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~ Long QT (Heart)
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~ Tourettes

Can marijuana make you sick?
If it's one of the first times you smoke, and then 2 days later you get a fever, vomiting, diarreah...could it be related?

People smoke to cure nausea. It doesn't cause it. And the fever and diarreah have no connection with the marajuana. Weed doesn't make you sick!!!!!

Fever yes...id disagree about the others though!

I used to smoke a LOT, quit a year ago. Used for 10 years. Never got sick from it, just got lazy. I highly doubt the fever and vommitting is from the pot. You can get sick from a door handle, not washing after the restroom, the air you breathe, ect.

if it was laced with some bad things then yes (make sure u kno wat kind ur smoking)....other than that weed is a is safer then any other street drug.

Yeah. It depends if it was grown or cured with chemical enhancements that don't agree with you. Usually eating it (brownies)..... or drinking it (making tea)...... will. That is, by ingesting way too much.

Jordyn B
yeah, but dont smoke it unless its perscribed, it is terrible for you STOP NOW! SAY NO!

Andrew J
NO that's ridiculous.

Malicious Meleah
could be if its your first time usually it just makes you hungry

Macario G
Allergic maybe?

possibly,maybe is was not pure pot you smoked

probably not

makes your throat hurt and make you cough alot not as good memmory but iether else its suppose to help you if you are sick im geussing?

chez fez ;D
Um.. I've gotten bad highs before from messed up weed & have hallucinated & thrown up... & wake up the next day messed up. but I've never got a fever from pot before..

Did you smoke with someone that was sick or was getting over being sick? That might be it?

Some people have bad reactions to it almost like allergies and that could be like that.

Probably true because the way they smuggle marijuana into the states is in the bumpers of cars. They soak the weed in ammonia to preserve it. It also contains hydrogen cyanide. Read the article in my source--it just very well be the answer you're looking for.

kamal s
sometimes drug dealers mix drugs with chemicals to increase the quantity, sometimes they put anastacia in there, so probably the stuff that one smoked was mixed with something he/she was allergic to.

marijuana in itself does not make you sick, it's a plant.


only if you eat too much

Yes, any drug can make you sick. Marijuana is not regulated, so you really don't know what's in it. See a doctor & tell the truth!

Lotus Bloosom
No, I never heard of nor experienced that.

Jesse W
Just like any produce, there can be infectious agents on the plant. People will often spray a mixture of water and fish feces on plants to help them grow. A bad grower will continue this technique (known as foliar feeding) all the way up to harvest. So there's a good chance you could have gotten sick from something like that.

Stay away from cheap produce, and learn how to inspect your produce carefully to know what your getting into.

A great test is to take a small amount of it and mix it with water, if the water becomes brown or silty at all, do not consume it.

Don't ever listen to a pothead for advice on the stuff. They have no idea what they're talking about because they've been hypnotized by a plant that elicits many of the same effects as a puppy love crush. No matter what's been demonstrated they will insist their precious Green Lady is nothing but a wonderful glowing ball of perfect light, even if sometimes she's a skanky fish **** drenched hoe.

Jacqueline C
I have never had a reaction like that, but maybe if it's your first time, maybe. I think if you got hold to some bad crap, then yeah. I personally have never had that problem.

That doesn't sound like a normal reaction. It might have been bad pot or you could be allergic. I tried it for the first time this summer and just got a headache. :s

Def not you need to smoke again. lol it helps my problems =]
i had a sore throat i smoked and it was gone the next day.
why do you think people get it for cancer it helps =]

this is the stupidest question ive ever seen in my life!!! what do you think??

Just drink a lot of water to flush your system. Since its been 2 days I wouldn't think so.

The Man With Superior Knowledge
No, usually it settles the somach.

Jacob's Imprint
duuhhhhh dont do mary j

you may have shared germs when you were smoking, like sharing a glass or kissing if someone else is sick, but i never heard of it making you sick days later

it can make you nauseous while smoking, but not days later

I dont think so. It can give you a headache though.

No, it sounds like you ate something a little off. Pot doesn't kill you-- NOBODY has ever died from it. It can make you nauseated if you overdo it on an empty stomach, but 2 days later? No connection.

Yes I reckon so

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