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my daughter thats 12yrs old is pulling her hair out, this is leaving her with very thin hair.help!?
My daughter is 12 yrs old with ADD , She had been taking Adderall for about 2 month when she started pulling her hair out. Her dr took her off of the Adderall but she is still pulling her hair out leaving it quite thin...any help would be great
Additional Details
I have talked to her dr, he says to give it time that the adderall sometimes causes ticks or OCD and it has to get out of her system. She does have an appointment with a psychotherapist next week...Im worried

dunno sorry??


lil-t crip 4 lyf
i suggest u get a resstranning order on her

My daughter has that and I think stress increases the hair pulling or anxiety one of the two. It is called Tricatilamania. Not sure of the spelling.

I have heard of children with this form of self destruction. You may need to take her to a psycologist to find out why she is doing this and how to stop it.

cant get there from here
I'm not sure

Do whatever you can now. We always thought our daughter would stop picking her skin - but she still does. The one thing that has worked for her is hypnosis. She is going to try accupuncture.

maybe shes depressed ask her about school life, maybe she did something that hurt her rep.

talk to the hair solon or something to see what you could do to help the hair thinning

xcountry ♥
She really needs to get more help!!!

omg poor thing, why dont you take her to the doctor?

I don't know much about ADD, but maybe she is doing this due to frustration or boredom. You could introduce her to a stress ball or something alternative to pulling her hair out when she isn't occupied.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere
Maybe she has something called trichotillomania. It is a psychological disease where the person pulls out their own hair. Take her back to the dr.

liz down under
Your daughter definately has the condition trichotillomania. This is frequently similar to OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) where people develop troubling thoughts and rigid rituals as a coping mechanism. Alternately, it may also be part of the adolescent struggle to be independent, an expression of rebellion or a symptom of anxiety. You definately need some professional help with this one - an adolescent psychiatrist is probably best. Treatment can involve psychotherapy and drug therapy.

Your may want to take you daughter to see a psychologist or therapist who can help her stop the hair pulling behavior. There are many effective strategies they might employ in getting her to stop the hairpulling. One strategy I know of is to replace the hairpulling behavior with an incompatible one. For ex: sitting on one's hands when one feels the urge to pull their hair or stitching, etc. Basically, engaging in any behavior that occupies her hands so that they cannot be used towards hairpulling. Support your daughter in replacing the hairpulling behavior with an incompatible one by reminding her to engage in her incompatible behavior each time you see her pulling her hair. You might also want to point out to your daughter all the negative consequences that can come from hairpulling if she continues in it so she can see the need to end this behavior and be motivated to do so. For ex: you might lose your hair, you will look strange to your friends, etc. Another thing to consider is whether or not you are reinforcing her behavior without meaning to. For example, do you give your daughter extra attention every time she engages in hairpulling, even if the attention is negative? Perhaps she's engaging in this behavior as an attention-getting device. You should also look at the events surrounding the behavior including both the antecedents (what leads up to it) and the consequences (either good or bad) of engaging in the behavior. This will help you in knowing how to combat it. For example, maybe the behavior only happens when she's feeling nervous about something and it helps to relieve her stress. If this is the case, maybe you could set it up so she comes and talks to you when she's feeling this way instead of pulling her hair or maybe she could engage in some deep breathing exercises. This way she's still getting the relaxing effect that she's seeking but through more acceptable means. Hope that helps.

I hope her doctor is also a child psychiatrist....if not, get her to a CHILD'S psychiatrist.

Alaine W
You should tell your daughter that she can damage her hair and ask the doctor if he could give her something for that.

homE H
Keep her occupied so that she wont do it as much and maybe she wont do it anymore if she finds something to do of her liking

try to calm her down because she is probably nervious when she does this.

take her back to the doctor its a medical problem so nothing we say can help

♥I Love My Baby♂Boy♥
OK this sounds crazy but my sister-in-law's mom had this thing when she was younger where when she got bored or was not paying attention.. spacing out i guess you would say, she would just start messing with her hair and like singling out a piece and pulling it out, well it eventually got bad and her hair started thinning out.... she just started catching herself every time she was doing it and she eventually quit.

Explain it to her, how you feel. Tell her she needs another way to deal with stree anger etc. You need to be patient with her and talk. Ask her some questions (why she's doing it, if everything is okay) you never know what could be happening at school. I really hope this gets better. Good luck!!

Pretty Much
i dont know what to tell you but my boyfriend went on adderall when he was younger for his ADD and he started picking his nails down soo low and picking the skin around it, its such a bad habit and he seriously CANNOT stop

get her hair cut short have her wear hats and keep telling her its not good to pull her hair and and get knew medicine if worst comes to worse see a phyc or ask the doctor if havnt already

This sounds like it may be Trichotillomania (pronounced trik-oh-till-oh-may-nee-ah) - a condition that involves strong urges to pull hair out from the root. The condition is fairly rare, affecting only 1% to 3% of the population. It affects about twice as many girls as boys. It is most often developed during adolescence.

This is not really a question for a forum like this - you need to get your daughter expert medical help and advice. It may help to check out the websites provided below.

Natalie D
Take her to go see a doctor immediately. This problem may lead to a bigger problem.

Look into trichotilomania. Pulling hair out is very common. I have never seen to to be a side effect of adderall though, but nevertheless behavior therapy is very effective.

I have worked with about a million ADD kids and not one has pulled out their own hair. You need to take your child to a child psychiatrist and have them do a re-evaluation and give you a diagnosis. This sounds more anxiety related or some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Jessica W
I have the same disorder, and have had it since I was 9 years old. When I was in 5th grade the school thought that the bruises on me were from my parents, but they were really from other kids beating me up, so they got CPS involved and I almost got removed from my parents' home, even though they had done nothing wrong, and before I knew it I had two huge bald spots on both sides of my head. PLEASE do not let it continue untreated because I speak from experience when I say that more disorders will follow if you do not get down to the root of the problem ASAP. I am 25 years old and still have that problem, only now I have Panic Disorder and bulimia to play the role of companion to trichotillomania, which is already embarrassing. Watch out also for skin-picking which is known as dermatillomania.

There is a name for what she does. It is called trichotillomania. People who have trichotillomania pull their hair out. I have known a number of kids who did this.

Many experts believe that trichotillomania is a form of obsessive-compulsive behavior in that the people do not have adequate control over their behavior. People experience an increasing sense of tension immediately before pulling out their hair. They are often frustrated in their efforts to suppress this behavior because they experience significant tension when they try to resist pulling their hair. Many describe that they experience some degree of relief, pleasure, or gratification when pulling out their hair.

One of these links has a number of suggestions you may want to try on your own if your daughter is cooperative enough to try them, but I think you really need to talk to your child's doctor about this.

Best of luck to both you and your daughter.

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