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Andrew D
Constant problem with eating disorders (pica), and other oral fixations. How can I ween myself off?
I am a 21 year old male, who has had no history of mental or physical disorders. I say that, since all the information I've found on pica is based on the idea that it occurs in the handicapped,and infants. For as long as I can remember, I've chewed on plastic (hard plastic),and consumed paper, both in large amounts. It's a problem I've had for several years now. This, naturally, has lead to other things, such as rarely eating burnt matches, contact glue, and toothpicks. Recently, it's somehow escalated to duct tape. I'm assuming by the white lines on my fingernails, and the borderline insomnia I've had the past ten years or so, may be connected, but I'm not sure. Without saying gum, what are some ways I could stop? It isn't as simple as not doing it, I have a physical craving and near dependency on this. Looking online, I've seen that neither a therapist or medical physician could help much. Basically it's something I have to see through myself, just not sure how.

Usually pica is a symptom of an iron deficiency. That is also true of your fingernails.

You need to have a physical from your medical physician. Tell him/her of your desire to eat non-food items. One major thing I would look for is your hemoglobin level.

If your hemoglobin level is low (which I suspect), why? Do you get enough iron in your foods? Do you have some bleeding in your body that causes a reduction in iron? Do you have a iron making deficiency? Do you have Celiac disease where you can not absorb many calories.

I think you should see a doctor as soon as possible, because you need to rule out any of the physical reasons for the pica. After that, if nothing is wrong, you can begin behavioral modification.

Good Luck
L. Hodges, PhD, RD, LD
Registered, Licensed Dietitian

allison k
most small things will pass through, so maybe concentrate on cutting things up in to tiny pieces b4 eating them.
try to limit the plastic, and toothpics, maybe you could find things that look, feel or taste like what you crave, for toothpics, you could try raw spaghetti, burnt matches you could try burnt cheese, glue , you could make your own glue out of flour and water till its really glue like.
try to limit the really harmful stuff, paper is really not to bad, and you can get rice paper which is actually quite nice.
is this something you do all day? or just now and again, try setting a timer, for one minute each day you can eat what you crave.
we can overcome cravings - look at alchoholics and druggies, they do it, you can do it too.
i remember seeing in the guiness book of records a man ate almost a whole car, and he ate glass and all sorts of things - he did it for years, he did finally die though - but maybe there are other people like you out there

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