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 Is it really that bad to smoke weed?
I do it like 2 times a week with a couple of friends. It's really enjoyable but waht are my odds of getting cancer or other diseases?
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 What is a good pot smoking song?
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So I have a mole on my face. Its probably about a quarter of an inch across and raised and directly ...

 In our middle school, most kids smoke, drink, etc. I don't. Everyone says I am not cool cuz of it.?
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 how to get talller?
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 Is 5'6'' for a grown woman tall?

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 help! bad high last night.?
i dont know why this happens to me, it has happened once before.
i use to smoke almost everyday, probably like every second day, and this was in like october/november/december. but then one day ...

 Can't stop the bleeding?
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 how long does it take to get addicted to ciggarettes ?
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 Which is better, washing your hands in warm, cold, or hot water?
This question has been bugging me for the longest time.
I usually wash my hands under hot, or warm water.. So. Yeah.

What's better?
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 So people do you smoke?
Hi i want to see how many people smoke or are non smokers to see which 1 has the most of. i do not smoke i hate the smell (no offence but it stinks!)...

 if i have suicidal thoughts, should i go see a doctor?
well i have suicidal thoughts, like im sure many people do. but when i come to reality i know i wont ever try killing myself, u know?... but those thoughts are still there and i come up with little ...

Do you hate marijuana smokers?
Because I hate them. And I know all non-smokers hate them.

Here are my reasons for hating pot smokers:

1. They are breaking a law and most likely capable of breaking other ones. I am disgusted at their disrespect for the law.

2. They are using a highly toxic deleriant that causes brain damage and lung cancer. The drug messes them up so much they start to believe it's actually healthy for you.

3. Marijuana smokers are extremely arrogant and rude to anybody that doesn't smoke weed.

4. Marijuana smokers are social deviants who are responsible for the decay of American morality and a productive society.

5. Everyone who supports legalizing marijuana is a pot smoker. Nonetheless, the issue of legalization is viewed in a serious manner which makes me think these godawful stoner scumbags have influenced the mass media too much.

6. The mass media is glamourizing smoking weed and breaking the law and destroying your health and ignoring all of the well-documented research proving marijuana is dangerous to your health.

Seriously, I find pot smokers more repulsive than other types of criminals. I blame them for everything wrong with society. They all deserve to be thrown in jail or shot in the head. And anyone who disagrees with me is a stoner.

I don't hate them personally, I just hate there choice. Nobody's perfect and we shouldn't judge people because we arne't perfect ourselves. But yeah I hate there choice and I hate pot in general.

I also don't care too much for pot and/or potheads. Unfortunately, my family contains many-a-pothead and it never ceases to disgust me. I smoked pot when i was younger, and i am completely confused by all those who didn't leave their pot smoking days behind them. It is incredibly juvenille to me, and i must agree that it is indeed repulsive. Even the smell bothers me to no end. And the whole legalizing marijunana is just a ridiculous cause. It's is down-right insane. It's bad enough that we have people drinking and driving, why drag pot into that picture. Then what will the laws be? How will the police know if someone is "smoking and driving"? The smell is puke-inducing, and leaves those who smoke pot with terrible breath. I wonder why anyone would want to sit around together frying their brains and laughing at stupid things. I agree with most of what u said, all except for shooting them :) I love the user, but hate the drug. I totally do not see why people are in their 50's and still smoking. It got boring for me after a couple years. I really wish they could see themselves through my eyes. They might re-think things. <3

Dude take a freakin' hit and calm the hell down

Smoke Weed
Your Mind

The fact that you posted this is REPULSIVE.
Who are you to talk about "potheads" ?
I'm a greatful recovering addict,and to this day, I will never say i hate pot smokers.

Its their decision, get over yourself.
Yes, Marijuana has more cancerous chemicals than the average cigarette (I'm not saying its right to smoke either)
Seriously though,don't hate on them. They are addicted.

"Marijuana smokers are extremely arrogant and rude to anybody that doesn't smoke weed."

You must have no idea what your talking about.
So yeah,stop being hateful and get a life.

wow, what about the meths heads, and cocaine addicts, Heroine, those drugs are allot worse, much more crimes are committed on these drugs, and unlike marijuana these are chemically manufactured. I don't smoke weed, or do any drugs, I don't drink, or smoke cigarettes either. I personally do know allot of pot smokers, and people who do other things, and of all of these types of users, the pot heads are the most peaceful even compared to the cigarette smokers. The only thing they do is eat too much and laugh. I'm not going to knock you for being against drugs that is good and admirable. But to say they should be shot in the head is sick, and maybe you need some serious help.

I don't hate people who smoke marijuana; I hate the decision they make to smoke marijuana because of the harm it does to them and can potentially do to other people if they drive a car while under the influence or go to work baked.

I believe you are over-generalizing about marijuana smokers. I know people who smoke marijuana who are very kind to others, who don't go to work/drive while high, and for whom it is the only illegal thing they do.

And for the record, even though I disagree with you I have NEVER smoked ANYTHING, I've never had more than two glasses of wine at one sitting, and I no longer drink at all. I don't take ANY illegal drugs. I only use over-the-counter medications as directed, and I only use prescription drugs as prescribed.

Jenny P

this whole question is a joke right? like you're saying how ignorant we are and that we are to blame for all the problems of society? that is the most ignorant thing i have ever heard.

my friends and i all smoke pot. we don't force anyone to do anything they don't want to. "potheads" are the most relaxed, chill people you will ever meet. not my fault you've got a stick up your ***. oh wait, apparently it is my fault right? just like everything else in society.

hahahah this makes me so angry.

lost in life
hahahahahahaha. i smoke. OOOOOhhhhh Nooooo!!! big deal man. ur describing what a meth or crack cocaine addict acts like. infact u sound like u just did a line or hit the meth pipe maybe? u need to smoke a joint of weed and just chill the hell out. listen to sum sublime while ur smokin. infact ur a closed minded individual thats been brainwashed by the government and masons about marijuana. u cannot overdose on marijuana. why not take 12 pills of tylenol, and i guarantee u thats gonna be ur last headache. u may hate me but i dont hate u. cuz i dont blame u for being a misled individual. i work a 9 to 5 job and go to college. marijuana does not affect me negatively.

You seem very angry about this. Do you have a really close relative or friend that is a pot head now? Honestly, I have tried it once and I hated the way it made me feel. It made me feel like not doing anything and I think that is the worst feeling in the world. However, I do not hate people who smoke pot. My grandpa died from lung cancer and he smoked, but there is nothing you can do about the people who do smoke. They are going to do it anyway. It isn't like they don't know the risks. Just don't generalize and assum everyone who smokes is a piece of poo. They are people and some really nice people just have bad habits. Also, you have to admit that smoking pot is way better than meth or cocaine... at least it makes them lethargic and not wacked out. Also, how do you feel about alcohol? Because I think it causes more problems then pot. just a suggestion...

wow well you basicallly just described a pothead

exactly, a POTHEAD
just because somebody smokes weed that does not make them a pothead. potheads sit around do nothing but smoke weed and dont care about anything but weed
but ill tell you that most ppl who do smoke weed arent potheads. trust me i know cuz i know plenty of ppl that do, including me. i smoke a lot and guess what, i still have a life, still have friends, still care about school, and still get good grades. like above average, i got a 3.75 and the end of last year and im in an honors class
you really have no life experience if you think weed is the worst thing out there cuz there are a lot more problems than that.
you just know some really dumb stoners.
and id like to ask you why is weed sooo toxic? isnt alcohol? arent cigarettes?
and i dont know anybody whos rude to anyone that doesnt smoke. most ppl dont really care, theyll ask if you want to but if you say no they leave it at that and dont even try to pressure you
basically, your dumb

Kaci Ells
Dear ******,

I hope you die. You're the biggest idiot i've ever met. Theres truley something wrong with you. If anyone needs to sit back and smoke a joint, its your uptight ***. Seriously, get over yourself you dumb waste of flesh...

Love always,
Pot head.

Blessings of Victory
I don't want to go to specific's, but no i don't hate them because the fact that I know alot of pot smokers. You just met the wrong kind i bet you don't even know any because you're describing crackhead's.

i Hate Them as much as trollers and Drunk Drivers which their dangerous as (The Drunk Drivers) And being a stoner isn't a "Life Choice" You Stupid Idiot who posted that. tell that to the people they hurt when they go to jail or get shot by their dealer .

Phocion Timon
LOL. You need to work on your shyness.

1)i disagree with whats being said, however, seeing the COMPLETE innacuracy of what you wrote id say your puposefully showing the stupidity of prohibition, if not well then your an ignorant fool
2)yes i am a stoner

I was going to make a list and tell you why every point you made was completely ignorant and irrational, but it quickly became clear that you have no idea what you're talking about. If you really think people smoking pot is the biggest thing you have to worry about in this world, you might want to pick up a newspaper some time and see what you should really be concerned with. They're not hurting anyone, and just because you're scared of them for some reason does not mean that ANYONE else is, or hates them. People who are ignorant, arrogant, judgmental, hateful, and ruled by fear and misunderstanding and assumption with no actual facts to back them up (and I'm talking about you here) are definitely a bigger threat to society than some kid smoking a joint in his garage.
And by the way: No. Not all non-smokers hate them.

No, I dislike ignorant people that believe everything their parents taught them without properly researching things.

"They are breaking a law and most likely capable of breaking other ones. I am disgusted at their disrespect for the law."
Come out to California where even the police wont arrest you for pot unless you're a big seller. Your view on life is restricted to your small area, so you have a small area point of view. Get out more and explore life and you will see that what you have been taught is lies. I've worked for Microsoft, Google, the U.S. Postal Service, and Northrop Grumman (government contracting). I'm now self employed. It's potheads who run this internet. The Bay Area California is Google, Yahoo, Ebay, etc., and it's people like me who are employed at these places. Majority of people in the Bay Area smoke marijuana, so if you don't like potheads, you might as well not use the internet since you are using something thats facilitated by potheads. Steve Jobs, for example, was a huge pothead in his younger days while he was creating Apple, although he probably wont admit that he smokes now since he's a CEO. Not everybody is a pothead, but at least 40% in our area of Cali are. I know, because we all have prescriptions, we're the most liberal area of the country, and I know the people I worked with since we would do things outside of work.

"ignoring all of the well-documented research proving marijuana is dangerous to your health."
Sure, thats why Michael Phelps, the greatest swimmer on earth is a pothead. Google "athletes who smoke marijuana" and that should end this discussion. Google "successful potheads" and that should as well. I'm 27, I have an IQ of 126 and have been smoking since I was 14. I worked for Google 3 years ago, and I now own over 40 ecommerce websites and travel to Asia twice a year and pay for my friends. I have homes in both Florida and California. I have pictures and videos all over the internet to back up anything I say, and if you want to take an IQ test to compare our IQ's, I'm willing to do that, you find a website and let's do it. I guarantee I'm more successful than you, smarter than you, and more active than you. Not trying to be arrogant, but you put me in this position by generalizing all people who smoke pot and stereotyping. Send me a message if you want to do any of these things, I'm not posting personal links on here since it's against yahoo's terms of service, but I'll be happy to share everything through messages/emails.

There's been all kinds of smaller independent studies that once lied and said it causes cancer and makes you dumb permanently and all this and that, but Donald Tashkin is the government's lead cancer scientist at UCLA, and he concluded in 2006, along with his team, that it does not cause any adverse effects on a person after 20 years of heavy use. We now know the truth about marijuana because he ran the largest study of all time, which lasted 20 years, so we can now see the long term effects, and they are not negative. You can post all the smaller studies you want, but I'm going to believe a 20 year study involving 1200 people over a 1 year study involving 10.

As far as success, marijuana doesnt make you dumb. It's just that dumb people are more likely to break the law, so they are more likely to smoke marijuana. That's not marijuana's fault, that's THIS society's fault for making it illegal in the first place. I'm a reasonable person who uses common sense, and common sense and reasoning tells me that the best way to determine if something is bad, is look at how it affects a population. Compare the crime rates and societies in Uruguay, Amsterdam, Canada, parts of Australia, and other countries where marijuana has been legalized, from before they legalized....to after they legalized it. Common sense tells me that if it didnt destroy their countries, it wouldnt destroy ours. Common sense....

Brian G
you must be a pot smokertoo, cause you are as arrogant as a fu*k.

Darren C
a lot of my friends smoke weed but i've never touched the stuff, they never try to force it on me, just ask if i want to try and if i dont its my choice, im also a non smoker so not all non smokers hate them, the same could be said of alcohol or tobacco, both of them are bad for you but since their taxed everyone seems to think their fine, maybe their only like this in america but over here in ireland a lot of them are nice enough and fun to hang out with, wether their smoking or not, and if you can find a pot smoker more repulsive than say, a rapist or a pedofile then theres something wrong with you dude

1) Tobacco smokers are using a substance that is only allowed because the government makes massive profit off of it. If marijuana wasn't able to be grown by any random person, the government would surely utilize it to make their OWN money.

2) Everybody knows pot isn't healthy for you. Even pot smokers. Nicotine is just as harmful, and the substances added into a regular cigarette are MUCH more harmful than home grown marijuana.

3) No they're not, they're probably only arrogant and rude to people like you who are arrogant / rude to them first.

4) Not at all, good try though.

5) No they're not ? ahah, I've got PLENTY of friends who don't smoke weed and are up for it being legalized. Try banning cigarettes first, then move onto weed, since the things mixed it cigarettes are much more harmful.

6) Maybe you should ignore this mass media and complain less about it?

Just for the record, I do not smoke pot. So, there goes your #5, eh?
Good attempt though =] it's alright kiddo, you'll win someday.

I find it almost amusing that you say 'or shot in the head'. Seriously, go back to grade 5 or something, aha, if you're really immature enough to say that about another human being for something that's their own choice.

And you call pot smokers rude?

Allison W
1. its only illegal because the government cant make money off it
2. its not toxic, alcohol is worse for you. it doesnt cause anything extreme in the brain and does not cause lung cancer. it does not mess you up. people use it for medical reasons in fact
3. i'm not rude
4. not true, by any means. you create your future whether you smoke or not
5. i smoke but im not a "stoner" and many professional and very successful doctors support legalization because of medical use
6. it does not destroy your health..its not dangerous.

your repulsive get your facts straight. i've done it once two years ago, so i'm not a stoner...yet i disagree with you. keep your opinions to yourself. kaythanksss

I'm a non-smoker and do not hate them.

You are generalizing too much.

Stop being so close-minded and stuck up.

i know about 20 pot heads and they're good friends of mine

not gonna hate their choice, and really you can't generalize like this

Who died and made you God?

I try not to judge people.
Maybe you should try that too.
They don't bother me, i don't smoke pot and i don't care if other people do.
I'm living my own life, i don't care about what others do.

some of these are just AWFUL generalizations.
I'm friends with somebody who smokes weed, and he happens to be a very bright, productive, man.

mine please?

What did they do to you? If they are respectful and don't hurt anyone why do you care? It's not your business.

p.s. your mom smoked me out the other day ; )

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