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quitting smoking. feel horrible. help?
it has been a few days since i started to quit smoking. i have the gum and it seems to work okay but i still feel like a truck has run over me (even when i use the gum). I have also tried the patches and they seem to work well but they are so expensive i cant buy them (50$ a box). is there anything i can do to stop feeling so bad? P.S. I have cheated a few times because I couldnt help it. i have watched those corny videos in school about to how help quit and i have tried everything they said.....nothing worked..... got some advice for me?

ray j
go buy a packet

instead of quitting cold turkey why dont you first start cutting down a little bit everyday. keep doing that until its down to only a few a day and then stop completely. its all about getting your body used to the lower intake of nicotine.

pray? i'm sure that'll help! :)

Dad's found yer scoo'er
The feeling like rubbish lasts about 3 weeks. It gets better after that but you still get the occasional cringes.

I-scream Lovar
Omg, your still in school and already smoking? Well, I have a few friends(girls and boys) which have been sent to rehab for doing that. JOKING, it's good that you ARE trying to stop smoking. Try cutting down on it, for example, when you're thinking of buying cigarette, stop and buy chocolate or sweets instead!

Note: Smoking results in dying, it destroys your lungs and our world!

Christian G
your not sik it just your brin going nuts becas it wants a puff

It's good that you stopped smoking because it a bad habit and you have your whole life a head of you. Smoking has 24 decease's and it's a very discussing thing to do. When I smell some one that is smoking it makes me very discussed and sick to my belly. I think people look very unattractive when they do so.

Just dont smoke

Why not try Champix/Chantix?

I have heard of pretty good results using that stuff

I went cold turkey - but when i felt like a ciggy I was told to try Fishermans Friends , i tried the spicy apple...not too spicy....but hey it worked!!!! give it a go you'l be surprised

get one of those anti-stress toys you can squeeze and do a lot of exercise, it helps eliminating nicotine. this is the worst moment but once you go through it, the rest is much better.

It is key to stay positive, don't focus on the cravings. Keep the reasons why you quit in the first place circling through your head. This will keep your spirit and motivation high. Cravings will ease as a result.

If you keep your focus on the negatives you are reinforcing a false belief that is too hard to quit. Don't even think about the times you have failed, that was you back then. The now you can and will quit, you just have to truly believe you can do it.

Stay away from the patches and gums. They are a waste of both time and money. The only thing you need to quit is you and your own abilities as a strong human being.

Smoking is more of a psychological addiction than a physical one. If you really want to quit you must discover the reasons why you smoke and then eliminate or change these thought processes. Once you deal with the psychological side of smoking it makes the quitting process easy, no matter your level of addiction.

Visit our site to join our inspirational 12 day e-course. You can also download our free book '36 Powerful Superfoods' to help fight weight gain and start mending damage caused by smoking. For more information and to post your opinion about the products you have tried, visit the following website.

Good Luck and Good Quitting

Laurence B
Let's put it this way, I have been smoking for 8 years, and for the last 2 weeks I have had agony in the right lung. I see a doctor tomorrow, so I think this is the first step in what could be a terminal problem.

write a letter to yourself, promise that you wont smoke again and if you do smoke may god take away your food, your fortune, everything.

keep that letter in your pocket everyday, when your sleeping, at work, or in the bathroom

-you've just been tripped

spend as much time as possible in places you never smoked
or doing things that you never smoked during

it is going to be bad for at least a month to 6 weeks. then it gets easier.

i doubt that you want to take up knitting, or crochet, or embroidery, but anything you can do to keep your hands busy so you couldn't hold a cigarette will help some too.

Try getting hold of a copy of the Allen Carr book - Easyway to Stop Smoking. It really helped me to understand the 'cravings'.
Here in the UK we can get patches on prescription, I guess not inthe US.

Dark Metal
Keep using the gums, they help. But also occasionally use patches.

Do you have mates, family or someone you know who can help you?

Maybe try calling the quitline, 131 848.

see about getting some medicine from your dr. called Chantex. My brother smoked a pack a day and said that this medicine was the only thing that worked. He tried everything you have, and you are right it is expensive. I went to the store with him to buy the patches once and they were like 60bucks! Plus you shouldn't smoke when using patches the tobacco in your bloodstream from the ciggs and the gum or patches together can make you ill.

I know a girl that got hypnotised and it worked for her. From the time she left the office she didn't feel like smoking again. It has been a year now. She actually smokes with friends at a party now and again and doesn't get addicted again. It was about $150 but it would save you so much money in the long run. It is only one treatment.

just keep chewing that's what i did, gum(doesn't have to be those ridiculously expensive nicotine gums), carrots, celeries anything that's fresh and has a good crunchy or chewy texture. Don't let yourself come into a situation where ur just idle cuz the first thing u'll be thinking about is a puff. Keep moving, keep chewing and drink heaps of water.

Lord Lordington the Lordly.
May I suggest taking up a sport? I would say do badminton with a friend. It's easy, fun and you will feel great after the work out. You'll also forget all about ciggies while your playing!

i <3 Jarryd Hayne!
the longer you smoke the more sick you will get!!!
watever anybody says wont help you!!! at the end of the day its you that makes the decision!!!

you just have to really want it and then youll be able to fully recover!!!

im sure you will!!
and stop cheating!!! thats probly the reason y the gum isnt working!!!

The advice I have for you is simple.... I've seen people die of cancer. Prostate and lung cancer as well as other types that are ALL directly related to smoking. Ask any doctor/heath professional about how much more the possibility of cancer increases if you smoke. It's nearly 40%.
You may never get it.. sure, but if you smoke it's just like rolling the dice.

Crude? I don't think so... unless you like to play with the possibility of being told you have cancer and then go through the long process of trying to get rid of it or die... Hey, you'll have a long time to think about how you're slowly dying because you couldn't keep away from a cigarette.

My best advice is stop thinking about cigs. Substitute that by getting busy with something new. Get a bicycle and go riding, play tennis, join a rock band, learn to fly (I did that one, and I was never really a smoker but you can't smoke on a plane anyway). Run, jog, join a boxing club. Go through the Kamasutra with your lover.... but stop allowing cigarettes and smoking have a hold on you. If you don't think about them because you're busy with something positive and new you'll be surprised how you can train yourself to forget them. And forget about cigs is the solution. It's a simple decision really... just stop lighting up. Simple.

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