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Lauren R
10 points best answer...Under arm sweat?!?
P.s i use antipesperant already.....
I sweat. Alot. ALOT! Like i'll have sweat stains under my arms and inch-2 inches long!! And im 12, a girl. I've had my period. I'm in grade 7. I have had this problem starting in grade 5.I like only sweat if im in public, never if I'm just chillin at home! Please suggest me some tips. ! Thanks, god bless!!

omgg thee samee thing happened 2 mee but when i got my period it stoped! weird rightt? anyywayyysss wear alott of deodorant i like dove :)

Girl, I had this problem, it started when I was in 7th grade...I started using gel deodorant, it might sound like it will make you sweat more but no, it helps

Read this;


This might help


Read this article, has a lot of info


I have the same problem! Its uncomfortable and embarrassing.
I use a special deodorant called Certain Dri. You can get it at Wal-greens. you put it on your armpits before you go to bed and it closes up your pores and then you can put on your regular deodorant the next day.
Theres also a prescription deodorant called Drysol Solution. A doctor has to prescribe it to you and you have to go to a pharmacy to get it. I haven't tried it yet.

Hey, im 13 and currently in year 7 :) i know how you feel it's so embarrassing, use deodorant. I advise spray mainly because they smell better and apply more. Where as roll kinda mixes in with the sweat. Good Luck

I sweat a lot and i suggest using antiperspirant. But shave your under arms.

i would go to ur doctors cuz thts they only was to help you from sweatin...idk

Some people just sweat a lot. You could sweat in public more often because you are paranoid about what other people might think. That's okay and completely normal. You will simply have to work around it. Using dove roll-on anti perspirant or addidas pure 3 deodarant has always worked for me. If these do not work you are going to have to not wear grey shirts and realise that people like you no matter what. Besides as long as it does not smell.

It's normal. I have the same problem. You could try wearing colors where it's less noticable like white and black. Or get realllllyyy good deodorant like dove or secret. They work wonders. :)

Puberty can last for 4-5 years, don't be getting upset about it, it probably hasn't finished yet. Sweating is often caused by stress, try to relax a bit more and maybe take some confidence classes to stop you from feeling insecure around other people, don't think about whether you are sweating or not either, and don't stick your hand up there to check if you're sweating, the heat from your hand just makes it worse. Exercising daily can also help to stop sweating, this reduces the amount of fat in the body, so less fat in your body means less aerobic respiration which means less sweating. Many adverts that advertise deodorants claim 24 hour protection, this is not from sweating, science has proved that deodorant with a strong smell can actually increase the amount of sweating, what you really need to use is anti-perspirant. Oh, and one more thing, make sure you shave your armpits, and shower daily using an effective shower gel.

The N M
look it up on the internet hyperhidrosis im not soo sure if you spell it like that, if you have enough money you can buy this machine to stop the sweat, its a sort of treatment which you do at home if you had to buy it, i just got one its amazing what technology can do today it rly helps soo i hope if you have enough cash you can get one if not im sure if you find a site on hyperhidrosis they'll have some tips to help you out.

Positive Positive!!
i have same problem its **** i know!! i used this deodrant thing where i put it on and i didnt swaet for 2 days, u shud go to the chemist and ask for something like that, even tho stopping sweating is very bad for you, could cause cancer, i use mitchum now, which still makes me sweat but isnt so bad.

also i wear tops that do not show up my sweat like blacks and whites and what helps alot is washing underneath your arms everyday with warm soapy water....do this with the deodrant and things shud get much better!!!

good luck!!


Keep deodorant with you and reapply.

Try different brands: Secret, dove, ban, etc.
OR even try men's deodorant. I know it sounds weird, but it'll work.

Eat one or two servings of meat a day.

Don't eat salty and oily foods.
(i.e. LOTS of fruits and vegetables)

Drink tons of water.

That should help, otherwise talk to your doctor.


Hello. You have had a lot of misleading answers here. Antiperspirants are meant to block the pours. Anti (Against) Perspirants means it is meant to clog the pours from sweat. Therefore you will sweat more out of the pours that are unclogged (Your back, Joints, etc.) Use a deodorant and your problem will subside.

Use a good anti-perspirant, 24 hour protection.

If it becomes too much of a problem see your doctor, they may be able to prescribe something for it

Amanda W
Put on a lot of deoderant morning and whenever u feel sweaty! bring it to school but like keep it somewhere no one would find it in the bathroom, like hide it in the toilet paper roller and whenever u go in there its right there! hope that works!
Amanda (:

It's just puberty, don't worry! We all go through it. Here are some tips I used when I was going through it:
1. During school, go to the bathroom if you start sweating. Get ice cold water from the sink, and pour it on your under arms.
2. During lunch, carry an ice pack when you pack lunch so if you start sweating, you can (without anyone watching) rub it on your under arms.
3. Carry a minature fan around (the kind you buy at a dollar store where you press a button and it turns on) with you. Keep it in your pockets.
4. Don't drink to much water. That is what causes the perspiration.
5. Before and after gym class, put on a LOT of antipersperant.

Hope these help you!!! Now remember to click the button so I get 10 points....Thanks! Good luck! :-)

A. Racicot
good anti-perspirant
rubbing alcohol

A.I. Chicken
Could be because of puberty, your body is adjusting, just a phase. Or you could be one of those people that profusely sweat. Go to the doctor or a dermatologist, they will let you know.

Golly Jeez Batman
its possible your nervous around people and that is why you sweat but the more your around people the more comfortable you will be trust me everyone is like that at first especially people who aren't generally comfortable around people

Sarah D
some people sweat more... and if it's in public it could have something to do w/ nerves or anxiety.

you can get a prescription strength antipersperant

i know this girl that sweated lods and so gt botox in her airmpits and it stopped if u ask ur docter u could alsogt creams for it!! they really work but they make your skin a bit dry!!!!!!! its worth it though if u sweat lods like rely worth it! u proberly sweat more out coz if crowds walking around excerise ECT!
hope i helped:-)

You may just need to talk to you doctor about it or get a stronger antipersperant. You also might want to try using antipersperant multiple times a day.

Look for prescription strenght deodorant. If they do not sell it, ask your parents to take you to the doctor and they can write a script for you to buy from a pharmacy.

you might just be nervous and not now it or have bigger sweat glands than other people.if your concerned tell your pediatrition.

Try clinical strength Degree. If you use it right, it will really help. Put it on before bed after showering. Do this for about a week and it will really help you stop sweating. My husband sweats like crazy, that stuff worked wonders for him. Everyone is different though. If it doesn't help, see a dermatologist, they can prescribe something.

That's normal.

It really is for your age.

Your friends are probably like that to, just maybe not telling you.

Wear undershirts. Or looser shirts. Or both.

Ama A
You can get a antiperspirant prescribed from your dr. You might want to try that. Good luck with this and Blessings to you.

Wear loose shirts that let your arms breathe. Cotton is best. Use antiperspirant more effectively (make sure its not deodorant, but antiperspirant). Make sure it covers all of your under arms.

i tottally understand what you mean!
the reason why you only sweat in public is because you hope you dont sweat, and are thinkning about it, try to think of other things and not worry about how much your sweating...it can be hard, but its worth it... try using secret clinical stength, it works really well!

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