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Can't stop the bleeding?
My brother's tooth just fell out. He's about twelve and he says that he just BARELY tapped at his tooth and it just fell out. Now it's about an hour later and it's STILL bleeding....
What do we do?
Additional Details
To everyone that is being a complete ******.. YES he's kept pressure on it for the whole hour. He's had a towel pressed into his tooth for about a hour. So don't call me a fool or call me stupid.

Lilly :)
go to a doctor or keep whet you are going and wait it out

apply direct pressure! apply direct pressure!

Billy Dee
If a wound bleeds longer than 10 minutes it requires medical attention. If it is only a few drops, he will live put some gauze or a cotton ball on it. However, if blood flows like from a cut go to a doctor.

well.. pressure, salt water all help.. but an hour?? thats a little too long. id wait it out a little while more and if it doesnt stop call the dentist..

Brandon B
swish around semi-sallty water and it should stop

Have him gargle some salt water. It may sting, but the bleeding will eventually stop.

I'm sure that it will stop after a bit longer. Just take a bit of toilet paper or something that you can wad up and apply pressure. If it doesn't stop after a few more hours you might want to look into calling a doctor. I'm sure he'll be fine.

apply pressure.

Try getting him to eat some kind of green leafy vegetable, this contains vitamin K which is responsible for clotting, know it will be hard to eat while bleeding in the mouth, but if it doesn't quit this should help..

use a papper towel and apply pressure to the gum.

good luck.

flaming brownie
if its gushing you should go to the hospital, does he have a condition that doesnt let his wounds heal properly or somethin?
if its just staining a towel, then you should worry about it maybe the gums were tender and he damged a bloodvessel, i think it will stop for sure.

apply pressure to it, it will stop eventually. get him to swill his mouth with salt water too. is there ALOT of blood? If it hasnt stopped in 2 hours see someone.

try water and salt mixed let him rinse his mouth a few times and then spit it out! i did it for me and it worked! hope this works for u!!!

put pessuer on it for a while


Call your local dentist and ask him/her what you should do.

Krista W
put a lot of pressure on it

windering lol
put presure to it

try packing gauze very tightly around the area for 30 minutes at a time where the tooth fell out, it takes a while to clot a mouth "wound".

Here I come I am cinnamon
Put some salt in a glass of water and tell him to gargle it and swish it through his mouth. It should help a bit with the bleeding

Try rinsing with warm water and salt, then stuff a piece of gauze over the hole.

It will eventually stop. But if it doesnt, clearly you need to go to the hospital.

[email protected]
is it a stubborn tooth (a tooth that took a really long time to fall out)?if it is, then it probbaly nipped somthin in the blood and flesh like a vessel or somthin

By now, it has been an hour and 45 minutes. You'd better call an "Ask a Nurse" phone line, or the emergency contact for your doctor. If this is a permanent tooth, you should put it into a small amount of milk, to keep it preserved to re-implant if needed.
No kidding, this is not funny, and you are NOT STUPID!
Sorry, but an earlier answerer said he doesn't have enough placentas in him. He never will, he is a male. I hope she meant platelets.

OK is it a baby tooth or adult tooth that fell out? If it's a baby tooth, then nothing to worry about, just put a cloth on the bleeding, and maybe put an ice pack on the lip to prevent swelling. If it's a regualr tooth, the fact it fell out without much effort means he's got severe gingivitis, or a really bad caviatiy. I suggest you call your parent(s) and inform them of the situation, also call the dentitst to make an appointment for your bro to come in.

put pressue where its bleeding till it stops

Megan A
Listen! Take a Napkin/something/ and just stick it where his tooth came out and KEEP IT THERE!!!!

Put ice on it. This might work a bit better... Soak a cloth in ice water and have him put it in his mouth and bite down on it. Hold pressure on the spot where his tooth was.
That should do it.

The reason its bleeding so much is because its in the mouth... where its WARM! Blood flows much faster and easier with heat. He needs to keep the area very cold in order for it to clot up.

If bleeding still persists and doesn't slow, consult a doctor.
Best of luck

A Puddle Of Bubbles
It'll stop soon im sure but if it doesn't clearly its time for the hospital.

My dentist always told me to press a wet tea bag on a bleeding tooth socket; black tea.

Sit upright so the blood pumping from the heart to the mouth is lessened.

angel 36
take him to a doctor i have a son of 12 i wouldn't leave him bleeding that long

have him bite down on a towel for 30-60 minutes

Its okay... There will be a lot of blood because it was probably a big tooth with big roots that came out. If it still does not stop within a few hours, go talk to your parents or go see a walk-in clinic. Generally, just ask him to "bite" on a towel or tissue paper to put pressure on the open hole (where the tooth fell out). It might hurt but pressure will help make the blood coagulate faster and stop the bleeding faster.

Good luck =)

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