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why do you we yawn?

because we feel sleepy

shaunna j
every time we yawn we are giving our brain air we NEED to yawn

to arrange your heartbeat, yawning mostly happens right after you wake up or before you go to sleep.... while you're asleep your heart beats significantly slower, than you awake...something like 40-60 bpm while sleeping,i guess and it depends if you're dreaming...around 80 roughly while you're awake doing daily physical exercises

Whan you are tired, you dont breathe in
alot of O2 (oxegen). when you yawn,
your body is trying to get more air

Poe's Rose
Low oxygen levels in the lungs cause us to yawn.

four wheelin' love♥
if air starts traveling into our head we hiccup or yawn to get it out

Our Bodys are trying to get a lot of oxygen to our body in the fastest way possible....Yawning would be the quickest way

cheeky chic 379
Yawning is a response to lack of oxygen. When we yawn we take in more.
When you get tired, your pulse gets slower, and you heart and lungs work slower. Thus , you take in less oxygen..

it has to do to help you breathe right....and if ur tiered


beause we're tired and if u didnt know that ur gay... loose sum weight... hahaha

A more recent hypothesis is that yawning is used for regulation of body temperature.

because either you are tired or you aren't getting enough oxygen to your brain.

It helps to relieve our tension whatever the build-up. Cats yawn and dogs too and they don't feel guilty about it.

To exercise our lungs, which not only gets oxygen into the bloodstream but may speed up our heartbeat a bit, requesting a bit of blood sugar be released into the system, cause our brains want a bit more "fuel".

Dan S
A build up of carbon dioxide forces you to take a large breath.

When you are sleepy your body metabolism slows down and you breath less. So if you are still active you may have to draw in more oxygen.

Yawning is contagious, as proved by The Mythbusters, on the Discovery Channel. The reasons for that aren't well known, but it could be a case of "Monkey see, monkey do."

cuzz you're low on oxygen

David T
To let oxygen out of your blood.

Because some people are so boring, and your brain cannot be bothered to answer them properly!!

[♥that girl♥]
it is cause we are like not breathing enough or something like that. if you yawn, notice you are breathing in.

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