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Do you believe that ppl are born gay or do you believe that they make a decision to be gay?
Many ppl have mixed feelings of whether or not ppl are born gay or choose to be gay. What do you think?

Go to the Bay Area and ask a gay couple.

how did you find out that you were??????

idk... i mean u can choose... but then if u do choose then with faith then u were born gay idk its so confusing... i always thought u could make the decision

i think it is a total choice. saying you're born gay is a total cop out. everything is a choice.

NONE of them are born that way. They make a decision in their life to be an abomination in the sight of God. BTW, did you realize that being a sodomite is the only sin in the Bible that makes this earth throw up?

I speculate that they are born gay. Maybe a genetic factor affecting the hypothalamus, perhaps?

kevin p
they made a decision to be gay.wow this was an easy question.

Cracker Jax
I believe they are born that way and initially I believed it was a choice. Who knows how the brain is formed or developed. It is a miracle that most of us are born normal at all when you really think about it. I think they should all come out and be who they are...we'll all adjust, we always do.

I think it's a little of both. Some are born gay and some decide to enjoy both.

when they are ready to love, their heart makes the decision

I don't think any one would chose to be gay, it is a hard life.

I think people are born that way. I mean think about it attraction, pheremones, etc...are what attract people to one another. I don't think it is a choice to be attracted to someone you either are or your not. Sure looks, behavior, personality play a part also. I don't think it is a choice to be gay, but a choice to act on it...so many people don't act on their attraction based on what others will think.. I don't care what two consenting adults to in their bedroom it is their business, just like I don't think it is anyone's business what goes on between my husband I.

I say if the attraction is there and both parties are willing to act on it so what. Life is too short to deny true love, if two people love each other no matter straight or gay that is not a choice it is fate/destiny or what ever else you may want to call it.

i think gay is predisposed in the womb. like being white, black, yellow, gay. straight. all of us i think have gay urges.. i know i have. and i think i'm straight. but some times in my life i fell like screw the hell out of a good damn woman. and sometimes i can play the hell out of a black gospel piano. it's in the hormones, don't worry about them or us. get on with your life. we're all on this train together.

there are two types of gay people, some are born into it and another is choosen by desicion and influential disposition. If you have a kid at a young age be brought up with all girls and the sister keeps dressing the poor boy up and teaching the kid how to be a princess, wouldn't that make the kid think that dressing up and putting makeup on is a good thing? its the exposure of one self and the acceptance on how much he wants to absord on those gay society

But there is nothing you can do about it, gay people are just gay and some of them are nice. We have to accept them for who they are. Cheers

I think most are born gay! You can tell when they are younger sometimes if they are going to be. I watched this movie on lifetime. It was about this boy who was gay but had acted like he was since he was really young. He would want to put on his sisters dresses and wear make-up and he was only like 6. Weird huh. I have a cousin right now that I can almost bet anything that he will grow up to be gay! I have nothing against gay people but I think most are born that way and they can't help it.

People are born gay. Studies have suggested that it is biology and not choice. One study has shown that genes play an important part in this.

as the father of a gay child i know their born that way my daughter told me she was gay at 9 years old and again when she was 13 she has never had a man nor wanted one.

They are born gay, but have to acknowledge that, just as someone is born straight and they acknowldge that

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They are born gay. Why would anyone willingly choose to be unfairly discriminated against?

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