time to give quality care.

I kind of agree with IAINTELLE except that if the Dr's office knows they are running late it would be nice if they gave a courtessy call to tell you this, give an estimation of when they can see you and give you the option of re-sceduling. Some people will make a different apt. lightening the load on the busier day and they can catch-up, not running behind by the end of the day. (I didn't word this very well 'cause I'm tired but you know what I mean!!)
Maybe we should look after ourselves better!

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