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 i'm a 16 y.o. girl haven't been eating & sleeping lately...?
idk what's causing it or how to fix it. i'll go for about 8 hours without eating until i finally get hungry enough to force myself to eat something. but any food just makes me feel sick to ...

 How do you get to sleep when not tired?
How do you get to sleep when you can't sleep. I have this problem and because of it i cant sleep please help me!...

 When you drink & then get drunk, is it bad to take a shower?

Additional Details
Because some are saying that if youre drunk & took a shower, your blood goes up to your head & thats where "the common passing out" thing really ...

 I can't sleep. Any adivce?
Latly i've been tired but i can't sleep. Last night I stayed up till 6am and sleep till 10am. Right now im tired but I can't sleep....

 What's better: eat more at lunch or dinner?
explain pls....

 I'm 19 can i still grow any taller than i already am?
I'm 5'8 what else could i do besides drinking milk, streching, proper nutrition, and more sleep to become taller??...

 I'm super tired during the day What's happening?
I've noticed I have less energy in the day by the time I get home from work I'm exhausted, (I usually get close to 5-6 hours of sleep a night). I also noticed I have bizarre hot and cold ...

 A pencil lead is stuck in my palm since I was 5 years old. I'm now 48. Is this poisonous?.?
There's no pain. But sometimes intimidating....

 I can't wake up in the morning and my alarm clock is loud. Is there a louder one out there?
I can't wake up in the moring. I have missed the bus many times, and my alarm clock is very loud but does not work for me. Is there an alarm clock that any one knows about that will wake up even ...

 can anybody please tell me what's good for migraine headaches?
she's taking presciption pills already but it not helping. this prescription is not the first they (doctors) have given ...

 I'm soooo tired, what is the best way to keep me awake?

 quitting smoking. feel horrible. help?
it has been a few days since i started to quit smoking. i have the gum and it seems to work okay but i still feel like a truck has run over me (even when i use the gum). I have also tried the patches ...

 how long would you live if all your veins burst at once?
lets say all your veins burst at once and your body fills with blood...or would it? lemme know....

I go into my bad about 10:00 im only 13 years old. And i turn of all the lights i close at the wall then close my eyes. And i never fall asleep im just thinking about things and stuff. Maybe its ...

 cutting, normal or not???
i was wondering if i cut more than normal at one time. i dont cut that often, maybe once a week but when i do i do what i feel like its a lot.
(these are on my leg)

 Mommy is taking me for a Blood Test. I'm scared, and don't want it. PLEASE HELP ME I'm 13.?
I'm 13. Mommy is taking me for a blood test - to test for something.

I'm really scared of needles - so don't want to go

She can't make me go - can she ?

 Hypochondriac's Delight - What do you think you are dying from?
So, like many hypochondriac's, I wake up in the morning and before I even get a cup of coffee I start worrying why I am so tired and what I must be dying of. Then all day long I find myself ...

 What's the best way not to think about smoking when trying to give up?
Gave up 5 minutes ago and really want to do it this time....

 Does chapstick have an expiration date?
I got thinking,and does chapstick have an expiration date?...

 Dizzy for over a week?
I have been dizzy for over a week and my doctor ordered me to get my thyroid checked but it was ok. I saw him again today and he said that one of my ears looks pale(?) and I may have an ear infection....

what do you like better? baths or showers?


> You can urinate and do a number 2 in a shower....a bath however you can only urinate....if you do a number 2 you could mistake it for soap....

My bath!

Pirate Morgan
To Record Water..You certainly do not do a"numbet two" in the shower! ewwww that's gross. In the toilet not in the bath. That's disgusting.

bathes to relax and showers to wash and remove dirt

uoY kcuF
I love my nice long relaxing baths lol

HaSsAsIn ..SmOoTh CrImiNaL
both thats why i go to public ponds :D

bubble baths. :)


Katie M
I usually have showers, but what I like to ever since I was little was to have a bath/shower. I have the shower on, close the drain, and lay down. It's kinda like you being rained on by warm water. But when the water gets too high, I either drain some of it and then close the drain again, or just drain it and rinse off while it drains. = )

Hedge Witch
I shower every day - but if I want an indulgent wallow then I bathe - with candles & lots of bubble bath.

Karen B
Showers, just don't feel clean in a bath.

Prodigal Son
I much prefer a bath, but have to be content with a shower on weekdays.

Elder John

Guillem T
Showers cz they are healthier and cleaner.

I like showers because if I'm in the bath I'm just sitting in all the dirt I was washing off myself..

Baths. I just hate that you need to take a shower to wash off your filth first so you do not have to soak it back up.

Showers because they're more hygienic. Baths from time to time to relief stress are also helpful. Try a bath with Radox muscle relaxing herbal foam and a cup of herbal tea if you have a cold or you have aches.

taxed till i die,and then some.

showers when your kinda going out or in a rush, but long hot baths when i had a crap day or feel like a need of pampering.

[email protected]
showers all the way
its cleaner
less wastfull
and less cramped as my jet corner bath is too cramped for me

I prefer showers because they're quicker and more practical but when Im in the mood for a bit of me time, I like to take a bath and lock the world out!

showers...they make you feel cleaner. baths are sitting in your own butt water. EW.

Jonathan S
showers. i prefer not to wash my face with the same water that i washed my butt with :0

Dr Frank
I must admit I am a 3 showers a day man. A bath takes too long and uses too much water.

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