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Can you have a nose bleed with no blood!?
A few minutes ago i started having what i thought was a nose bleed.

The liquid coming out of only one nostril was very fluid, like blood but was clearish, with a slight yellow tint and congealed very quickly, strangely like blood plasma.

If it was phloem it was like non ive ever experienced coming out of my body... Literally gushing like water was leaking straight out of me!
Additional Details
Non-smoker, i havent had flu or cold or anything for over 2 weeks.

Andrew V
im guessing you are a smoker?

thats herpes for you

This is common among ALIENS, take yourself to the nearest MOTHERSHIP and ask your Commander for a 2 week R&R pass. Venus is nice this time of the century.

TMI, but my guess is a cold or sinuses.

awesome girl
Well there is such thing as a runny nose and that is just snot. But it is called a nose BLEED for a reason. So no you cant have a nose BLEED without BLOOD

it was probably just snot, if there was no blood your nose wasn't bleeding

Rob Reiner
its called snot...

Krista W
no u cant well it can be bleeding if u hold ur head back but if u put it forward it shoudl come out

no i dont think so

Beautiful <3
Lol, what? Maybe it was just runny snot.

Kerry M
maybe your nose was running?

its a runny nose

YUCK! you should just go see a doctor

yeah.. i would get that checked out

That defiantly was not a bloody nose. I would know because I have always been very prone to bloody noses ever since I was young and there is always blood when you get a bloody nose so you were most likely just experiencing sinus trouble or something. If you need further information, you should seek medical help.

a nose bleed is caused by cracks in the side of the nasal cavity (usually b/c of cold, etc).
if your SURE it was not phlegm then it could have possibly been fluid that was draning from your sinuses that are located very close to the nasal cavity. im not sure how the fluid would have passed into the cavity though..
none the less, if it stopped and your feeling fine no worries. if it starts happening a lot then go ask a doctor.
our bodies are just weird sometimes, moral of the story, no it was not a nose bleed.

Tara P
Sinus infection most likely =(

Well it could have been a nose bleed and then some how the red blood cells didn't come through with it causing it to be clear.

It's called a runny nose..... I get them all the time, you probably have allergies, sounds EXACTLY like what happens to me. Mucus getts runny and starts pouring out of your nose (from one or both nostrils). it does dry quickly and it can come out for a long period of time, get a tissue and some Claritin and you'll be fine

Hmmm strange. I'm not sure if you would call that a nose bleed because there is no blood involved. I would say that this may be a fluke or you may want to call your doctor because this could be a medical issue.

Well honestly, if it is something you feel you should be worried about then you should go to the doctor about it.

That does not sound normal to me and if I was going through that, I would be freaking out.

you should see a doctor asap , thats very strange , what happened to trigger the 'nose bleed'?

um, gross. go to a doctor...sounds like you have a nasty infection!

probably a sinus infection of some sort. go to the doctors before you get worse.

It might be sinus troubles or something like that.

John S
Its perfectly normal, and usually a response to a change in temperature or humidity. The capillaries that bring blood to the nose become porous and a clear fluid is secreted in an effort to keep the nose moisturised. It is a stronger response in some people.

There is a condition called vasomotor rhinitis in which these pores become "stuck" open, and the nose permanently runs, but thats very rare and usually only happens if the nose is damaged.

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