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should i go to the doctor for my knee?
my left knee sims wered when i walk its sore and theres a big bruise on its getting to the point where i'm limping the knee pops and gives away what can i expect at the medi ctr its getting to the point when its hard to walk how long will i be out of work

Unless you can send your knee by its self, I suppose you'll have to go along also.

well no duhh.. what did you want to see car dealer

I suggest that if it gets worse, go to the emergency room to the point where it's just unbearable. If it is constant pain, just go to the doctor, and try to make an appointment to squeeze you in tomorrow.


See a doctor only they could answer this question.

ur last name wouldnt happen to be meissner?

Thats a big YES...go to the doctor ASAP

Yes, U should because it sounds really bad, I would go and check it out if I was you

Wow! yes go go go to the docter, it might be........never mind you find out but dont worry its probably just something you did when you weren't aware fully, but I do suggest you go see a docter right away just in case....

Isabella S
if you think so...

wait ask urself this: do u think u need to? answer reasonably. when u answer yes, then you know that u need to go to the doctors and therefore, you don't need to ask poeple what U already know. Furthermore, I bet most of the people here are going to answer "of course" or "yes" so yes.

Donna B
They will take x rays, put in in an immobilizer and on crutches

◊ καταηα•rαε
That happens to me alot.....usually goes away after a couple of days, but just to be safe you should go to the doctors.


You better go..should I drive you?

well if i were you i will go to the doctor even if it was something little.it could be something serious.i know you have to pay to go but if it is nothing atleast you you its nothing.so you don't ave to worry.

I'd go to the dr

You have from the sounds of it a torn meniscus. Depending on what you decide to do, it can vary from 2 weeks to 2 months.
If you have surgery on it, it will take less time for it to feel better. If you let it be, it could take months for it to heal.

that happened to me after i took a big hit to the knee in football and it still hurts and pops and gives out on me ( i never went to the doctor ) you should probably go because you don't want it to end up like mine

Mummy To Rebecca ~ Born 9/2/2010
Yes you should go to the doctor , your health is more important than work . My Mom was experiencing the same things that you are with her knee and she went to the doctor and he took some blood tests and sent her for some x-rays on her knee . I'm sorry i can't let you know whats wrong with her knee at this current moment in time because the x-ray results aren't back yet , but yeah go to the doctors and see what they say . I hope you get your problem solved good luck :)

Trey S
Well man, the knee is kind of an important item. The fact that it is "popping" and "giving way" gives me cause for concern. If your knee is popping and there is no pain associated with it, it is usually not a big deal, however if it hurts when it pops, it could be a sign of problems. The giving way is of more concern I think. This is a common sign of a ligament injury and if you put that with the big bruise..... I think you may have screwed up a ligament.

All of this means nothing coming from me because I can't see or feel your knee. I do think you probably need to go to the doctor. In order to save some cash, I'd skip the Emergency Room as you will wait an eternity for them to x-ray your knee and send you to an Orthopaedic Surgeon to have it looked at more closely. Best to make an appointment with some sort of occupational medicine/ortho clinic and get straight to the nitty gritty.

You'll probably be looking at an X-Ray and then maybe an MRI depending on what they find. Treatment varies greatly depending on what is wrong. Some of the treatments are immobilization in a leg immobilizer, physical therapy, a myriad of surguries depending on the exact problem, and nothing at all but them telling you to stay off it for a bit. All depends. BUT, your knee is a useful puppy and you might need it in the future.

Should you go to the doc? YES. IF there is a ligament injury or some other injury and you don't have it taken care of properly, you may be looking at a lifetime of pain, popping, and giving way, followed by finally deciding to have it looked at anyway. Save yourself the hassle and get it checked out.

I cut mine with a chainsaw. Had it sewn up and doc in the ER said it would be no big deal. Five years later after it kept popping and giving way I got it looked at by an ortho doc. I had to have surgery to remove scar tissue around my kneecap. It was a quick Arthroscopy involving a camera and a couple other implements of destruction, but I was on my leg the next day with no further problems.

Get it looked at man. And good luck. Take a book to read if you don't listen and go to the ER.

I'm also an EMT, so go get it looked at. Here's a website I just found that looks pretty good as well. Have a look at it.

yes. you should go to the doctors. it sounds like you messed it up falling, or running?

Go to a doctor or a physiotherapist. They'll do an ultrasound to see what the problem is.

Zeppelin 07
if you plan on getting better


Kimberly B
yeah just in case

GO TO THE DOCTOR. You could have something seriously wrong with you. I had something similar only in my heel and I did the same thing. I just thought it would go away but it didn't. When I got to the doctor, the osteomilitis I had got much worse just because I waited to go to the doctor. I don't think you want something worse than you might have now, do you?

Yeah, see a knee specialist though, they might be able to help you more then a regular doctor.

u should probably go

yes, of course!

well i had problems with my knee for about 4 years. I went to the doctor and they just thought it was no big deal then just to be sure They gave me a X-ray and they found a crack so i got surgery and couldn't walk on it for 8 weeks but now its all good and feels great

sounds like a strained ligament and it hurts like heck. you need a brace on it for sure. if it gets real bad the doctor will suggest some type of surgery

Tyrone Biggums
Go to your dentist

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