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 Want ten points???? Cannot sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ten points!?
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JJ 2k8
17 hours asleep... what is wrong with me?
OK, so i have been sleeping a lot more than usual for a while now, but i've just been asleep for 17 hours, and I dont know what is wrong with me. I'm always tired, and I have had my B12 and iron levels checked and they are both fine. I generallt have a "normal" lifestyle, and I go to bed at a normal time, so why am i like this?
Additional Details
I am 16, and yes, a student. I am still in school, and it is affecting me because I am lucky if I can manage 2 out of 5 days a week.

Maybe your young, or just plain work shy

You might have a condition associated with sleep apnea, go see you doctor.

Alison H
you should get them to check you for throids and sugar. are you thirsty alot. because you are sleeping to much. it's like you are going into a coma, you don't want that.

Guaranteed Irish!!!
has it ever crossed your mind you might be tired

severe depression..... seek professional help immediately

do some exercise and take care of your health if it still happens then go to the doctor.

☼ ◦ ◐ ◑ ◯ ◎ ● ☉ ☺ ☻
sleep well.

Pink Princess : - )
You may just be a naturally sleepy person, i am, i spend most of my time sleeping and there is nothing wrong with me.

**gabby **
go to dr

Skye J
lol u have a bad sleeping problem hahaha

Philip H ©
how old are you ?

you need a better alarm clock,seriously go along to the doctor .

sleeping too much will actually make you more tired. force yourself to sleep about 9 hours ONLY....you'll probably feel better, you'll be more active and wake your brain up.

I wouldn't be surprised if your body wasn't actually resting whilst you sleep.
For example, if your body never goes through the cycle of deep and light sleep then you won't a have a proper nights rest, or if you are sleep walking then again, you won't have a proper nights rest.

It could be a serious sleep problem, or just a rough couple of months. If this is seriously affecting you (which it seems it is) then I would suggest seeing your doctor so they can make a professional analysis.

are you on any medication, pain killers etc?

too much sleep can make you more tiered

Go to your doctor and see what they say.

youd be surprised - when your young you can sleep forever!

im 28 and because of work my body clock is set in its ways im normally awake bu 8-9 on a saturday -

diane b
maybe If you try sleeping with the window open your sleep might be more restful/refreshing. I sleep less and feel better rested when I sleep with my window (bytw it's just overhead)
just cracked in winter & wide open in summer. If you were female I'd suggest the anemia, but you've already checked that.

aires69uk OFFICIAL
Could be a few things. Maybe you have ME, maybe you have SAD, maybe you are depressed, maybe it's as a result of some medication you're taking. Best advice - see a doctor. Once I did sleep through the night and the day and the night again - but then I was depressed. [shrugs]

Chris R
you are really tired.
try drinking like ten spike energy drinks

It could be depression. Sleeping 17 hours is not normal.

Are you a student ?

As a friend of mine once said, "Sleep begets more sleep." So, the more you sleep, the more you tend to want to sleep. Consider having your thyroid checked. Thyroid problems can cause excessive tiredness. Also, have you been told that you snore loudly or gasp when sleeping? These are signs of sleep apnea, a fatigue-causing sleep disorder in which you stop breathing during sleep. Or, you may suffer slight depression symptoms caused by seasonal affective disorder. Lots of people have problems related to SAD this time of year because they don't receive the proper amounts of vitamins the sun provides. Some folks spend a few minutes in a tanning bed each day to reverse the effects of SAD. And finally, try to get some exercise. Exercise tends to build a person's energy level, but also helps you rest better when it is the proper time to sleep. Hope this helps!

alfonso poofarty

[email protected]
You must go and see your GP, where I am sure he wil get blood tests done to rule out any possible causes.

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