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 Can you get addicted to smoking after just one cig & is it illegal to smoke when you're 13? or just to buy 'em?
ok, so i was wondering is it illegal to be SMOKING them, or just to buy them but u can smoke them if you're 13?
and can u get addicted from having just one?
thanks :3...

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 ughhhhh important ! read!?
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Am I over weight?
I am 5'6' and weigh133 pounds.I'm also 13.If i'm over weight what are good ideas to loose weight.


you are over wieght and obese. Try skipping couple of meals

If you are already overweight in that situation, geeeshhh i should be going to the gym now... you are absolutely fine.

You aren't overweight according to http://www.keepkidshealthy.com/welcome/bmicalculator.html

So don't fret!!!

no your not, search the internet for BMI and enter the info and it will tell you

you are not overweight. so stop worring

no cuz im the same and im the same age

people are too preoccupied with how they think society sees us..esspecially at 13....your body image is the last thing that should be taxing your mind...just eat healthy..thats all..dont starve yourself...eat healthy and exercise..thats it..as long as you stay active and eat right...you'll be fine...dont buy into what people say is the ideal weight..or what magazine covers show you...love yourself...that is whats important.

"You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." - buddha


your a toothpick

No, but get on a good exercise program! It will be a healthy habit for life!

People can talk all day about BMI, but it isn't accurate. I'm 5'9" and 210, but I used to play hockey, so I have a lot of muscle mass. According to my BMI, I'm obese. Consult a doctor, but I doubt you are overweight. Not to mention, your body will continue to change. My step-son at 13 was "chubby" and it bothered him. He is now 17, 6'3", lean and muscular. Give your body a chance to finish maturing before you get too concerned about weight. Hollywood is so into the skeletal look, it is easy to get confused about what is and isn't healthy.

American citizen and taxpayer
The best thing to do is ask next time you go to the doctor. Good luck.

So childish.....

HELL NO u r so not overweight

your pushing it. it is not just weight. depends on male or female and what your goal is and how you are built. You are 13, eat semi-healthy but your metabolism should be good enough, just make sure to stay active and excercise.

You are NOT overweight. Dont worry!

No, you aren't. The recomended weight for your height is between 124 and 144 pounds. You are right in the middle at a healthy weight.

Jay Vee
You're not overweight at all! I'm 6"1', 13, and am 177, and i'm not overweight. there's no way you could be. And even if you were overweight, don't think about it like that. That's how anorexia starts. Don't end up like this guy.


Medical Assistant
Have six smal meals per day ( in smal portions). In portions as smal as your fist. And yes the scale here says that you are 25 lbs over weight... Im a medical assistant. But dotn worry you will stretch out your a baby.

The Mick "7"
excerise!! play sports!! And you're not really over weight!! Who told you that ??

Diamond Freak :)
you are not overweight and should not be worried about it

Cooking with G
You're not overweight at all. So much of our focus is on weight when it should be on being healthy. Just try to focus on that and being happy and you'll do well in life.

Tina W
frontofficema is wrong. The general rule is 100-105 for a 5 foot woman and 5-7 pounds per inch depending on bone stucture. i.e. 5 pounds if you're a small boned person up to 7 if big bones. Also muscle can throw you off if you have alot. I'm 5 feet 115 and a size 3. She is not a medical person or needs to study more. You are absolutly fine.

you are the perfect weight for height, and you should google bmi, body mass index, and when you find a bmi site you then find your own height and it will tell you in what vacintity your weight should be in, but dont worry you are probably almost underweight

Hayley S.
no you are not over weight but you could start eating healthyer if you want to get rid of some weight

yes you are 1'm 5'7" and I'm 120 lbs...

eat paper...just jokin, exercise of course, but don't starve yourself

do you look fat?

No your fine, don't worry I am sure you carry it well too, thats about the normal weight of an adult or younger chick of your height

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