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feel free to star if you think this is interesting or just funny....

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thanks to all in advance....

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 smoking weed, is it bad for you?
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 I'm 15 and smoke..........?
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Can wearing a hat at night make my ears grow closer to my head?
is this true, i heard that sleeping on my side and wearing a hat such as a beanie will eventually make my ears grow closer to my head..?
Additional Details
im 16 so still growing lol

cheep and proud of it!

No, you have to use duct tape the industrial kind...

LOL :)

About how far away from your head are your ears now.
Does this effect your hearing and how do you keep glasses on?

I know someone who sleeps with a sleep apnea mask with bands that go around the ears and his ears are very close to his head. I believe it is from the mask.

I think it would work, but a beanie might not be tight enough. Don't expect fast results.


No. Sorry.

JustMy Opinion
Wow! What a myth someone told u!!
Haha... ur gullable

mr. y
it is too late now.i heard that the chinese used to bind their infants feet and sometimes their head to reduce their size though.your way past the body parts growing stage now.just put a dab of super glue behind each ear and hold it to your head for a few seconds,that will work!

Matt B
This has never been proven scientifically, and if you feel desperately self-conscious about your ears (as I know I was) the best thing to do is to remove a small amount of skin behind each ear, and then have your ears pinned closer to your head. This works fine, however it is quite a painful procedure, and you have to wear horrible casts over each ear for about a week afterwards. Here is some more information on this operation:


Worked for me, hope it works for you.

If you are very young it might work but don't get your hopes up. I heard of people sticking their kids ears down with tape when they were babies but I don't know if it worked. You could always grow your hair long if they are very prominent or get surgery if they do not go in of their own accord.

Richard B
This is not true. Wearing a hat while you sleep will keep your head warm though, which might be nice if you live in a cold climate at this time of year.

Uncle Tim
no, sorry that's not true.... super glue will work as a temporary way to get your ears to stay closer to your head. For a more permanent solution, sew your ears right to your noggin.

use duct tape. If that doesn't work, break all the mirrors in your house

Information Police
Most people's ears are already attached to their head - I don't know how they can get any closer.

walid A
Lol you seem to be a funny guy but obviously not there is nothing forcing your ear upwards.

sorry, no.

you can have a free surgery thing though in the UK for that. my friend got it done.. she was 10/11 at the time.

no u need black and nasty mate

Taylor T
no thats not true

i bet it would yeah if you are still young and growing sure

make sure it isnt too tight though you dont want to hurt yourself, also wathc out because if baldness runs in your family i wouldnt do it


in the truth
ermmmm no i dont think so

if you have a problem with your ears see your doctor whi may be able to help

No,absolute tosh mate.

Rad!oact!ve Sk!ttles
Not that I know of....but I might suggest it to my sister as she's very self conscious of her ears because they stick out!

lol no

no. if this were true then wearing tight pants would make you skinny. lol. sorry. there is surgery though i saw on extreme makover though. it wasn't complicated.

Heather G
No and whoever told you that needs to lay off the crack and you too for even thinking it might be true.


The Notorious 1!

Nope. But taking viagra eye drops makes you look really hard

Squish anything enough and it will eventually flatten out!

Why not try to love your ears as they are? 16 is a bit young to start changing (or worrying about) your apearance. This is probably hard to hear (...or maybe not...!) but I'm willing to bet that in 10 years time, your ears will not look out of place or odd or different to anyone elses. Love what you've got my darlin' - I bet the rest of you is lovely! x

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