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Anyone who can help me with a digestive question
These are my symptoms....
Diahrrea anywhere from 1-4 times a day
Lower right sided abdominal pain (bad at times)
Tenderness to touch on lower side of abdomen
Skin rashes that come and go (almost like hives)
Loss of apetite

I have Celiacs disease for about 10 years now, and lately I have been having bad lower right side abdominal pain and bouts of diahrrea, they ruled out appendicitis, an obstruction, a hernia, and a cyst, I am going in for a colonoscopy soon, but I wanted to know if anyone knew that if Celiacs disease can cause this much pain and discomfort, or not? I know it may be something else and I am praying that it isnt serious..

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I suggest you take some arrowroot that's good for diarrhea if it goes on contact your doctor at once

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