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what is the quickest way to lose weight? don't say eat nothing for a week ...?

intense cardio exercise + light weight training + diet control(low fat, low carb)

Cutie ‚ô•
Swimming is great and yoga helps to eat less.Eat healthy food(that doesn't mean don't eat anything!)Good luck!

Mark T
Are you sure you're overweight, most women seem to have this idea that they are when they actually are not.

Ok, so assuming you've got one of those height weight charts and you really are overweight (not just bu a few pounds).

You have a few options (in order of speed of weight loss). That is your question after all

1 The absolute quickest way is liposuction!!
2 A less drastic action is to eat very little and exercise a lot
3 Cut out all the bad food in your diet but still eat plenty, and exercise

I'm afraid a healthy diet & exercise is the best way, I know its boring.

I would suggest swimming, jogging, dancing, martial arts, aerobics

Drastically cut down on carbohydrates especially crisps, potatoes & bread & do more excercise. If you stick to that you will loose weight for sure. Good luck

It depends on what works for you. I took a lot of vitamins in the morning, and for the 1st 3 days of the week would only eat meats, eggs, and cheese. After that I could eat veg's and breads and fruit, cut out the fat (butter, oil). Eat broiled or baked foods. The key was to eat several times a day, small portions. It speeds up your metabolism. When I started, I lost 11 lbs the 1st week, and in 3 months I lost 60.

Record your carbohydrate intake - and eliminate the not needed ones. Basically, just take smaller intake versionsof what you eat everyday, but don't cut food out from your life. Try exercising as well. Or the southbeach diet.



lana j
try swimming it really helps shed off pounds. i've proven it and so did my friends.

[email protected]
eat small meals 5 times a day. never have a big meal.

try to make your pace in doing anything faster, even the simple things like cooking, cleaning, opening the door, walking..etc. just make the way you move a little bit faster.

get rid of all the big sized plates that you have and buy small sized ones. you can fill it with food as much as you want just make sure to erase the word refilling from your dictionary.

going on a diet and exercising is ofcourse the best way but if your are not into it try what i mentioned above. you will loose weight and develop new healthy habits at the same time.

China Dhel
Just join the nearest club or apply for athletics and u will soon get get to ur normal stature.

smiling face
well the first thing you ought to do is see a doctor and ask him if you are healthy enough to do any form of exercise. if you are fit for it try running up and down at least 30 steps of a sports stadium for at least 30 minutes everyday. be careful though coz' it's quite tiring to do it. you'll see results in a week. you may also try riding bicycle for one hour everyday. don't stop when you have achieved the weight you wanted coz' you'll gain your weight back. you can do it less say 3 times a week only. you can also try jogging. i lost more than 25 lbs. through exercise in 2 months time. you have to remember though that you need self discipline to exercise regularly. eat healthy foods too - avoid softdrinks, beer or liquors.

LIPOSUCTION and or Stomach reduction surgery if you can afford it.

Eat only watermelons and cut green vegetables only.No sugar,icecream or chocos or fats.Drink as much water as possible.

Pale Rider
Eat healthy food and exercise as often as you can.

Jay T.
NEVER eat nothing...you need to eat to lose...just change your eating habbits.
cut out as much sugar as you can, try to keep your sugar intake to about 12-15 grams per serving and cut your carb intake.
do not however totally cut out carbs all together, some are very beneficial. Cut simple carbs and replace them with complex carbs when you can. if you have a sandwich, eat it on wheat or grain breads, cut out white. replace your morning bowl of coco puffs with some oatmeal sweetened with splenda and some cinnamon. this is just the beginning, but you get the idea.. a regular exercise schedule will help greatly also but just changing your eating habbits will put your body on the right track to changing your metabolism.


Have you tried either Weight Watchers or Slimming World diets, both are pretty good and there is plenty to eat on both plans too.
Slimming World have a free 7 day plan for you to print off with lots of tasty recipes too, maybe it might be worth a try, good luck.

This plan really works so here goes,
If you are serious about losing weight, the calories in the food you eat should be less than the energy you use. You will have to increase your metabolic rate now, and plan your diet carefully.
Formulate your own weight loss plan and you will lose weight faster. More details available at http://tinyurl.com/m7ckx

Good luck

I've heard that the Atkins diet is quite fast for 'crash diet' purposes but not so good for long term. The first 2 weeks are really strict so weight loss would probably be quite good. Apart from that there's no fast way to shift weight unfortunately. I joined a great slimming club called slimming world, but it still took about a month to drop 15lbs. Good luck.

steve adams
exersise and drink supergreens
ive lost 2 stone this year doing this

Exercises. Like if you're trying to trim down your thighs then do a lot of squats and 2-3 lunges on each leg. For your stomach obviously you can do Sit-ups. There are many exercises you can do e.g Running,Swimming,Tennis, aerobic,yoga,even horse-riding ect.

Eat Healthy. For instance perhaps you could just live on salads for a week then for another 5 weeks do all the exercises and then eat healthily. Keep off the fat and sugary stuff and stay to the wholemeal foods, plenty of fruit and water.

Really it's all the basic stuff. All you got to do is keep to it.

Good luck!

Dorkus Kahn
Go on a crack binge


1. you lose weight by consuming fewer Calories than you burn
2. you gain weight by consuming more Calories than you burn.
3. you should be concerned with losing FAT, not weight. There are 3500 Calories/Lbs of fat. To lost one pound of fat/week you have to burn 3500 Calories/week more than you consumed. there are 2500 Calories in a pound of muscle.
4. You should be more concerned with your percent body fat, not your weight.
5. the best, most effective way or burning fat is by combining weight-training and cardio exercise. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be. You will burn more calories all day long, including while you sleep. A health body fat percentage for males is 7-18%, females 18-24% (approximate numbers).
6. you should eat 6-8 small meals each day - this will prevent you from eating 3 large meal which will slow your metabolism while your body works to digest the large quantity of food.

As a general rule of thumb, you should be weight-training 3-4 times per week and performing cardio 3-5 times per week.

Consider hiring a personal trainer (ISSA certified) and a nutritionist. The money spent on these services is worth more than spending money on pills and potions.

That is individual. In the last year I lost 25 kg by a combination of cardio running,(slow and long trips. We began by 3 minutes running, 2 minutes walking) and now we do 1 hour 20 minutes easy without break :-)

Then I left out things like white bread, fat, chips chocolade (exept the with high cacao percentage 80 and higher) and anything with high energy. I am eating a lot of chicken meet and fish (no other meet allowed in my menu :-) ) tons of vegetables and fruits. And I dring 3 - 4 liters of water (no sweet stuff lemonades, just regular spring water)
But now I am also taking to all this countermeasures also pils named Reductil, and my weight begins to get to my ideal (125 kg a year ago, now 98 kg and decreasing :-) )

So good luck and hopefully U can make it! Needed ingrediences of success are strong belief in what you do, confidence in that U will make it and tons of patience :-)))))))

Do lots of aerobics workout to boost your metabolism. Strength training (resistance training) also helps. Drink a lot of water and stay away from starches and sugars. Read labels - many sugars are hidden. Eat salad, steamed veggies (not potatoes, carrots or beets) and lean protein.
You'll lose weight all over.

yoga...n also..walking...

working out real intensively and drinking lots of water.....Lots of water.....you need to work out for 1 hour hard everyday(maybe running or other cardio)

NEVER stop eating....it's very unhealthy...you should be eating 6 small meals per day to stay ideal

New Rider of the purple sage
lose 25 pounds of ugly fat real quick.....cut off your head!

eat a low calorie diet, exercise each day.

Mel's 360, Blogtastic!!!
A weeklong fast is truly the best way to quickly lose weight. It will purify you.

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