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chand c
Apple should be eaten with or without skin? What's (if any) is the difference?

You will get more fiber and vitamins if you eat the skin!

(ő©) The Cat
You should wash your apple to remove pesticides from the skin. The skin of an apple contains fibers and some nutrients, some like it with the skin some without. depends on your taste. Slices of green apples with the skin are excellent when dunked in a bit of butterscotch pudding...

Its good to eat with skin as the skin contains certain nutrients that is not found in the naked fruit. But nowadays the outer skin of apples are often coated with wax that is harmful to our body... So the decision is yours to make...

either way they are haelthy but skin on is more healthy cause there is alot of dietary fiber in the skin and when digested it drags out all the toxins from the intestine

MOST of the antioxidants in apples are near the skin, most of the fiber is in the seed and skin. Eat it any way you want. obey your taste

apple's skin contains proteins

Well...i think it's better if you eat it with the skin on. The vitamins and lots of nutrients are there beneath the skin, just beneath the skin so if you peel it off you're gonna loose it.

But...sometimes i peel the skin too if it's too thick and bitter...

letta g

kevin m
Most of the vitamins are in the skin, as with most fruits and vegetables.

You'll get a lot more fiber if you eat the skin.

This is a good news/badnews situation.
Good news is : you get a lot of fiber and it is recommended. One should eat the skin also.

Bad news: They spray at the farm with pesticides. Plus they coated it with paraffin wax to keep it looking good at the grocery store. Though this is regulated by the government but do not always trust the regulation. Later on they tell you it causes this or that.

So, it's your call.

What bugs me though is the label they put on them. It has a glue and god knows what that glue can do to you. So, I remove the skin under the label with a knife to get rid of the glue and eat the apple+skin too. I guess I am taking a careful chance........!!

I'm not sure of the difference, but I eat apples almost daily and always eat the skin.

The skin of an apple has more nutriants than the flesh of the apple. It is also excellent ruffage

The skin is where most of the fiber and nutrients reside.

With skin. Lots of nutriants are in the skin as well.

Macs - my favorite. We get 1/2 bushel mid October and have one every day.

You should eat the skin (after washing). It contains fiber and vitamins. Get some Macs when the skin is red and the meat white -- delicious.

The skin of the apple should be washed but is very good in nutrients. If the skin is bitter, then and only then cut it off.

Apple skins contain a lot of nutrition. So I think eating with the skin is a whole lot better. :)

you can eat the apple with or without skin a lot of ppl eat it without because the red part is kinda chewy its up to you

Ima Troll
I eat everything with my skin intact.

lil me
With but make sure you wash it first it is better for you if you eat it with because all of the vitamins are in the skins

with skin. all the good things for body stored in there

the skin is good for you -more vitamins. but the inside is too. so there really isn't a real big difference.

no, just the amount of pesticides on it

The vitamin concentrations tend to be highest near the skin, and the skins themselves probably contain micronutrients. Same reason why you shouldn't peel potatoes.

more fiber and minerals in the skin - also more wax and pesticides.

If you want to eat the skin, buy organic.

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