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True Brit
Do you regret starting smoking? At what age did you start?

had my first cig at 7 but started smoking at 12 im 19 n have asthma n other probs i regret startin but i wouldnt stop sounds stupid but i like smokin now..

Started at 14

i started when i was eleven and i do regret it for health reasons but i dont smoke much anyway only ay weekends when i have a drink

M.D. Naomi.?
Yes, if you don`t smoke don`t start it`s the main cause of a pulmonary conditon known as copd which seriously affects your ability to breathe.

I regret starting, typical peer pressure at 14. It's so bad, we carry on smoking, knowing it is slowly killing us.

yes i wish i never started i was 13 n now im 24 n i hate it but i cant stop them patches only work unless u roll them up n smoke them.

Actually I Do
It's So Hard To Quit
I Start At 12

Ladder Captain-29
I started at 18 and stopped at 19 two packs a week and yes just for that short period of time I hated it I did it because the other kids were doing it , peer pressure , ect,, but realize that was not me-- I quit and becoame my our person doing what I wanted and its been great ever since

I started smoking when I was 12, biggest mistake of my life. Best thing i ever did was quit last October, I'm now 38. My advice, its never too late.

yes i started at 10 its the worst thing i could have done. i really really hate it cant stop tried a million times. im 26 but i will have stoped by the age of 30(unless i die before my 30th) lol

Amanda K

mike b
yes 14 -20 i am glad i stopped

Actually didn't start til 19....definitely regret it.

I regret starting to smoke big time, wish I had never started all those years ago, I was 15 when I tried it for the first time and 17 when I did it all the time, I thought it was cool , what a fool, now at 49 I hate how much I spend each year on the ciggies, so today I have decided to give up, been up since 7 am, now 10.45 am and as yet no ciggie has been lit, by now I have normally done a fair few of the coffin nails, so hopefully I can keep this up and be ciggie free permanently very soon and with the money I save I am going to have a lovely holiday in Cuba next year with my hubby, can't wait.

Baby pink
ive tried smoking but didnt like it maybe if it was chocolate flavoured but thats a different story...

no, cause iu do not smoke all the time and if the cigarrettes bring you joy you might as well die young and happy than long and miserable.

I had my first cig rolled for me at 5 by my gran father thought it was a laugh. smoked on and off until I found snuff again via my grandfather, used snuff until I was 14 But had a job by then so could afford cigs as well.Spent next 30 years giving it up sometimes for 2 years or so but always back to 40 a day.Then i had twins the choose became nappies or cigs ,nappies won I was determine not to start again .It's now been 14 years and I now don't dream of them [that took 11 years] but I still have to be careful in social situations.What i don't understand is how come the best conversations are out in the cold .

I regret starting...was 15 (I'm 47 now, and except for a three-year period when I managed to stay clean, have smoked most of my life)...unfortunately, I'm one of those people who'll only stop when I absolutely want to...I actually like it (I've tried most methods already and keep coming back)...that was why I stopped the first time...but if you start again after stopping that long, it just keeps getting harder and harder...if you don't smoke, don't start

I always remember my mum saying that starting to smoke was the worst thing she ever did, didnt believe her... I started smoking at 14, been smoking for over half my life. I totally regret starting it, hate the way I am so breathless. Tried to give up several times but not enough willpower. Now my 3 year old son has started to pretend to "smoke" a crayon (I dont smoke around him or in the house...he has seen me in the garden). Any young kids thinking of trying it....please dont.

Yes I do regret it massively.

Started when I was at uni at the age of 20. Ridiculous as it seems to have started that late, I am now 30 and still smoking. Have tried to give up twice, the last time was Jan - Mar this year.

Its very hard to stop.

Don't regret starting as I've enjoyed it for 15 years.
Might quit when I think it's too expensive....getting there now.

Started @ 18

started at 17, but still (unfortunately) enjoy it. Not a huge smoker, but not ready to give it up just yet.

Neil - the hypocrite
God yes. When I was a wee kid I hated smoking. I started at age 13 (although I tried it at age 10). I started mainly because I was thick and all my friends had started.
I see that all those people have quit now. I'm too heavily addicted to quit with any ease. I'm 35, so I've smoked for umpteen years now. It took COPD to get my dad to stop.
I feel really bad when I see a kid with a cigarette.

i started at 14. wish i never started to begin with. im now 23, and i am battling to give up. problem is that i really enjoy having a ciggie at certain times in the day. like after a meal. wish i never took that first drag!!!

¤§ Dãrkness Wãnderer §¤
i was 16. i quit a year ago. *don't want to THINK ABOUT how many yrs i blacked up my lungs*
it took me 5 yrs and 4 times before i gave up on all the quit smoking gimicks and just went cold turkey!

now the smell of smoke repulses me...i can't believe i would walk around in public smelling like smoke!!! its so gross when someone walks past you, they don't even have a cig in hand..but you still know! eww!
ha ha.

i started smoking 5 minutes ago still havent managed
to put fire out yet regret lighting it now

I started at 13, introduced by my school friend's younger brother(he was 11). Stopped and started for a long time until I was about 50 then gave up for good. Wish I never started.

35 and loving it!
I regret that its so harmful and that it is so hard to quit. I have tried so many times, this WILL be my 35th birthday gift to myself.

I started at 11
Quit at 16 (pregnant)
Started again at 17
Quit at 18 (pregnant)
Started again at 19 (child was 7 months old)
Quit at 31
Started again at 32


Yes - well sort of.
I started when I was 12, and have quite enjoyed it on the whole (I'm 26). I still enjoy a few cigarettes each day, but not the other 15-16 that i always smoke.
What makes me regret starting is thinking back over the amount of money I've spent on cigarettes, and when I have to run somewhere and find that my fitness level is really poor.
My first child is due to be born in a few weeks, and I've vowed to give up. It will be hard, but I know I can do it for my baby. I'm worried because smoking is a big part of my life and has been for so long. It's part of my identity. I'm hoping that the baby will be such a massive change that my current habits and routines will change anyway, so I'll be able to leave smoking behind.
What I'll really miss is the spliffs. I've been smoking those since about 16 and still really love it. I've been off that for a month or so now, incase anything happens earlier than expected.
Wish me luck!!

YES ! started when i was 12 . You will never find a person of 20 who does not regret smoking . Its a kids thing but its addictive .

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