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 I can't sleep at night? Should i get sleeping tablets?
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 I need to fall asleep?
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fallen angel miyozaki
what is the easiest way to fall asleep?
i have trouble falling asleep at night.it seems like i can't fall asleep without playing a video game because the last 2 times i fell asleep was when i was playing a video game on my playstation 2.
Additional Details
by the way i'm 13 years old so no inadequate answers please.

Don't know. Ever been watching TV, and then somebody decides to turn it off, and you wake right up? That is MY world!

I lost my hearing in 1995 while serving in the Navy. It takes a good 45 minutes + for me to fall asleep.

Even when I am exhausted, I will lie down, then... BOING! I am wide awake! Sleeping pills don't work, either!

But I'll tell you this: once I do fall asleep... I am dead to the world! I sleep so well, I usaully only need 5-6 hours of sleep a night, and I am rip-roaring to go!

Haruhi Fujioka is da bomb~~!!
Like what some people said, try listening to music, that's what helps me sleep easier.

Jilly B
Ok, try reading til your eyes get tired...you'd be learning and not numbing your mind with video games. Then, try a hot bath and when you cool down from it, your body should naturally want to snuggle under the covers to warm up and fall asleep.

Try watching tv, listen to the radio, sing to your self, read a book, daydream until you can fall asleep!

Those are alot of the things that i do to make myself asleep!

But i also find myslef playing my ds to fall asleep sometimes, but thats ok!

smile life rock$
i watch a movie and i fall asleep

read boring books...hehe

Elaina! :]
Sleeping pills,listening to music,what ever works for you.It really depends on what type of person you are...

i suppose its different for different people..

i know for a fact that i cant sleep without music!
try it.. make a playlist or cd of songs perfect fo bedtime..

or check what you hav before bed.. like soft drink or caffeine.. i always drink green tea of chamomile tea at night it makes you mad sleepy.. video games aren't good either at night cos the tv's lights and activity is keeping your brain stimulated.
also if you smoke cigarettes try not to straight before bed cos they're a stimulant..

good luck


...go play with something else...

I play solitaire or read

♥Itachi Nii-san♥
try reading a book. that always helps me, or you can try studying...that always helps. if that doesnt work you can always count sheep or just try lying there.

L Lawliet and Giovanne
Hi HIi! Watashi L des!
I'm L

i fall asleep when i listen to music. not rock but soft calming music.

i hope i helped.

take meds.

Dominic P
well if this has been going on for a long time, see a doctor and he can prescribe a safe sleeping pills for you.

•чσυ'яє [[ςρє¢ιαℓ]]•
read books like novels n then ull fall asleep........works 4 me everytym hope it helps u2^^

Have a warm glass of milk, not coke or coffee like some youngsters.

dont eat 2 hrs before going to sleep
keep yourself warm and follow up a routine when to sleep that way your body is likely to get into

Kakashi ?_?
get off ur computer and ps2

Gaara_Luver <3
i usually either listen to my mp3 or just lay there, close my eyes, and clear my head of my thoughts.

Playing video games isn't conducive to sleep. It is too stimulating for the mind. Get off the video game awhile before you try to sleep. Take a nice warm bath or shower, put on ocean waves , which I listen to every night and it makes me sleep. Do not exercise or get stimulated before you sleep. Do not think about the video game, the next level or anything about the game. They are addictive. While you say you fell asleep during playing the game, I wonder how long you were on the game before you fell asleep. Our brains can only take so much before we "crash." Try to rid your mind of all thoughts and if you can do this, you will soon be asleep. Light reading helps me many times . Nightie night!

Here are some suggestions

1. Take a hot bath with lavender bubble bath.
2. Turn off the TV.
3. Read a book.
4. Pray
5. Take a natural sleeping aid - Calms Forte.

Well drinking milk just before going to sleep helps! Well maybe you have trouble sleeping because you don't do enough activities in the day, believe me if you do more stuff, your body will want to rest fast to rejuvenate, i don't mean killing yourself working but just having an occupation through out the day and preferably outdoors!

Bla Bla
Close ur eyes and start dreaming.

listen, if u take medicine or pills u need them all the time, kinda like an addiction. don't take those unless ur sick or sumthin.

what i do is i listen to my music(headphones) laying down and wait until i get sleepy enough. my friend and my sister knew that i did that, and they gave it a try and now they do it every night cuz they fell asleep better.

well, i hope i helped!^-^ gewd night!! lolololol

I used to do the same thing as you where I really wanted to play video games at night. I think you might just really want to play your game and you can't go to sleep until you do. Playing video games and looking at a screen before going to sleep is really bad for you however, even though it may help you go to sleep in the end. The bright screen decreases melatonin levels which are required to get sleep.

Your best option is to get your mind off of video games by listening to music or reading a book. Always end the last couple hours of the day with relaxing stuff and try not to go on the computer, play video games, or watch tv. The moment you get sleepy, go to sleep. If you don't you may end up missing your chance at sleep, at least not until hours later.

sexy me
lay in ur bed while u wacthing t.v pillo under ur head go to a boring channel n u fall asleep

The easiest way to fall asleep is to not think about it & think about anything else for example think about a movie you saw or an anime or anything else & you will be dead sleeping in no time
also drinking some green tea with month will stimulate sleep for you & relax you.
& if you are tired & had a tough day believe me even an earthquake won't prevent you from sleeping no matter what!

Heat up some milk in a small cup. Then add a small spoon of honey in there and stir untill it dissolves. Drink up and soon you'll be out like a light!

Excuse me
It can be hard for some people to fall asleep.
I'd say wear ear plugs if noise is preventing you from falling asleep. Wear a sleeping mask and just exhale and close your eyes.

Sleep naked. That helps.
I cannot sleep with clothes on. Too uncomfortable. Sleeping is about resting freely and naturally.

I even enjoy leaving the window open so the guy who lives next to me can watch me and look over me at night. LOL.

talLy-Wa ON :]
Read a history book >.<
Then for sure you'll fall asleep :P

Mikk E
Watch presidential debates.

Ya I know what ya mean, I can't go to sleep for a couple of hours even after I turn off the tv and lie down. I suggest you make your room as dark as you can and try not to let your mind wander so that way you don't keep yourself up by thinking about stuff. Having water with you will help a little to because if your thirsty then that might keep you up a bit. Try listening to some peaceful music too. Oh and don't forget not to drink soda.

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